MetaTrader 5 for a hedge fund manager

More control, less complexity

MetaTrader 5 suit accommodates administrator terminal allowing you to set up management, financial instruments, separate access along with other parameters for each fund. This is a ready-made out-of-the-box solution which helps in attracting more investments, control your employees, automate the fund operation and reduce routine tasks.

Manage funds, financial instruments, access levels, along with other parameters via the administrator terminal

MetaTrader 5 benefits for a hedge fund manager


The platform allows trading in any market with different position accounting systems. We offer the best tools for analysis and trading (both manual and algorithmic). Furthermore, we constantly provide automatic software updates, to establish fast and secure operation on any device — from PC to smartphones.

Get the most out of the algorithmic trading opportunities. Create, test and improve your strategies. Ready-made robots and technical indicators are available in the secure online store, as well as the entire library of MQL4 and MQL5 source codes. In the Freelance service you can find hundreds of professional developers who are ready to create a robot or indicator according to your needs.

MetaTrader 5 can help your fund increase revenue: your traders will be able to fully realize their potential and bring maximum profit to the fund, while positive results will attract new investors.

Full control

Launch and configure funds at your convenience. Specify how parameters are to be calculated, set periods, maximum capitalization, share values and other investor requirements. Create accounts for employees and investors with different access levels, manage accounts and generate detailed reports to monitor the employee and organization results in a consolidated manner.

With MetaTrader 5, you can do more. Display any data on graphs — automate calculations, manage operation balances, payouts and commissions. Set up different accounts for employees, distribute funds between them and assess individual profit levels.

The platform performs multiple routine tasks allowing you and your employees to divert your efforts to something more important. Monitoring a fund is made as simple as possible — nothing will slip away from you and you will always be aware of the current fund status.


Clients are able to monitor the efficiency of investments via a mobile device or PC by tracking AUM, NAV and a share value, which is updated automatically. You can choose the parameters your investors are able to receive. Even if they want to have hourly assessments, you do not have to spend time in writing reports.

The fund becomes transparent for both the manager, who controls all activities on a single screen, and for investors, who are able to know their invested funds status at any moment. Such an approach allows you to earn the loyalty of your clients. MetaTrader 5 can help you in finding new investors or increase the current investments.


You independently deploy our software on your own hardware, as well as maintain your server infrastructure and fully control support and administration. We do not offer SaaS or other similar solutions which would permit even partial external management or third-party control over your company's operations, and thus we have no access to your servers, accounts, or your clients' trading history. MetaQuotes prioritizes user data security and strives to maintain product compliance with the industry's latest safety requirements.

Buy access to MetaTrader 5 for your hedge fund to boost your client base and generate more profit. The platform includes everything the fund requires for success.