MetaTrader 5 for hedge funds

All markets in one place

Create a multi-asset infrastructure on a single platform in a couple of days. You no longer need separate terminals with disparate analytics. Work in different markets, customize necessary tools, try various strategies — use a single exchange terminal with the integrated risk management and analytics.

MetaTrader 5 is an exchange terminal with the integrated risk management and analytics

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Over 80 exchanges and liquidity providers

Receive access to over 80 exchanges around the world. MetaTrader 5 is directly linked to global financial exchanges and popular liquidity providers. Our gateways are easy to manage: control and re-structure your business, manage risks, generate reports, receive quotes and withdraw money.

MetaTrader 5 grants you access to over 80 exchanges around the world

Accessible algorithmic trading

Powerful algorithmic trading features: create, customize and test your own trading robots or use the ready-made ones. All components are combined into a specialized MQL5 IDE supporting Python, R and other languages.

Each fund trader receives access to efficient algorithmic trading tools

Full automation and flexibility

Automate your work flow: set up separate access for your employees and investors, monitor the work of your team members, generate performance reports, adjust payouts based on rates, commissions, payment methods and other conditions. Set individual properties for each fund: requirements for investors, financial instruments, settlement methods, capitalization, share values, etc.

The platform performs multiple routine tasks allowing you and your employees to divert your efforts to something more important

Maximum mobility

Fund members are able to work with MetaTrader 5 via PC or mobile devices. This is convenient for your employees since they will be able to manage assets while they are stuck in a traffic jam, as well as for investors, who will be able to monitor the fund performance and apply for an investment at any time.

All fund members are able to work with the platform via PC, smartphones and tablets


You independently deploy our software on your own hardware, as well as maintain your server infrastructure and fully control support and administration. We do not offer SaaS or other similar solutions which would permit even partial external management or third-party control over your company's operations, and thus we have no access to your servers, accounts, or your clients' trading history. MetaQuotes prioritizes user data security and strives to maintain product compliance with the industry's latest safety requirements.

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Benefits for a hedge fund

Reduce costs and increase profits
Use powerful data analysis tools
Combine different trading systems
Automate trading and management
Simplify fund management
Get instant access to algorithmic trading and back testing

You also get

  • Free installation and training
  • Technical support: online chat, service desk, hotline, documentation, FAQ, articles and other useful materials
  • Access to back-office APIs: ready-made documentation with examples and consulting
  • Auto update

2,000 USD
monthly fee

MetaTrader 5 for hedge funds

  • Over 80 exchanges and liquidity providers
  • Accessible algorithmic trading
  • Full automation and flexibility
  • Maximum mobility