21 February 2024

Introducing native floating leverage support in MetaTrader 5 — here's how it can benefit your business

MetaTrader 5, starting from build 4150, introduces floating leverage support in the administrator terminal, enabling brokers to adjust leverage settings depending on the situation and company policies. With floating leverage, you can flexibly adjust the required margin size depending on the open position volumes. On the one hand, this offers smaller traders the opportunity to utilize maximum leverage, and on the other hand, it reduces the risks when dealing with larger clients. This solution is integrated into the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, and you can start using it immediately at no additional cost.

Introducing native floating leverage support in MetaTrader 5

Margin leverage is the additional capital that brokers provide to traders, enabling them to execute operations in financial markets. For example, if a trader has USD 10,000 of own funds and trades with a leverage of 1:100, they can open positions of up to USD 1,000,000. Brokerage funds can only be used in trading and cannot be withdrawn. This approach significantly amplifies potential profits for traders while also increasing the broker's revenue.

While some brokerage companies have previously worked with floating leverages in MetaTrader 5, they had to use third-party solutions, which caused certain inconveniences due to incomplete compatibility with the platform. Our solution is free from any compatibility issues and offers a range of advantages opening up even more opportunities for your business development.

Contract specification window

Contract specification window

Key features

Native integration. Developed in-house by MetaQuotes, our solution is integrated into the platform, ensuring accurate interaction with all components. The new functionality does not affect speed, reliability, or any other MetaTrader 5 operation aspects.

Transparency. The entire process is transparent to the brokerage company, which completely manages leverage settings. More importantly, end-users also benefit from full transparency, as they can view all conditions directly within their terminals.

Compatibility with trading robots. Our solution is fully compatible with trading robots, ensuring accurate margin calculations by algorithmic programs. This unique advantage cannot be achieved through third-party solutions, which may interact incorrectly with the trading platform, leading to the inaccurate execution of trading strategies.

Automation capabilities. Using Automations, an integrated service in the platform, you can enable automatic rule adjustments. Changes will be applied automatically under certain predefined conditions. For example, leverage can be automatically reduced an hour before trading closing time, when market liquidity is low, to mitigate potential trading abuse. Such automation can assist in planning risk reduction strategies and in promptly responding to any significant events that pose potential threats to your business.

Flexibility. Leverage settings can be applied to individual symbols or symbol groups, allowing you to apply common settings for the symbols in which you expect changes. Create multiple rule sets and switch between them automatically or manually as needed.

Cost-free. There's no need for any investments, whether financial or time-related. Configure the required rules in just a few clicks and benefit from new opportunities without any additional costs or complexities.

Leverage rule settings

Leverage rule settings

Launch the new functionality and test how floating leverage works in MetaTrader 5 using a test user sample. The new functionality is readily available to you and can be easily configured in just a few clicks, with no additional investment necessary.

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14 February 2024

MetaTrader 5 won the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform award at Money Expo 2024 in Mexico

The MetaQuotes team received one of the top awards at Money Expo 2024, recently held in Mexico. This year, the event attracted more than 3,000 industry experts, with more than 30 speakers taking the stage. Among them were representatives of MetaQuotes who showcased the latest updates of the trading platform, including integrated MetaTrader 5 Payments, the Automations service and the new Web Terminal. The highlight of Money Expo 2024 was the award ceremony, where MetaTrader 5 was honored with the title of the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform. According to MetaQuotes management, such high recognition of the company's achievements will contribute to strengthening relationships with partners from Latin American countries.

MetaTrader 5 won the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform award at Money Expo 2024 in Mexico

Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes, commented on the event: "We proudly accept every award. Recognition from the brokerage and trading communities confirms that our team is moving in the right direction, and all our efforts do not go unnoticed. Through continual enhancements, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform maintains its leadership position and remains the most advanced and user-friendly solution in financial markets."

Prior to this, MetaQuotes opened its Mexico office. This branch will serve local businesses and clients from neighboring countries. The establishment of this representative marks a significant step in the company's strategy to expand its global presence and enhance the quality of service for clients in Latin America. If you have any questions for our team in Mexico, please email us at

7 February 2024

AstroPay payment provider connects to MetaTrader 5 Payments

Another payment provider has partnered with MetaTrader 5 Payments. Along with the other PSPs already available, AstroPay now caters to brokers within the trading platform. The provider ensures secure protection of all transactions. Using built-in payments, traders can now conveniently top up their accounts or withdraw earned funds without having to leave the platform. This new functionality was implemented in MetaTrader 5 as part of a recent major update. It allows brokers to simplify the onboarding process and streamline deposit operations, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher numbers and volumes of deposits. The feature enables seamless and automated transaction handling, eliminating the need for additional costs or integration with third-party providers.

AstroPay payment provider connects to MetaTrader 5 Payments

"We are super excited to announce this partnership with MetaQuotes, with which we aim to offer brokers and, ultimately, users a combination of MetaQuotes cutting-edge technology and our innovative financial solutions", says Mr Yosef Kamel, Director of Forex AstroPay. "This collaboration signifies a commitment to excellence, bridging worlds to create a synergistic force that will shape the landscape of the digital economy."

Advantages of integrated payments:

  • More accounts
  • Ready-made payment solution
  • Increased trading volumes
  • Improvement without investments

AstroPay is a cutting-edge digital wallet that offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to individuals who are passionate about sports and living life to the fullest. The app provides users with a range of exciting features, including instant payments, withdrawals, rewards, and unforgettable experiences, all within a single, intuitive interface. One of the key benefits of AstroPay is its ability to facilitate online payments on international websites, using a vast array of over 200 payment methods, including the most popular local options, as well as debit and credit cards and bank transfers. Through one integration merchants can reach +10 million users in the world. Today, the company operates with hundreds of merchants, and has a reputation for providing efficient, safe, and convenient financial solutions to customers worldwide.

6 February 2024

Spectra Global: "With MetaTrader 5, our traders and investors get maximum benefits"

Spectra Global, a brokerage company offering its services in the Gulf countries, has launched MetaTrader 5. The advanced tools available on this platform will greatly enhance the trading capabilities of the company's investors.

Traders will now be able to use the built-in payments feature of MetaTrader 5 Payments, allowing them to send or receive funds directly within the trading terminal. Furthermore, the platform provides comprehensive trading analytics to optimize portfolios. The new web terminal simplifies trading by eliminating the need for application or software installation, making it compatible with any device, operating system and browser.

Mr Kashish Jain, Operations Manager at Spectra Global

Mr Kashish Jain, Operations Manager at Spectra Global

"MetaTrader 5 is an intuitive and all-encompassing trading platform," says Mr Kashish Jain, Operations Manager at Spectra Global. "It provides the infrastructure necessary for trading in different markets. This integration allows us to offer simplified solutions for rapidly changing market conditions. With MetaTrader 5, our traders and investors get maximum benefits from the limitless market opportunities. I express my gratitude to the MetaQuotes team for their round-the-clock support and regular updates to the platform and services. No other company offers such favorable conditions".

Mr Kashish Jain also explained that their decision to choose MetaTrader 5 was based on their aim to make trading more accessible for financial institutions and individuals through the platform advantages. "Our customers can expect a safer and more stable trading experience. MetaTrader 5 allows for high-quality analysis by providing access to historical and current market data. The ultra-fast trade execution enhances work efficiency. Additionally, the platform enables traders and investors to take advantage of tighter spreads, increase profitability and better manage risks. All of these factors reduce the likelihood of unexpected outcomes and contribute to the successful implementation of trading strategies".

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5 February 2024

MetaQuotes opens a representative office in Mexico

The company has opened its new office in Mexico City. This branch will serve not only local businesses but also clients from neighboring countries. The establishment of the representative office in Mexico marks a significant step in MetaQuotes' strategy to strengthen its ties with partners in Latin America.

MetaQuotes opens a representative office in Mexico

Mr Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes, has commented on the launch: "Our products are gaining popularity in this region, so the opening of a new representative office is a logical move which will enable us to work more closely with users. The new office will help enhance the quality of service for existing clients and will open up wide opportunities for cooperation with new partners."

If you have any questions for our team in Mexico, please email us at Additionally, we would like to remind you that on February 7th and 8th, at Money Expo 2024 Mexico, taking place at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City, you can meet our representatives at Booth #15. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest financial technology trends and learn how MetaQuotes developments can contribute to your business growth.

23 January 2024

MetaTrader 5 now features a complete onboarding lifecycle, from a banner click to the first trade

In the latest version, MetaTrader 5 introduces the integrated payments service which enables traders to conveniently replenish their accounts directly within the trading platform. This service not only enhances platform convenience but also represents a culmination of a large strategic direction – customer onboarding. We have been gradually implementing new platform capabilities, and now the entire cycle of interaction with new users can be organized using the internal tools provided in MetaTrader 5. The challenge of effective onboarding is especially relevant for brokerage companies, given the growing competition and the reduced time window for decision-making. Assist users entering your ecosystem and ensure they don't have to waste time searching, figuring out complexities or navigating through the process blindly. The key strategy is to guide clients smoothly, yet confidently, from the initial click on your promotional banner to their first trade.

MetaTrader 5 now features a complete onboarding lifecycle, from a banner click to the first trade

How MetaTrader 5 helps organize efficient onboarding

Start by enabling the confirmation of contact details and by allowing the opening of demo accounts and preliminary real accounts directly from the terminal. Within the trading platform, you can request the confirmation of phone numbers and emails. Utilize this feature to maintain the integrity of your client database with accurate information and to establish a valid communication channel with each client.

1. Deep links

The first thing users see in the application is a wizard guiding them to open an account on your server

Right from the start, incorporate tracking tags into the links that lead your clients to download the platform. This allows accurate tracking of installation sources, even when users come from the App Store or Google Play. By using such deep links, you can determine the most efficient advertising channels and identify the best-performing advertisement types. Furthermore, you can set up automated opening of demo and real accounts. Users will not need to search for available options as the first thing they see in the application is a wizard guiding them to open an account on your server. This streamlines the user journey to a real account, resulting in maximum lead conversion.

Read more about deep links

2. KYC

User verification for your company security

The next important step is user verification for your company security. Built-in platform tools can automate up to 95% of data processing. This ensures an error-free, attentive, and, most importantly, swift experience for your clients at each stage. Users are only required to provide the requested information and send photos of the necessary documents. With this service, you can process 2,500 types of documents from 150 countries and assess risks according to local and international regulations. The level of personal data protection complies with the requirements in Europe (GDPR), the USA and Asia (PDPA).

Read more about KYC products

3. Automations

In the context of onboarding, Automations is practically irreplaceable

The Automations service is capable of performing almost any task that you assign to it. Entrust your regularly performed activities to the service which will instantly and accurately execute every required action. In the context of onboarding, Automations is practically irreplaceable: welcome emails, reminders of the next step, technical notifications and stimulating messages. These automated processes efficiently guide clients through every stage of the sales funnel. The service will send messages without delays upon certain events, keeping your clients well-informed and on track to complete all required steps.

Provide guidance and assistance to customers who have just registered or are transitioning to real trading. Automated mailings for new clients improve user onboarding, facilitate real account opening, and encourage traders to make more deposits.

Read more about Automations

4. Integrated payments

Traders can now replenish their accounts directly within the trading platform

Traders can now replenish their accounts through bank transfers, cards or online payment systems directly within the trading platform. By eliminating the need to additionally register on your site, the user can almost instantly proceed to trading using integrated MetaTrader 5 solutions. The client's actions are minimized, providing you with accelerated onboarding and, consequently, increased conversion and success rates. For you, this literally means more real accounts and deposits, as well as increased trading volumes.

Read more about integrated payments

5. Built-in analytics

Finteza – comprehensive end-to-end analytics for MetaTrader 5

How can you evaluate changes in the onboarding effectiveness? You need a reliable way to measure and adjust the results. Utilize Finteza – comprehensive end-to-end analytics for MetaTrader 5. This unique development by MetaQuotes allows you to seamlessly monitor traders' actions across your websites and the trading platform. E-commerce reports provide valuable insights into financial flows within the trading platform, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of advertising channels, understand customer behavior, and link it to conversion actions on your servers.

Read more about Finteza

Effectively introducing the client to your offering is as important as the initial engagement. While it may seem that the customer is already inside the sales funnel and is about to open an account, consider the fact that about 70% of users abandon a site if they find the product information confusing. According to the recent Forbes research, the average bounce rate in 2023 is around 50%, which means that half of the global audience doesn't interact with websites beyond the first page. Furthermore, 88% of users will never return to a site after a negative experience. That is why it is important to pay extra attention to helping clients get started. MetaTrader 5 offers fast, reliable and secure solutions to help you build an efficient onboarding system.

18 January 2024

MetaQuotes to showcase its products at Money Expo 2024 in Mexico

MetaQuotes invites you to attend the Money Expo 2024 exhibition in Mexico, which will be held on February 7 and 8 at Centro Citibanamex. The event will bring together traders, brokers, investors, representatives of financial institutions and other financial sector participants. Anticipating over 3,000 visitors from more than a dozen countries, Money Expo 2024 offers an excellent opportunity to establish new valuable partnerships and to expand existing connections in the dynamic Latin American market.

MetaQuotes to showcase its products at Money Expo 2024 in Mexico

Our team will present the latest updates in MetaQuotes products:

  • Cutting-edge features which have become available to traders and brokers through the latest updates of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.
  • MetaTrader 5 Payments enabling deposit and withdrawal operations directly in the trading terminal. This integrated service, joined by an increasing number of payment providers, streamlines sales processes and facilitates client onboarding.
  • The revamped statistics section in the trading platform which has turned into a powerful free analytical tool.
  • The Automations service capable of handling various routine processes for brokerage companies, from client communications to platform maintenance.
  • A new Web Terminal which runs on any device, operating system and browser. This allows users to access the extensive functionality of the MetaTrader 5 desktop version without the need for additional installations.

Visit out Booth #15 and explore how MetaQuotes solutions can elevate your business success. With ready-made solutions tailored for companies of every level, you will discover new possibilities for your business and clients. See you in Mexico!

10 January 2024

Unlimit To Operate Built-In Payments For MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes has announced a new partnership that will see Unlimit, the global fintech company, operate built-in payments for its platform. Integrated payments were introduced in one of the recent major MetaTrader 5 updates, and the number of payment services available in the platform is increasing every day.

The built-in payments service enables users to securely deposit funds into their accounts directly from their trading terminal using cards, electronic payment systems and bank transfers. MetaTrader 5 Payments is a free solution which does not require any additional authorization. This simplifies customer onboarding, increases deposit transaction conversion, and reduces intermediary costs. Integrated payments ensure higher platform operational efficiency for MetaTrader 5 users and brokerages. All transactions are securely protected and completely safe.

Unlimit To Operate Built-In Payments For MetaTrader 5

Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer of Unlimit, said: "We are excited to announce our official partnership with MetaQuotes, developer of the industry-leading multi-asset platform MetaTrader 5 for brokerage businesses. This collaboration enables brokers who use MetaTrader 5 to seamlessly integrate Unlimit's advanced payment methods, facilitating global transactions and enhancing operational efficiency. The combined strengths of Unlimit's secure payment solutions and MetaQuotes' cutting-edge platform will empower brokers, ensuring a secure and streamlined experience for clients worldwide."

Founded in 2009, Unlimit is a global fintech company offering a large portfolio of financial services, including payment processing. The company's mission is to deliver solutions that eliminate financial borders, enabling businesses to operate both locally and internationally with ease, covering Europe, the UK, LatAm, APAC, India and Africa. Unlimit has 500 employees and 16 offices located in London, Frankfurt, Singapore, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Mexico, and other cities across five continents.

8 January 2024

MetaQuotes to showcase its new products at iFX Expo Dubai 2024

Meet the MetaQuotes team at booth #170 during iFX Expo Dubai 2024, one of the world's largest financial events. For more than a decade, the expo has been bringing together online trading and financial service professionals from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With more than 3,500 participants expected this year, the iFX Expo offers a unique venue to connect with industry representatives and business leaders. Over 100 speakers will share their experiences from the stage. The expo will take place on January 17-18, 2024, in Dubai, UAE.

MetaQuotes to showcase its new products at iFX Expo Dubai 2024

Our company experts will discuss the following topics:

  • MetaTrader 5 – the latest enhancements of the trading platform which introduce new possibilities for traders and brokers. Learn about the latest features and advantages offered by MetaTrader 5.
  • MetaTrader 5 Payments – with the new addition, traders can replenish their account balances straight in the platform. Users can utilize all the major deposit/withdrawal methods, including bank cards, popular wallets, and bank transfers, with all transactions being securely protected and completely safe. The new feature shortens the chain of actions during deposit operations, which boosts conversion, as well as increases the number and volume of deposits. New payment providers are already joining MetaTrader 5 Payments.
  • Comprehensive trading analytics in MetaTrader 5 – the revised statistics section which can assist traders in optimizing trading portfolios while aiding brokers in improving service quality.
  • Automations – the service enables the automation of business operations. We will present ready-made and custom scenarios for the automated processing of routine brokerage tasks.
  • The all-new MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal – the improved web version runs on all device types and operating systems.

The exhibition will be hosted at Dubai World Trade Centre located in the city's business district. The iFX Expo Dubai 2024 programme is available on the official event website. See you in Dubai!


15 December 2023

Presenting the book "MQL5 Programming for Traders"

We have released the most comprehensive guide to MQL5 programming, authored by experienced algorithmic trader Stanislav Korotky with MetaQuotes' support.

The book is intended for programmers of all levels. Beginners will learn the fundamentals as the book introduces key development tools and basic programming concepts. With this material, you can create, compile, and run your first application in the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Users with experience in other programming languages can immediately advance to the applied part related to creating trading robots and analytical applications in MQL5.

Presenting the book "MQL5 Programming for Traders"

The book is freely available online, under the "Book" section of the website. It consists of seven parts:

  1. Introduction to MQL5 and development environment – an overview of the basic principles of MQL5 programming and the MQL5 development environment, including MetaEditor's editing and compiling features.
  2. Fundamentals of MQL5 programming – the basic concepts, including data types, instructions, operators, expressions, variables, code blocks, and program structures applied for procedural-style MQL5 program development.
  3. Object-oriented programming – distinctive features that set MQL5 apart despite its similarities with other languages supporting the OOP paradigm, especially with C++.
  4. Common functions – frequently used built-in functions that are applicable in any program.
  5. Creating application programs – an in-depth look at the architectural nuances of MQL5 programs and their specialization by types of trading-related tasks, such as technical analysis using indicators, chart management, and use of graphical objects, among others.
  6. Trading automation – how to analyze the trading environment and automate trading using robots.
  7. Advanced language tools – a set of specialized APIs aimed at facilitating MQL5 integration with related technologies, including databases, data exchange, OpenCL, and Python.

The book provides numerous source code examples. Following the explanation, you can implement your own applications in the built-in editor and instantly view program execution results in the platform. The source codes are available in the public project \MQL5\Shared Projects\MQL5Book and in the Code Base.

Start learning MQL5 right now and discover the world of professional algorithmic trading. The knowledge gained will help you bring your ideas to life. You can also apply them in a commercial environment by developing and selling applications through the Market and taking on programming orders in the Freelance.

14 December 2023

Traders are not willing to wait longer than 4 ms — MetaQuotes study

MetaQuotes' research focused on traders utilizing virtual servers for automated trading. The analysis covered the users of MetaTrader VPS, the virtual hosting service for automatic round-the-clock trading with minimal network delays. The results have been compiled into infographics to present a comprehensive overview of the user audience.

Traders are not willing to wait longer than 4 ms — MetaQuotes study

One of the key findings of the research concerns the network latency between the virtual machine and the broker's server: 86% of traders prefer working with ultra-low latencies, not exceeding 4 ms. This preference can be easily explained, as high speed ensures predictable and stable operation of algorithms running on virtual machines. This minimizes the likelihood of price changes occurring before the order reaches the server.

Another part of the study concerning VPS purposes reveals that trading robots are more than seven times more popular than trading signal subscriptions. Thus, 86% of users run automated systems on virtual machines, and only 12% use hosting to copy signals. The results also show the geographical distribution of the most popular trading servers: 75% of them are located in just three countries. Additionally, a curious revelation was made regarding the geographical statistics of traders utilizing VPS: the top 3 countries are located on different continents.

The results have been compiled into infographics to present a comprehensive overview of the user audience

14 December 2023

Neotrades: "MetaTrader 5 is a perfect solution for organizing seamless multi-asset trading"

Neotrades brokerage company has announced the launch of MetaTrader 5. The platform's state-of-the-art tools, including the redesigned statistics section, built-in payments, Automations, and other services, are now available to all Neotrades' clients. This strategic move reflects the brokerage's commitment in delivering a dynamic, user-friendly, and unique trading experience for new and seasoned traders. With the adoption of MetaTrader 5, the company has significantly accelerated its trading processes, enhanced speed and increased efficiency.

Mr Phiroze Mogrelia, Neotrades Executive Director

Mr Phiroze Mogrelia, Neotrades Executive Director

Mr Phiroze Mogrelia, Neotrades Executive Director, commented on the launch: "We are delighted to introduce the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform to our product portfolio. It aligns perfectly with our company ethics, as we strive to simplify complexities and to provide a platform which "speaks" to every trader. In a dynamically changing market, MetaTrader 5 becomes an indispensable tool for brokers seeking innovative advantages. It also offers the possibility to trade under the best conditions available in the industry. Furthermore, MetaTrader 5 is a perfect solution for organizing seamless multi-asset trading".

Prior to the platform launch, the company conducted a comprehensive research. Based on the findings, Neotrades came to a conclusion that only MetaTrader 5 would empower traders to comprehensively focus on the most important aspects and thus to succeed in the markets. "We have launched the best existing technologies and tools for our clients. Now we are ready to offer more assets and provide access to new markets," Mr Mogrelia concluded.

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6 December 2023

PM Financials: "MetaTrader 5 is an inexhaustible resource for any broker"

PM Financials brokerage company has introduced the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Now it offers its clients a full package of services: ready-made robots for algorithmic trading, mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, access to the economic calendar and technical analysis, and much more. PM Financials team is confident of making the right choice.

Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials

Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials

"I would characterize MetaTrader 5 as an inexhaustible resource for any broker," says Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials. "The platform is a ready-made and efficient business solution. It is even possible to manage an account via the terminal with no need to sign in to third-party services. The built-in payment service allows users to safely top up accounts directly in trading terminals using cards, electronic payment systems and bank transfers. The Automations service increases the efficiency and reduces the human factor influence. We are committed in using every opportunity to develop and expand our business".

Mr Fahim Rashid added that PM Financials employees completed training to master all the intricacies of working with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. "Training conducted by MetaQuotes experts helped us in skipping the adaptation stage. We learned how to quickly set up the terminal and start trading. Each of our employees learned how to create simple Expert Advisors based on technical indicators, as well as how to test and improve them. MetaQuotes is actively working to update and improve its trading platform. The company’s team promptly and regularly informs all MetaTrader 5 users about innovations allowing us to improve our work," says PM Financials CEO.

PM Financials plans to launch MetaTrader 5 Sponsored VPS in the near future. The service will help the brokerage customers ensure stable operation and avoid long shutdowns, for example, due to poor internet connection. Hosting can be activated directly in the terminal. Each user receives up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM and several physical CPU cores. These resources are sufficient for testing several trading strategies simultaneously. PM Financials team believes that these advantages will attract new traders.

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1 December 2023

APM Capital: "We have tried different platforms, but MetaTrader 5 stands unmatched"

APM Capital has launched the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Prior to this transition, the brokerage encountered various challenges while using other software, from insufficient service quality to low client acquisition rates. The strategic adoption of MetaTrader 5 had an immediate, profound impact, on the company's business: APM Capital has recorded a 20% growth in live accounts. The broker believes that this launch has introduced a new era of trading capabilities and technology-driven solutions.

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO, commented on the launch: "We have tried different platforms, but MetaTrader 5 stands unmatched. MetaQuotes has ingeniously crafted an ecosystem for business development and seamless trading. It's not just a platform. It's the cornerstone of our commitment to innovation and client success. When you have something to compare with, the platform advantages look even better. I'm referring to its intuitive interface, the ability to trade multiple assets simultaneously, a plethora of technical analysis tools, alongside a spectrum of other services. You can use advanced indicators, run trading robots, implement custom applications, and create unlimited charts. The transition to MetaTrader 5 is not merely the launch of a trading platform – it is a transformative step that has redefined our approach to client services."

The company specialists are currently exploring sponsored virtual hosting and MetaTrader 5 Automations. "Our next step is to expand our client base by integrating diverse services available in MetaTrader 5, which is a truly comprehensive, cutting-edge solution," Mr Spencer-Skeen added. The platform's robust features and advanced technology can assist APM Capital in elevating the trading experience for its clients. Furthermore, this strategic step has already positioned the company at the forefront of the financial brokerage industry.

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27 November 2023

MetaQuotes becomes 23!

MetaQuotes becomes 23!

Today we celebrate our 23rd anniversary. Our company still stands strong and continues to actively develop its products. Over the past year, we have implemented multiple innovations, which have become available to our clients:

  1. We have considerably improved the MetaTrader5 iOS and MetaTrader 5 Android mobile terminals.

  2. The web terminal has also received a number of important updates: trading experience has been improved. The interface now features a set of color schemes, while the setting up and launching of the terminal on the broker’s side have been significantly simplified. These enhancements have sparked an increased demand from traders. More and more brokers are starting to offer the web terminal to their clients.

  3. We have released native MetaTrader 5 installers for macOS and Linux. These platforms can offer a hassle-free and stable trading to the traders.

  4. We have added detailed reports on trading activities to MetaTrader 5 Desktop. It has become much more convenient to analyze trading operations. The entire trading has become much more transparent and comprehensible. Most importantly, it no longer requires additional services. Reports will also appear in mobile terminals for iOS and Android soon.

  5. We have significantly improved and simplified the Sponsored VPS service, allowing brokers to offer MetaTrader VPS to their clients for free. Many companies have positively assessed the improvement and are already offering this service.

  6. MetaTrader 5 now features the Payments service, allowing users to top up funds via the MetaTrader 5 Desktop terminal. A number of large and well-known PSPs have expressed their desire to join the service. Preparatory work is currently underway. Brokers also rated the service favorably. In the coming year, we plan to include additional PSPs so that traders can top up their deposits and withdraw funds in any way which is convenient for them. In the very near future, MetaTrader 5 Payments will also appear on mobile terminals for iOS and Android.

  7. We have released MQL5 Channels mobile application. It is especially useful for beginners, as it offers various free channels, in which other market participants share forecasts and analytics on various financial instruments. Tens of thousands of traders from all over the world actively use the application (MAU) every month.

  8. The Automations service has become more powerful and efficient, thus reducing the amount of necessary routine operations for brokers. Hundreds of companies use it on a daily basis to serve traders and maintain server infrastructure.

Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes, comments: "I would like to thank traders and brokers for choosing our applications. Special thanks to those who provide us with feedback, and helped us to further improve our software. Rest assured, you are also contributing to the ongoing development of the MetaTrader 5 platform.

We are pleased with what we have achieved this year. Many improvements have been implemented and made public. Apart from that, a huge amount of preliminary work, not made public yet, has been carried out. It serves as the foundation for the development of completely new products, which are planned for release in the forthcoming year. Thank you for staying with us — we are developing our products for you!"

23 November 2023

MetaQuotes wins two prestigious awards at the London Summit

MetaTrader 5 trading platform has won two awards at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2023, which ended on November 22. The trading solution developed by MetaQuotes has been named the "Best multi-asset trading platform" and "Best FX trading platform". According to the organizers, the FMLS awards serve as a recognition for outstanding achievements in various business categories. Each winner is selected by votes from industry members.

MetaQuotes wins two prestigious awards at the London Summit

"Over the past year, the trading platform has undergone many positive changes," says Mr Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes. "We have introduced several improvements all at once, significantly facilitating the work of brokerage companies and opening up new opportunities for traders. We are glad that our efforts have been noticed. We proudly accept these awards and consider our victory a well-deserved success of our entire team".

London Summit is Europe's largest B2B conference in the fields of financial technology, online trading, digital assets and payments. Since 2012, the event gathers together thousands of professionals striving to network, learn and develop their businesses. Summit attendees can expect to receive the most up-to-date information from leading companies and key decision makers in the industry, shaping the future of finance.

MetaQuotes thanks everyone who voted for our solutions and helped to achieve this outstanding result. The current success is another confirmation that we have chosen the right course for the development of our products. Thank you for staying with us!

21 November 2023

XeOne Prime: "MetaTrader 5 is an indispensable tool for all brokers"

XeOne Prime brokerage company has experienced an increase in trading activity of almost 10% after launching MetaTrader 5. According to the company management, this is only the beginning. In the future, the company expects to increase profits by more than 40% through further use of the trading platform and increase in the number of clients. The head of XeOne Prime is convinced that the Company's strategy of investing in technology and innovation will pay off as early as the coming year.

Mr Laxmi Prasad, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer of XeOne Prime

Mr Laxmi Prasad, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer of XeOne Prime

"MetaTrader 5 is an indispensable tool for all brokers who are ready to provide clients with the best trading conditions," says Mr Laxmi Prasad, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer of XeOne Prime. "The platform features the most relevant tools available today so that you always remain one step ahead of your competitors. Since the launch of MetaTrader 5, our trading activity has increased by almost 10%".

The broker plans to add more new products in the near future. At the same time, the company is monitoring the services available in MetaTrader 5 in order to strengthen its position. "Numerous exciting updates regularly introduced by MetaQuotes allow traders to boost their profitability. We have also integrated built-in payments and new analytical reports. The newly introduced reports allow us to track both general profit and loss parameters, deposits and withdrawals, as well as conduct a more detailed analysis — the ratio of the number of trades, comparison of different types of trades and historical data for individual symbols or entire groups. We look forward to the new improvements", adds Mr Prasad.

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14 November 2023

Amega: "MetaTrader 5 Automations help us in ensuring smooth daily operations"

Regulated Broker Amega provides streamlined services to make the trading environment more accessible to investors of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The company promotes equal-opportunity trading by offering the same excellent conditions, and the ability to use position hedging and trading robots, to all clients regardless of their deposits. To ensure the smooth operation of all its services, Amega connected MetaTrader 5 Automations.

This service automates routine operations and assists MetaTrader 5 brokers in freeing up resources. Automations provides ready-made scenarios created based on brokers' requests and feedback. These scenarios address the most common business tasks, such as customer communication, account management, bonus programs, risk management, and infrastructure performance monitoring. In just a few minutes, you can set up a trouble-free system, which can save you time and money.

Vadim Zhuravlev, Chief Executive Officer of Amega

Vadim Zhuravlev, Chief Executive Officer of Amega

"MetaQuotes has helped Amega keep its promise of making trading simple and accessible to traders of all levels," says Mr. Vadim Zhuravlev, Chief Executive Officer of Amega. "Going from a small startup to a multiple award-winning brokerage, we have introduced new ideas to the world of online trading. As a client-oriented company, we always strive to offer the best conditions and most modern solutions. So, it is no surprise that we have partnered with MetaQuotes to bring our vision of a universal, globally accessible trading network to life. We have implemented MetaTrader 5 to start offering the most complete and diverse trading platform in the world, which is used by thousands of traders of all levels and backgrounds. The MetaTrader 5 Automations service helps us ensure that daily operations run smoothly by automating platform maintenance and customer communication processes."

According to Amega's management, their cooperation with MetaQuotes stems from the desire to stay ahead of the game and create long-lasting relationships with trustworthy service providers. To provide extended opportunities to its clients, the company offers highly sought-after benefits, such as a deposit bonus of up to 150% and a revolutionary Loyalty Program which grants withdrawable cashback rewards based on traded volumes.

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9 November 2023

Download MetaTrader 5 for macOS and Linux

We have prepared special trading platform installers quite some time ago. The installer for macOS is a full-fledged wizard with which the app is installed seamlessly, just like a native one. For Linux, we provide a script that can be downloaded and launched with a single command.

The installers perform all the required steps: they identify the user's system, download and install the latest Wine version, configure it, and then install MetaTrader inside it. All steps are completed in the automated mode, and you can start using the platform immediately after installation.

The installer links are available on the website and in the trading platform's Help menu:

For macOS: Check your Wine version

We have recently completely updated the macOS installer, incorporating numerous improvements. If you are already using MetaTrader on macOS, please check the current Wine version, which is displayed in the terminal log upon startup:

LP 0 15:56:29.402 Terminal MetaTrader 5 x64 build 4050 started for MetaQuotes Software Corp.
PF 0 15:56:29.403 Terminal Windows 10 build 18362 on Wine 8.0.1 Darwin 23.0.0, 12 x Intel Core i7-8750H  @ 2.20GHz, AVX2, 11 / 15 Gb memory, 65 / 233 Gb disk, admin, GMT+2

If your Wine version is below 8.0.1, we strongly recommend removing the old platform along with the Wine prefix in which it is installed. You can delete the platform as usual by moving it from the "Applications" section to the bin. The Wine prefix can be deleted using Finder. Select the Go > Go to Folder menu and enter the directory name: ~/Library/Application Support/. Go to this directory and delete the following folders based on the installed MetaTrader version:

~/Library/Application Support/Metatrader 5
~/Library/Application Support/
~/Library/Application Support/Metatrader 4
~/Library/Application Support/

After that, reinstall the terminal using our installers.

  • During the process, you will be prompted to install additional Wine packages (Mono, Gecko). Please agree to this as they are necessary for proper functioning.
  • The minimum macOS versions are Big Sur for MetaTrader 4 and Mojave for MetaTrader 5.

You no longer need to search for manual installation instructions or use third-party solutions. You can install the platform in a couple of clicks and instantly start trading:

8 November 2023

MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad: Bulk operations, 21 timeframes, and trading notifications

We continuously enhance the MetaTrader 5 mobile app for iOS by adding valuable trading and analytical features. In the past six months, we have introduced bulk trading operations, extra timeframes, trading notifications, and more. Here is a detailed overview of all these innovations.

  1. Bulk position closing and order deletion. The app now supports bulk operations for positions and orders. For example, you can close all open positions with just a couple of taps upon important news releases and thus promptly lock in profits. You can also quickly cancel all pending orders to prevent them from being triggered due to sharp price movements.

    To access bulk operations, tap the three dots in the positions or orders section or open the context menu for a specific operation.

    Bulk position closing and order deletion

  2. Trading notifications. Turn on notifications to always stay informed about trading operations on your account. The information is delivered in push notifications from the broker's server and thus you can receive it even when the app is not running. Depending on the settings provided by the broker with whom the selected account is opened, notifications may include information about orders, deals, deposits, and withdrawals. Notifications are enabled separately for each account; the setting is saved on the server.

    Trading Notifications

  3. Profit/loss for stop levels. When moving the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, you will immediately see the potential profit/loss you will incur if the level triggers. The values are displayed in points and monetary terms.

    Profit/loss for stop levels

  4. Trading panel improvements. New settings enable the positioning of the trading panel above or below the chart. We have also increased the distance between the volume change options and the Buy and Sell buttons to avoid accidental order sending.

     Trading panel improvements

  5. Support for 21 timeframes. We have added 12 additional minute and hour timeframes to offer more options for price analysis. To add your preferred periods to the quick access panel, go to the timeframe menu above the chart and select them with a long press.

    The number of timeframes has increased to 21

  6. Advanced customization of trading levels. You can now individually enable/disable the display of position levels, pending orders, and Stop Loss/Take Profit levels.

    Advanced customization of trading levels

  7. Screen lock. You can set a PIN code or use Face ID/Touch ID to prevent other users from accessing the app. If someone gains access to your iPhone or iPad, your trading account will remain secure. To activate this feature, turn on 'Screen Lock' in the Settings/About window and set a four-digit PIN. If the app remains hidden for over a minute, you will need to enter the PIN or unlock the app using Face ID/Touch ID.

    Screen lock

  8. Chat improvements. Several new features have been introduced in the built-in messenger which enables communication between members:

    • Ability to block a user in a personal chat and view a list of blocked users.
    • Display of user data when tapping on the user avatar.
    • Ability to report a message in chat by long-pressing it.
    • An additional menu for new chats created by users who are not on your friends list. If you receive such a chat, you can immediately add the user to friends or block and report them.
    • Display of the number of unread messages on the section icon in the app settings.

    Chat improvements

  9. Links to brokers' regulatory documents. You can now access all the necessary legal information from your broker directly in the account properties section of your mobile app. The availability of links depends on your broker.
  10. Numerous improvements and fixes. Over the past six months, dozens of improvements have been introduced to guarantee stable and swift app performance.

Install the latest app version and unlock extended trading capabilities:

MetaTrader 5 in App Store MetaTrader 5 in App Store
MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad: Bulk operations, 21 timeframes, and trading notifications