21 September 2023

Join us for insightful discussions at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

On September 26 and 27, the MetaQuotes team will participate in Forex Expo Dubai 2023, the largest industry event in the Middle East. Year after year, the Expo brings together investors and Forex industry leaders, offering an exceptional platform for collaboration and exploration of new business opportunities. This year's event anticipates an array of engaging discussions which will cover the most important and relevant subjects. Forex Expo Dubai 2023 offers a comprehensive look at the future of finance, covering everything from the latest investment and trading trends to market regulation specifics and the emergence of innovative payment and fintech solutions. The organizers expect that more than 11,000 traders and investors, as well as 130 companies from more than 35 countries, will participate in the exhibition.

Join us for insightful discussions at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

The MetaQuotes team will primarily focus on the latest platform update, build 3950, which is one of the most significant updates in recent years. New MetaTrader 5 features may have a substantial impact on the development of brokerage companies and the financial market as a whole. We will showcase the latest developments and will demonstrate how advanced financial technologies assist in developing businesses. Furthermore, we will unveil our platform development plants which we have not extensively shared until now, among which are client terminal improvements and new services.

Topics to be covered:

  • MetaTrader 5 – the latest enhancements of our flagship product which introduce new possibilities for traders and brokers.
  • Integrated payments – now users can top-up their account balances straight in the trading platform. The new feature can streamline client onboarding processes while reducing brokerage costs.
  • Comprehensive trading analytics in MetaTrader 5 – the revised statistics section assists traders in optimizing trading portfolios while aiding brokers in improving service quality.
  • The all-new MetaTrader 5 web terminal – the updated web version runs on all device types, operating systems, and web browsers.
  • Automations – this powerful built-in tool is designed to speed up routine operations.
  • Sponsored Virtual Hosting – the service provides an additional opportunity to increase brokerage clientele and to engage existing traders.

The exhibition will be hosted at the World Trade Center, halls 6, 7 and 8. We invite Forex Expo participants to visit our Booth #46. We will be happy to answer your questions.

15 September 2023

MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments. What's next?

The major update has brought two important changes significantly enhancing the MetaTrader 5 experience. The new section of advanced trading statistics can help improve results, while the built-in payment service can simplify account top-up. In addition, we have laid the foundation for additional changes in the appearance of MetaTrader 5. We will soon present an updated interface - the platform will retain its familiar appearance, while becoming more modern and efficient.

MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments

Powerful free trading analytics

This innovation will help traders of any level to increase efficiency - we have redesigned the statistics section and turned it into a powerful tool for analyzing trading histories. Both beginners and professionals will find everything they need to optimize their portfolio. Do not look for third-party services to control your trading results: now the necessary information is built into the platform and is available in one click.

Powerful free trading analytics

Available reports:

  • Summary - activity summary: account data, overall profit and loss, deposits and withdrawals, balance, growth and dividends graphs and others.
  • Profit/Lost — historical data on profitable and losing trades. The parameter is divided by types of trading (manual, copy and algorithmic). It can be analyzed in terms of deals, percentages or money by days, months and years.
  • Long/Short — report on Buy and Sell orders at specified time intervals.
  • Symbols — detailed analysis of trades by financial instruments. The ratio of the number of trades, comparison of different types of trades and historical data for individual symbols or entire groups.

Now the update is available only for the desktop version of the platform running Windows 10 or higher. In the next updates, we will add the aforementioned capability to the web terminal and mobile versions of MetaTrader 5. Simply update the platform to the latest version and access advanced analytics. This does not require any additional efforts or costs — the solution is built into the trading platform and is supplied free of charge.

Integrated payments — fast and secure

Now you can top up your account balance directly through the trading platform - there is no need to switch to third-party sites and go through additional authorizations.

Integrated payments — fast and secure

Why is this convenient?

  • Increased security — no need to store extra passwords and regularly enter payment details in third-party sites.
  • Usability — no need to switch to other resources and waste time.
  • Enhanced trading opportunities — deposit money to your account whenever you need.

You can top up your MetaTrader 5 trading accounts via bank transfer, credit card or payment systems. All payments and personal data are completely secure. We hope that the new service will make interaction with the trading platform more efficient.

For integrated payments to be available, your broker should support this service. Check the possibility of payments with broker representatives.

Download the latest MetaTrader 5 version

14 September 2023

Another broker launches MetaTrader 5

Capitalxtend, a regulated broker, has introduced MetaTrader 5. The company's management believes that the new platform will help their clients increase the number of trading operations in any market and obtain maximum income.

Ms Soheila Rashidi, Chief Commercial Officer at CapitalXtend

Ms Soheila Rashidi, Chief Commercial Officer at CapitalXtend

"The launch of MetaTrader 5 coincided with the introduction of a new option for our clients," says Soheila Rashidi, Chief Commercial Officer at CapitalXtend. "We have recently risen the leverage to a remarkable 1:5000. It is a powerful, comprehensive, fully integrated solution which provides traders with a full range of financial instruments. Now they can unlock their potential and implement trading ideas with minimal capital requirements".

According to the company's management, MetaTrader 5 features allow their clients to improve leverage settings, thus optimizing their trading strategies.

"MetaQuotes consistently delivers new MetaTrader 5 features," adds Ms Soheila Rashidi. "This fact became decisive when switching to the new platform. We are pleased to introduce a cutting-edge product with a large number of useful tools which fully meet traders' needs. I am talking about the ability to open up to 100 charts at a time, customize their appearance and displayed information, as well as apply and remove various objects and indicators. Our clients will now be able to use more than 80 built-in indicators and analytical tools. With MetaTrader 5, they have guaranteed access to trading signals and copy trading, as well as full backups and ultimate trading security".

CapitalXtend LLC is a part of CAPITALXTEND GROUP LTD and is incorporated in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius.

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6 September 2023

Noor Capital: "The use of MetaTrader 5 has bestowed upon us a clear edge over traditional investment firms"

Noor Capital P.S.C., a regulated broker operating in the market for 15 years, has announced the expansion of services available to its clients via MetaTrader 5. The company has introduced the Cash Equity trading option. Noor Capital representatives believe that they have managed to overtake competitors by implementing this innovation in the financial realm. The company is successfully using the extensive capabilities of MetaTrader 5 to reshape its investment experience.

Mr Ahmad Ayoub , Global Head of Sales of Noor Capital

Mr Ahmad Ayoub , Global Head of Sales of Noor Capital

Mr Ahmad Ayoub, Global Head of Sales of Noor Capital, has commented on the expansion: "MetaQuotes' trading platforms are renowned for their advanced features and user-friendly interface. The use of MetaTrader 5 has bestowed upon us a clear edge over traditional investment firms. The effect of this integration has been monumental, reshaping our approach to investment execution and management. With MetaTrader 5, our clients can access real-time market information, sophisticated technical analysis tools, and seamless trade execution capabilities. The platform's advanced trend detection and trade execution tools raise investment accuracy to an unprecedented level. With other companies trying to catch up, Noor Capital clients enjoy a distinctive advantage – the ability to trade effectively, make informed decisions, and manage their investments. With MetaTrader 5, all this can be done with unparalleled ease and flexibility."

Noor Capital offers access to trading on a wide range of markets, including currency pairs, commodities, and stocks, with zero commissions and competitive spreads. The company's clients can also trade from swap-free accounts. Noor Capital expects to become the most reliable investment company in the Gulf countries by 2025, and in the entire Middle East by 2030. It also plans to increase the company value by 35% over the next five years. The management believes that the MetaTrader 5 trading platform will assist in achieving these goals.

Mr. Ahmad Ayoub has added that Noor Capital's investment into MetaTrader 5 integration is a testament to the company's commitment in providing the best tools for an exceptional trading experience. "MetaTrader 5 has reshaped the investment landscape by enabling traders to track the best positions and to make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data," Mr. Ahmad Ayoub concluded.

Noor Capital was established in the UAE in 2005. It is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

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4 September 2023

How deep links can help you understand audiences and increase conversion rates

Enhanced deep links in MetaTrader 5 can assist in spotting underperforming advertising campaigns and in redirecting your budget towards more effective ones. The impact of deep linking extends beyond advertising, positively influencing various business processes.

How deep links can help you understand audiences and increase conversion rates

Gain insights into your traffic sources and assess the campaign performance. With the new deep links, you can pinpoint exactly where a customer came from, be it an advertisement, an affiliate link, or another source. Determine the areas in which you need to optimize your customer engagement strategies and improve customer retention rates. By differentiating your link parameters, you can determine which images, promos, placements, or CTAs perform better than others. Based on this valuable information, you can improve onboarding processes, attract more clients, and increase demo-to-real conversion rates. By using the new parameters, for example, "account_type", you can forward the client to a real account opening form immediately after installing the application. This facilitates the customer's journey to live trading and increases the likelihood of successful conversion. Eliminate the need for the user to register on your website and you reduce the number of steps required to start trading, minimizing the risk of losing potential clients. Your traders will access all the required services straight within the app.

By providing the ability to utilize enhanced deep links, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform equips brokers with powerful tools to gain a deeper understanding of their clients and to optimize operational workflows. Unlike traditional deep links which offer limited data, the extended functionality supports new parameters, transforming deep links into a tool with boundless potential for insights and optimization.

Add tracking links to your ads and control the flow of traffic, which converts into app installations

How it works?

You can create a tracking link, enrich it with additional UTM parameters, and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising channels. Information about users who click on this link and install the application from the App Store or Google Play will be registered in the following databases:

  • In the client entry in MetaTrader 5 – in the Lead Source and Lead Campaign fields
  • In Finteza which is integrated with MetaTrader 5 – the enriched tracking data enables the relevant market research (end-to-end analytics, Retention, deposits and withdrawals in eCommerce, and others)

Tracking link example: utm_campaign=YourCampaignName&utm_source=TrafficSourceName&master_site_id=YourIDNumber&account_type=2

The link consists of several parts, which can be customized to your specific business needs:

  • is an app download link; in our example, it is a link to download the mobile terminal for iOS. This is a mandatory part and cannot be changed.
  • "server" is the name of the trade server to which the user will connect. Specify your server name instead of YourServerName – only your company will be displayed in the servers list for your traders.
  • "utm_source" is the traffic source where this link is placed. This can be a landing page, an affiliate site, a banner in an advertising network or on a third-party site, a button in an email, and so on. Enter the source instead of TrafficSourceName.
  • "master_site_id" is a unique tracker for your site in Finteza. This will enable the creation of end-to-end analytics.
  • "account_type" is the account type that the user will be offered to create during the first app launch: 1 for demo and 2 for real accounts. With this option, you can onboard clients directly in the application and know exactly the installation source. The real account registration form in MetaTrader 5 is customizable: You can request the required documents in accordance with your internal procedures.

Add tracking links to your ads and control the flow of traffic, which converts into app installations. With the new parameters, you can identify all your mobile users with pinpoint accuracy.

17 August 2023

Download MetaQuotes HiDPI images for your websites and publications

MetaQuotes' design team has created a free collection of high-resolution images and textual descriptions showcasing our company and products. The Media Gallery features sections for different trading platform versions, including desktop, web, and mobile, with separate sets for iOS and Android devices. We have also compiled galleries highlighting MetaQuotes' corporate journey and its Finteza analytical system. The images are suitable for a wide range of tasks, offering separate mockups for each version with light and dark themes. To simplify your creative processes, we have also created collages and ready-made compositions for different devices.

Download MetaQuotes HiDPI images for your websites and publications

Please feel free to use any content from the Media Gallery whenever you need to reference our company or trading platforms in your websites, articles, or other resources. Logos are available in vector versions, while other images are provided in PNG format.

Go to Media Gallery

11 August 2023

How MetaTrader VPS works

Fundamental trading principles require instant responses to significant market changes and outstanding reliability when performing trades. In other words, a trade must be executed precisely at the moment you need it. We have created MetaTrader VPS enabling every trader to create predictably robust technical conditions. The main purpose of this service is to ensure the flawless and uninterrupted operation of trading strategies.

How MetaTrader VPS works

MetaTrader VPS is different from ordinary virtual machines that can be rented for a website or backup hosting. This solution is only available for traders and thus it avoids all unnecessary resource-consuming features. It is a tailored solution to maximize usability and efficiency for algorithmic and social traders. For over two decades, MetaQuotes has been dedicated to advancing financial technologies. Our profound expertise, coupled with constant interactions with the direct users of our services, has enabled us to create a product that fits perfectly traders' needs. Thousands of active users stand as a testament to our successful efforts.

MetaTrader VPS provides a range of unique features that set it apart from ordinary virtual hosting solutions.

Low latency

The service provides a delay of less than 3 ms for 70% of brokers' trading servers. Furthermore, nearly one-fifth of all servers can be accessed in less than 1 ms. This means that, regardless of your location, you can considerably improve your performance compared to your home computer. This is the key service advantage — its cost will be quickly paid off due to better trade executions. Even if you perform just a few trades per month, you will save pips on each trade, ultimately fully covering the virtual server renting cost.

Reliable access points

To guarantee the best access to broker servers, we have located hosting points in reliable, certified data centers in New York, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Lagos, Sao Paulo, and Mumbai. Such broad geographic coverage ensures a stable connection to any company. Our partners provide maximum uptime, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operation of your strategies 24/7. According to our agreement conditions, the mandatory hardware maintenance is only scheduled on weekends.

Computing power

Each user can access up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM, and several CPU physical cores. These resources are more than enough for the efficient simultaneous operation of several trading strategies. Unlike many general-purpose hosting providers, we offer the actual amount of resources and prevent overselling. You can rest assured that all these computing resources remain at your immediate disposal.

In MetaTrader 5 VPS, CPU cores are not loaded by infrastructure maintenance operations, which can slow down your robot's analytical functions. There are no delays between making a trading decision and sending a trading order to the server.

Technological approach

We have developed special lightweight platform versions for our VPS. To ensure maximum resources for Expert Advisor calculations, all functions not used for algorithmic and copy trading are disabled. The platform's graphics system, including the charts, has been virtualized, eliminating the need to use a video card or CPU power to display graphical elements. MetaTrader VPS allocates these resources exclusively for your tasks. It is impossible to implement a similar solution on third-party cloud hosting.

Full compatibility with the trading platform

MetaTrader VPS is specifically developed to seamlessly run our trading platform. This means that all components are 100% compatible, eliminating the need for any configuration or adjustments. Your robots and signal subscriptions can be migrated to the cloud with a single click, while product activations remain unaffected. Please note that when using a regular hosting service, you will need an additional copy of your product.

System security

We recognize that any financial information is important and sensitive for every trader, which is why we place special emphasis on ensuring data protection. MetaQuotes' internal policy safeguards your data from any third-party access. We guarantee that your account data and strategies cannot be accessed without your explicit content, regardless of the circumstances.

Flexible terms

Renting MetaTrader VPS for a month will cost USD 15. By utilizing it for trading instead of relying on a home PC or regular hosting, this cost can potentially be paid off in just a few trades. For those who wish to rent the virtual platform for a longer period, we offer special discounts of up to 15%.

Whether you are already a MetaTrader VPS user or are considering connecting to the service, we recommend consulting with your broker. You may qualify for free VPS access through the Sponsored VPS program which we have recently launched among brokers and with which companies can offer free hosting to traders under certain conditions. Inquire with your broker whether they are participating in the program and request additional information about how you can access MetaTrader VPS for free.

10 August 2023

Blue Suisse: "MetaTrader 5 will help us become a leading brokerage firm"

The Blue Suisse financial company has launched MetaTrader 5 for its clients. According to Blue Suisse's statement, the company's commitment in providing personalized, top-notch trading services has always been at the forefront of its business strategy. The global trading landscape is constantly evolving, requiring all market players to embrace innovative solutions. To stay ahead of the curve, companies continuously seek to adopt cutting-edge technologies.

Mr. Sinan Aslan, Blue Suisse Director

Mr. Sinan Aslan, Blue Suisse Director

Mr. Sinan Aslan, Blue Suisse Director, has commented on the launch: "We couldn't be more pleased with the first platform launch results. MetaTrader 5 is renowned for its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and robust capabilities. The platform's exceptional versatility and feature-rich environment have effectively met our clients' diverse needs, proving that MetaTrader 5 is the perfect choice to enhance the trading experience. Most importantly, the platform launch is perfectly aligned with our goal, which is to deliver a seamless and cutting-edge trading experience to our clients. We believe that MetaTrader 5 is an invaluable tool for achieving this goal. We have taken a giant leap forward by launching MetaTrader 5 which will help us become a leading brokerage firm."

Mr. Aslan has additionally mentioned that with MetaTrader 5's support for automated trading strategies, their clients can take advantage of algorithmic trading. Furthermore, traders will have better trading conditions and personalized support via the new platform.

Blue Suisse is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The company operates in accordance with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

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4 August 2023

Why you need MetaTrader VPS for automated trading?

Many automated traders run their Expert Advisors and trading signal subscription on a regular personal computer. While successful trading can also be possible on home PCs, relying on such solutions comes with several drawbacks which may hinder the achievement of better results. To mitigate risks and to ensure the best performance, professional traders often turn to reliable specialized solutions for their robots. By doing so, they try to avoid certain dangers which can be imposed by trading from one's own hardware. Here are some of them:

Why you need MetaTrader VPS for automated trading

High latency

In the fast-paced world of trading, not just seconds influence the result. A second is an eternity during which things can change dramatically. Every thousandth of a second can make a significant difference. Home internet connection does not always provide stable and fast network access. If you add to this a remote geographic location, then you lose one of the main trading robot advantages – the lightning-fast response. Even the most robust and verified algorithms can perform worse due to network delays.

MetaTrader VPS ensures optimal access to brokers' servers, guaranteeing a delay of no more than 5 milliseconds to 80% of trading servers.

Weak hardware

Home computers may lack the processing power required for resource-intensive trading algorithms. This results in slower operation and subpar performance of your Expert Advisors. In addition, it is not always possible to allocate a separate machine solely for a robot. So, it has to share resources with browsers, instant messengers, and other applications.

On a MetaTrader 5 VPS server, you can use up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM, and several CPU physical cores without overselling. These resources are sufficient for the correct operation of any strategy.

Technical failures

Home computers are dependent on external factors like weather, utilities, and other circumstances. While we can prepare for power outages by, for example, purchasing a high-quality UPS which can extend your robot operation for at least a few hours, there are other problems which are hard to prevent. For example, what can we do if the motherboard burns out or if the hardware fails due to an unprecedented heat wave?

MetaTrader VPS hardware is hosted in advanced data centers ensuring exceptional reliability, robust redundancy measures, and high maintenance standards. On such servers, your strategies are shielded from extreme conditions, including heat waves, floods, and even hurricanes. We guarantee 99.99% uptime including scheduled maintenance.

Unreliable hosting

A virtual server does not always guarantee trouble-free operation. Even if you understand the risks and decide to move your strategies to a virtual machine, finding a trustworthy hosting company can be a challenging task. This is especially true for non-specialized technical solutions, such as popular shared hosting servers. The biggest difficulty is in setting up the trading environment and launching the platform on a virtual machine. Furthermore, some hosting providers fail to meet performance and uptime commitments, further complicating the search for reliable services.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized solution created by MetaQuotes specifically for social and algorithmic trading. It is natively integrated into the trading platform and does not require additional settings or technical expertise: strategies can be migrated to the virtual server with a few mouse clicks. MetaTrader VPS is already used by tens of thousands of traders, so we have gathered sufficient feedback to offer optimal automated trading conditions. Test MetaTrader VPS and evaluate its benefits for yourself.

With the increasing number of brokers joining the Sponsored VPS program, we recommend checking the availability of this option with your broker before buying — you might be eligible for gaining access to MetaTrader VPS for free.

4 August 2023

Belfrics Prime: "MetaTrader 5 positions us at the cutting edge of trading technology"

Belfrics Prime, a brokerage company within the Belfrics Group, has announced the launch of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. This strategic move, according to Mr. Praveen Kumar, founder of Belfrics Group, aligns with the company's key objective of achieving unprecedented expansion in the global fintech space. The successful MetaTrader 5 introduction has enabled Belfrics Prime to streamline trading operations and improve overall customer service efficiency. In addition to the platform launch, the company announced the appointment of Mr. Vishal Kapoor, a professional with 20 years of industrial experience, as Belfrics Prime's CEO. He confirmed that the choice of MetaTrader 5 is aligned with the company's vision of delivering innovative, bespoke financial solutions.

Mr. Vishal Kapoor, Belfrics Prime CEO

Mr. Vishal Kapoor, Belfrics Prime CEO

Mr. Vishal Kapoor, Belfrics Prime's newly appointed CEO, has commented on the launch: "Incorporating MetaTrader 5 has been instrumental in positioning the company at the cutting edge of trading technology. The new platform enables the provision of a comprehensive, secure, and reliable trading environment to our clients. But we are not stopping there: we are deeply committed to continuous innovation, adapting and evolving, in line with our clients' needs. Belfrics Prime's vision is to transcend conventional boundaries and deliver value-added services which truly set us apart in the market."

Mr. Kapoor is confident that MetaTrader 5 is the perfect platform to accomplish these goals. Furthermore, the company intends to enhance its global standing through strategic acquisitions currently in the pipeline. Belfrics Prime is currently regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Malaysia).

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3 August 2023

Does your broker offer free VPS for trading?

MetaQuotes is dedicated to expanding the algorithmic trading community worldwide. One of the most notable achievements is this, a source of pride for us. As the next step, we have introduced the Sponsored VPS program for automated trading, which enables brokerage companies to provide free hosting to their clients under predefined conditions. Recently, we have upgraded the program, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Does your broker offer free VPS for trading?

The Sponsored VPS program benefits both brokers and traders. Brokers experience improved customer engagement and increased trading volumes, while traders gain access to excellent hosting at no cost and the ability to run their algorithmic strategies 24/7. This win-win approach creates favorable conditions for all market participants, maximizing performance, improving professional expertise, growing the global knowledge base, and advancing the industry as a whole.

We recommend inquiring with your broker about whether they have joined the Sponsored MetaTrader VPS program or whether they plan to do so in the future. Even if your broker does not yet know about this program, your inquiry could spark interest, leading the company to consider offering the option to its clients. So, we recommend that you reach out to your broker and inquire about the availability of this service.

Typically, free VPS is provided based on certain conditions set by the brokerage company in accordance with their objectives. Find out if these conditions align with your trading need – they can involve some simple action which you perform regularly. By meeting the broker's conditions, you can gain access to a powerful automated trading tool which can assist in improving your trading results.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized, natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading, which does not require additional activations or configurations. Robots and subscriptions can be easily migrated to a virtual server in a few clicks. More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world to ensure optimal access with less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. MetaTrader VPS servers are hosted by the most reliable providers to ensure maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your trading strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space, and several CPUs allocated on demand.

28 July 2023

OneRoyal: "MetaTrader 5 launch is a testament to our dedication in continuous innovation"

OneRoyal has announced the highly anticipated launch of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Its functionality is now available to all OneRoyal clients on desktop and mobile devices. According to company representatives, this release marks a significant milestone for OneRoyal. The advanced and comprehensive trading platform guarantees that all traders can access increased performance, powerful analytical features, and more than 1,900 financial instruments.

Mr. Michael Karakatsianis, OneRoyal COO

Mr. Michael Karakatsianis, OneRoyal COO

Mr. Michael Karakatsianis, Chief Operating Officer of OneRoyal, has commented on the launch: "We are thrilled to announce the successful MetaTrader 5 launch. This is a testament to our dedication to continuously innovate and cater to the evolving needs of our valued clients. With this enhanced platform, we have significantly broadened our financial spectrum, now offering almost two thousand trading instruments. This expansion empowers our clients to diversify their portfolios. Furthermore, including additional account currencies on the MetaTrader 5 platform mitigates unnecessary conversion costs, shielding our clients from unwarranted exposures. We always stay committed to providing comprehensive, flexible, and seamless trading solutions to our clients, optimizing their trading experience within the MetaTrader ecosystem."

Mr. Karakatianis has concluded that the MetaTrader 5 launch is not merely an upgrade but a strategic advancement on their ongoing journey to provide unparalleled trading opportunities for OneRoyal clientele. According to the company, MetaTrader 5 caters to the fast-evolving needs of modern traders and empowers clients to optimize their trading and investment decisions.

Founded in 2006, OneRoyal is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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26 July 2023

ForexVox transitions 94% of clients to MetaTrader 5

Staying ahead of the market and delivering the best solutions to traders amidst increasing competition is an uphill struggle which requires decisive action. ForexVox has risen to the challenge by making a significant move from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5. The company strongly believes that this decision is a strategic step forward.

MetaTrader 5 is the future of the financial markets, which is proven by the performance results achieved by brokerage companies. ForexVox recognizes that MetaTrader 5 fully complements its client's diverse needs and expectations and that the platform has already strengthened the company's market position. ForexVox representatives believe that MetaTrader 5's enriched capabilities align perfectly with their mission statement, which is to provide exceptional technological solutions to its clients.

Ms. Slava Biletska, ForexVox Director

Ms. Slava Biletska, ForexVox Director

Ms. Slava Biletska, Director and Shareholder at ForexVox, commented on the product line updates: "Selecting the right platform is pivotal for the company's future, especially in the context of the rapidly evolving global financial sector. We meticulously weighed the platform benefits and potential, and it became clear that MetaTrader 5 is the platform for the future. It empowers us to offer an expansive array of services tailored to our clients' requirements. It is a pivotal step in our pursuit of providing unparalleled support to traders worldwide."

As Ms. Biletska explained, ForexVox started the transition to MetaTrader 5 in the summer of 2023. The company proactively released educational resources, including videos hosted on its YouTube channel. They realize that convincing clients to accept changes can be challenging. However, ForexVox's client-centric approach has led to remarkable results, with an astounding 94% of the client base enthusiastically embracing the move to the new trading platform, making a resounding victory for the company.

The shift to MetaTrader 5 reaffirms ForexVox's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The company's management especially emphasizes the platform's diverse features, including enhanced analytical tools, expanded order types, and multi-currency strategy testing, which offer an unrivaled trading experience. According to ForexVox, this strategic decision to adopt MetaTrader 5 is a testament to the company's vision of shaping a brighter future for traders and investors alike.

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10 July 2023

8 reasons to choose MetaTrader VPS over non-specialized hosting solutions

Almost everyone who is engaged in social or algorithmic trading sooner or later recognizes the need to rent hosting for their robots or subscriptions. Maintaining stable and uninterrupted hardware operation at home while ensuring minimal delays to the broker's servers can be quite a challenging task. Numerous factors can affect trading results, including power outages, internet provider issues, and technical problems. Even a one-hour power cut can be crucial due to potentially missed trading opportunities. There are other unforeseen events, such as power supply failure or accidental damage to your laptop, which can occur at any time.

8 reasons to choose MetaTrader VPS over non-specialized hosting solutions

These problems are not uncommon. For example, in 2022, broadband outages experienced by remote workers caused the UK economy to lose around GBP 1.3 billion ( report). Professional traders, who value control over all trading-related processes, prefer not to leave their valuable strategies to chance. Measures like uninterruptible power supplies or connection to multiple internet providers offer only partial solutions. That is where renting a reliable machine for your robots and signals becomes the reasonable choice. Physical servers can be costly, and thus a virtual private server (VPS) is the logical and cost-effective solution.

However, in practice, hosting solutions often fail to work properly due to various reasons, and many traders have already had negative experiences with general-purpose virtual servers.

Here are the most common problems with conventional dedicated servers:

Low performance. Trading strategies require adequate technical resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk space. Smaller hosting providers often offer limited-performance machines which can let you down at the most critical moment. Another common problem is overselling, where companies sell more resources than they actually have. Assuming that subscribers do not use the maximum resources all the time, such providers rely on the consumption-based floating load distribution across the cluster. However, if all users simultaneously start using the maximum resources, the system can fail.

Poor location of access points. It is not always possible to find a reliable and high-performance VPS in close proximity to your broker's trading servers. Trading from home can sometimes be more efficient than using a virtual server located on a different continent.

High price. High-quality solutions meeting all your requirements can be expensive. While companies can offer low-cost basic rates of USD 2-3 per month to attract customers, a powerful machine may cost up to 10 times more.

Difficult setup. If your VPS is not designed specifically for trading, setting up the server, establishing a connection, installing the trading platform, and launching your Expert Advisors can be time-consuming. Even if you follow all steps from multi-page instructions, the desired result is not guaranteed. This issue is closely related to the next problem.

Inadequate technical support. When problems arise, it may take a long time to solve them. In a fast-paced trading environment, where every minute counts, waiting for days to receive a response is totally unacceptable.

Insufficient security. Traders value the confidentiality and safety of their trading algorithms. However, some VPS services fail to provide any guarantees regarding personal data security.

Low uptime. Every hosting provider asserts the reliability of their services. However, even the most reliable global providers always include additional information in their agreements to acknowledge the possibility of downtime, for example, during service maintenance. 100% uptime is unrealistic, but it is important that downtimes do not happen too often.

Provider shutdowns. While this is not the most common case, smaller providers sometimes cease operation for various reasons. Even though hosting users can be notified of such changes in advance, cease of operation means that the trader will have to reconfigure the entire trading environment from scratch.

MetaQuotes offers a solution for those who are considering renting their first cloud hosting server, as well as for those who have been disappointed with previous solutions. If you are looking for a reliable VPS which overcomes the aforementioned disadvantages, consider MetaTrader VPS — a specialized hosting solution for MetaTrader platform users. Thousands of traders already use the MetaTrader VPS every day.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized, natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading, which does not require additional activations or configurations. It is designed specifically for the MetaTrader platform, ensuring full compatibility and performance. Robots and subscriptions can be easily migrated to a virtual server in a few clicks. More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world, to ensure optimal access with less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. This means that most traders can obtain a significant gain in execution speed through MetaTrader VPS. MetaQuotes servers are hosted by the most reliable providers to ensure a maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your trading strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space, and several CPUs are allocated on demand. In case of any difficulties, our support team provides timely and qualified technical assistance.

Contact your broker to inquire about the availability of the free VPS service

The rental cost starts at USD 15 per month, with potential reductions for long-term rentals. Additionally, we have recently introduced an updated service interaction offering for brokers, enabling more companies to launch Sponsored VPS projects for their clients. Contact your broker to inquire about the availability of the free VPS service.

MetaTrader VPS surpasses regular non-specialized solutions, offering a reliable trading environment, optimal technical performance, and minimal risk for algorithmic and social trading. MetaTrader VPS is the best virtual private server created by MetaQuotes specifically for your trading requirements.

20 June 2023

Free hosting for algorithmic trading: Inquire with your broker

Tens of thousands of traders use MetaTrader 5 VPS as a secure, reliable and fast hosting solution for automated trading. Recognizing the growing popularity of the service, brokerage companies approached us for the possibility to utilize VPSs to reward loyal users. This is how the Sponsored VPS service project appeared in 2020. This innovative service enables brokers to offer free VPS access to their traders under predefined terms and conditions.

Free hosting for algorithmic trading: Inquire with your broker

We have recently implemented a major service update based on the accumulated experience and valuable feedback from brokers. The updated Sponsored VPS has become more user-friendly and accessible for MetaTrader 5 brokerages. We expect that even more companies will take advantage of this opportunity, as this interaction capability can bring benefits to both brokers and traders.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading, which does not require additional activations or configurations. Transferring robots or signal subscriptions to a virtual server does not require any special programming skills or technical knowledge. Your apps, along with all their settings can be migrated in just a couple of clicks.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading

More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world, to ensure optimal access with less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. This means that most traders can obtain a significant gain in execution speed through MetaTrader VPS. MetaQuotes servers are hosted by the most reliable providers to ensure a maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your trading strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space and several CPUs are allocated on demand.

Contact your broker to inquire about the availability of this service and learn how you can receive a free VPS to run your algorithmic trading strategies.

14 June 2023

Meet the updated MetaTrader 5 Build 3800

We are happy to announce the latest major MetaTrader 5 update which provides numerous new features across various platform components. Here are the most significant changes.

1. The update introduces the new Passive/Book or Cancel (BOC) order filling policy. BOC implements passive trading: it is guaranteed that the order cannot be executed immediately when placed and thus it does not affect current liquidity.

The new Passive/Book or Cancel (BOC) order filling policy

2. MetaEditor now supports the advanced coding assistant Copilot. Powered by OpenAI models, Copilot suggests coding options based on a prompt, such as a comment or function part.

MetaEditor now supports the advanced coding assistant Copilot

3. ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) support has been expanded to display model properties straight in the editor. As an example, you can find the shared project ONNX.Price.Prediction and see how the properties are displayed in the MetaEditor interface.

ONNX support has been expanded to display model properties straight in the editor

Another improvement provides the ability to visualize ML models and neural networks using Netron.

The ability to visualize ML models and neural networks using Netron

4. The platform switches to using Microsoft Edge WebView2 for displaying the HTML content. Compared to the outdated MSHTML, the new component significantly enhances content displaying capabilities by providing access to modern technologies. The use of WebView2 improves the appearance of some platform sections, increases performance, and creates a more responsive interface. In particular, the new component will affect the Market, Signals and VPS sections.

5. The updated web terminal provides expanded trading history and contract specifications. The application interface has become more user-friendly. With an expanded list of localizations, the web terminal is now available in 24 languages.

The updated web terminal provides expanded trading history and contract specifications

6. MQL5 Cloud Network has been completely redesigned. The service website features network usage statistics, including available agents and completed computing tasks. Visit the website to join the network and monetize your computer resources. Currently, more than 4800 MQL5 Cloud Network members provide 52,000 agents. More than 13 billion computing tasks have already been completed using the service.

MQL5 Cloud Network has been completely redesigned

7. The improved Market screenshot section introduces a full-featured gallery supporting 1920х1080 (Full HD) images. The gallery is available on the site and in MetaTrader 5 Desktop.

The improved Market screenshot section

These are only the most noticeable improvements in the latest platform version. We have also implemented extensive changes as part of the preparatory work. These changes establish a solid foundation for the upcoming updates scheduled for the second half of this year.

The MetaQuotes team remains committed to enhancing the MetaTrader 5 platform features, ensuring that it provides cutting-edge trading tools for all market participants. Stay informed about our latest updates and remember to keep your platform up to date for the best trading experience.

13 June 2023

MetaQuotes Set to Unveil Latest Innovations at iFX EXPO Asia 2023

MetaQuotes, a leading provider of financial technology solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated iFX EXPO Asia 2023, scheduled for 20-22 June in Bangkok. This premier financial exhibition has been a key gathering for online trading and financial service professionals across Asia, Australia, Europe, and beyond for over a decade.

MetaQuotes Set to Unveil Latest Innovations at iFX EXPO Asia 2023

The event will delve into essential topics shaping the market landscape, including Market Technologies and Services, Digital Assets and Blockchain, Payment Solutions, Affiliate Marketing, and Regulatory Organizations. As an ideal platform for brokers seeking to explore existing market services, forge new partnerships, or expand their offerings, iFX EXPO Asia promises valuable insights and networking opportunities.

At the expo, MetaQuotes representatives will showcase our latest developments, demonstrating how advanced technological solutions empower companies to tackle complex business challenges effectively.

Key highlights include:

  • Updated Automations Functionality: This enhanced service streamlines routine tasks, minimizing human errors, and reducing financial costs.
  • Finteza End-to-End Analytics for Brokers: Empowering companies to track all trader actions on MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, this tool facilitates improved client acquisition.
  • Sponsored Virtual Hosting for MetaTrader 5: Brokers can leverage this opportunity to expand their client base and boost trading volumes.
  • Enhanced MetaTrader 5 Mobile Application for iOS: Equipped with advanced trading and analytical capabilities, this updated app empowers traders to make informed decisions on the go with improved trading chart functionality.
  • Comprehensive Package of Mobile Applications: Traders can benefit from a suite of mobile apps, including the MQL5 Channels messenger for seamless communication among market participants and the Tradays economic calendar, delivering real-time information on significant financial events.
  • The New MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal: Designed to address common challenges faced by traders and brokers, this cutting-edge platform meets the highest standards of accessibility, comfort, speed, and security.

The event will take place at the prestigious Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. Attendees are invited to visit MetaQuotes at booth #01, where the team will be delighted to meet in person and provide further information.

18 May 2023

Meet MetaQuotes in Mexico City at Money Expo 2023

On May 24 and 25, the MetaQuotes team will participate in Money Expo 2023 Mexico. Taking place in Mexico City at Centro Citibanamex, this event will be a unique opportunity for us to establish valuable new partnerships in the dynamic Latin American market. Our company continues to see growing demand for the MetaTrader 5 platform in this region, which is why we are looking to expand partnerships with existing and new local companies. During the event, MetaQuotes will showcase its latest developments and share insights on its most significant achievements.

Meet MetaQuotes in Mexico City at Money Expo 2023

Topics to be covered:

  • Updated MetaTrader 5 mobile application for iOS with improved trading and analytical capabilities. Traders can now enjoy improved trading chart functionality, which allows informed decision making on the go.
  • A comprehensive package of mobile applications for traders, including the MQL5 Channels messenger, which ensures uninterrupted communication between market participants, along with the Tradays economic calendar, which provides real-time information on significant financial events.
  • The new MetaTrader 5 web terminal, which tackles many problems for both traders and brokers, while also meeting the highest requirements for accessibility, comfort, speed and security.
  • Automations service update which will be in the best interest of brokers who require increased levels of task automation and advanced customization.

One of the highlights will be our presentation entitled "How to start brokering with MetaTrader 5", which will be held in Spanish. The presentation will be of interest to beginners and experienced brokers who have not yet switched to MetaTrader 5. Our booth will have a team of qualified professionals present who will communicate with clients, potential partners, brokers and traders. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about our trading solutions and gain knowledge on how they can boost their business effectiveness by unleashing the full potential and capabilities of MetaTrader 5.

We invite everyone interested to join us at Money Expo 2023 in Mexico City. Together we will open new horizons and realize the huge potential of the Latin American market. Our booth number is 13.

13 April 2023

MetaQuotes team heads to Johannesburg for Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023

From May 8 to May 10, MetaQuotes will participate in Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023, where our team will showcase the latest company developments. The event, which will be held in Johannesburg, will be an excellent opportunity to expand partnerships with companies in the South African region.

MetaQuotes team heads to Johannesburg for Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023

At our booth, you will learn about all the company's products, including the updated MetaTrader 5 for iOS with improved trading and analytical capabilities. In addition, we will showcase our full range of mobile applications, such as the new messenger for traders MQL5 Channels and Tradays economic calendar, which are designed to help market participants stay in constant contact, improve their professionalism and keep abreast of the latest market trends.

We will also present an improved MetaTrader 5 web terminal, which allows platform access from any device and with any combination of operating systems and browsers, without the need of additional software. The new version features enhanced color scheme customization options, increased speed and security, providing brokers with a better trading experience. Finally, we will showcase the Automations service updates for brokerages which require increased levels of task automation and advanced customization.

We invite you to visit the MetaQuotes booth and get acquainted with the developments which will help your business reach a new level. The summit organizers expect that the event will be attended by at least 50,000 guests and 2,000 companies from more than one hundred countries. Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023 also promises to be a great place for networking.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Johannesburg! Our booth number is 8!

10 April 2023

When MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal is indispensable — three examples

MetaTrader 5 is a versatile trading platform which offers several convenient ways to access its features. For those who work from home or an office, it provides a desktop version. The mobile app is ideal for those who are always on the go. However, there is another solution which efficiently combines the features of the desktop platform with the convenience of the mobile app. This is the recently redesigned Web Terminal.

When MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal is indispensable — three examples

You can launch the Web Terminal in any browser and log in using your account credentials. With just a few clicks, you can turn your laptop, phone or desktop PC into a modern and technologically advanced trading tool, without having to install additional software. The MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal runs smoothly and reliably on any phone, operating system and web browser.

Here are three scenarios where the Web Terminal is indispensable:

1. Technical issues with your phone or tablet

Mobile devices are prone to technical issues, such as overheating, freezing or running out of battery. If you are used to trading from a mobile app but cannot access it for any reason, the Web Terminal can be an excellent option. It provides a familiar interface, and thus you will not have to learn how to use the desktop terminal. If you need urgent access to your trading account while your phone is out of battery, run the web version on another device and work in a comfortable environment.

2. Working from someone else's device

Access to the trading platform can be required in different situations, whether you expect them or not. For example, you may only have access to your office computer on which you are not allowed to run any third-party software. Sometimes you can use your friend's PC or a public computer, where the desktop platform is not installed. You may have no time to download and install a desktop application on the available device if you need urgent access to your trading account.

The Web Terminal is the best solution in all such cases. Open a web browser and access your MetaTrader 5 account from any available device. The Web Terminal is safe to use in any situation since all transmitted information is securely encrypted. However, you should always keep all your logins and passwords safe.

3. Limited storage space

Not having enough storage on your mobile device can be a problem. Do you often have to delete old photos in order to keep new ones or to remove old apps in order to install those you need? MetaTrader 5 applications are very efficient in terms of device storage usage, but in some cases, every extra megabyte counts. The Web Terminal can be a good choice if you often struggle to free up storage space on your smartphone. You will have access to all the MetaTrader trading platform features, while freeing up storage space for other apps.

MetaTrader 5 Web is the perfect choice for those who need an efficient and fully-fledged financial market trading solution. Access the platform from any device, using any operating system and web browser, without extra software installations. The Web Terminal can be accessed wherever there is an Internet connection.

Whether you have technical issues with your mobile device, cannot install the trading software or need more storage space, the MetaTrader 5 Web version provides a reliable and convenient alternative. Run the Web Terminal and turn your device into a powerful high-tech trading tool.

I want to try MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal