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1 November 2017

MetaTrader 5 in South Africa: launches the multi-asset platform

South Africa's top online stockbroker has replaced its ageing legacy trading platforms with MetaTrader 5. The company's top management believe that MetaTrader 5 will enable them to remain in the sophisticated trading space, whilst offering their existing clients and new traders a world class functionality-rich trading platform. launched the first version of their own platform back in 2001. The company was the lowest cost online retail broker for traders and the pioneer of CFD trading in the region, allowing South African traders the ability to trade international markets in local currency. However, over the years the company realized that the legacy trading platform started falling behind the times:

"We struggled to keep up with the features and benefits offered by other trading platforms and as such clients looked further afield for brokers with a more sophisticated system," says chief of trading, Bradley Leather. "Our old platform simply didn't offer enough. Switching to MetaTrader 5 will now allow us to compete on a level playing field."

Bradley Leather, Chief of Trading

Bradley Leather, Chief of Trading

Leather says will benefit greatly from the platform's seamless integration, rich functionality and mobile capabilities.

"Previously, we had different platforms for CFD and spread trading, as well as different portals for client service, admin and technical support. MetaTrader 5 combines all of these platforms and portals into one. Our old platforms were easy to use, but they were very limited in functionality. They were good for traders who simply wanted to buy and sell, or look at charts, but they didn't appeal to traders who wanted to plug in algorithmic strategies. Now, MetaTrader 5 is able to satisfy all categories of traders."

31 October 2017

FXTM offers MetaTrader traders Cryptocurrency CFDs: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD

Global award-winning forex broker, FXTM, now offers clients the opportunity to trade CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin against the US dollar. The launch of this product coincides with a recent surge in demand for digital currencies.

"The implementation of Bitcoin's SegWit2x solution on the 1st August, designed to optimize data storage on the network and to boost the cryptocurrency's transaction capacity in the long term, was arguably the biggest driver of that month's rally," FXTM's Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research, Jameel Ahmad, comments on the broker's latest product offering. "Within four days of release, the number of Bitcoin Cash tokens in circulation totaled US$7.6bn, further igniting investor interest in both currencies. The result has been a significant increase in demand for cryptocurrency trading instruments. FXTM was well placed to meet this demand with the planned launch of our Cryptocurrency CFDs in September. This newest product is a reflection of our commitment to innovate and grow in line with the needs of our traders."

Jameel Ahmad, FXTM

Jameel Ahmad, FXTM’s Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research

"There is some debate over the sustainability of current cryptocurrency rallies. However, I think the early enthusiasm for this innovative asset is a reaction to one of the most interesting developments the financial markets have seen in years. Their volatility is often precipitated by knee-jerk reactions from regulators and market sentiment, but cryptocurrencies should become more stable when regulators and governments have figured out how to integrate them into the current financial system. A number of Central Banks, including the Bank of Russia, South African Reserve Bank, Belarus Central Bank and Sweden’s Riksbank have all signaled interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A consortium of Japanese Banks are reportedly developing a national digital currency that will be launched in time for the 2020 Olympics. Cryptocurrencies will eventually find a permanent niche in financial markets. As a broker dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and market-leading products, FXTM is proud to be one of the first to embrace cryptocurrency trading instruments in the MetaTrader platforms."

30 October 2017

Gold-i provides MetaTrader 5 brokers with access to crypto exchanges

The well-known British integrator Gold-i continues to expand its portfolio of solutions for MetaTrader 5 brokers. Following Gold-i MAM Pro and Gold-i Visual Edge, the company has launched Crypto Switch providing access to leading global crypto exchanges and crypto liquidity providers. The Gold-i Crypto Switch gives brokers full control over pricing and execution and the choice of primary/secondary feeds or full aggregation.

Using the Gold-i Crypto Switch, brokers can add a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to their system and distribute them to MetaTrader 5. In addition, synthetic cryptocurrencies can be created from other cryptocurrencies and/or FX pairs to create whole new markets. The Gold-i Crypto Switch also enables brokers to sell their own crypto liquidity via industry standard protocols such as FIX.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

"We are aiming to be the leading crypto technology provider in the industry", says Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i. "We have developed Crypto Switch to enable brokers using MetaTrader to maximise opportunities from the increasing demand for crypto trading and to help them increase their revenues by offering a wider range of products to clients".

17 October 2017

MetaTrader 5 Trading Signals Redefined

A new version of the Signals service for the MetaTrader platforms has been launched on the website. The updated version features a new designed and a more convenient display of information. The old-fashioned table with a large number of figures was replaced by a lightweight tile view displaying a collection of the most popular signal parameters.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Signals Redefined

The trader behavior analysis has revealed that traders only pay attention to from 3 to 5 most important values during their primary selection of signals. A universal measure of a signal's success is the number of subscribers, as well as its profitability, minimal risk and stability. The MetaTrader 5 Signals showcase now features these important metrics, while detailed statistics are available on the signal description page. Now, traders can easily choose signals from the showcase, and then thoroughly analyze and compare selected signals using detailed statistics.

Detailed statistics of trading signals

A new reliability parameter has been added to the MetaTrader 5 Signals Showcase for a quick evaluation of a signal. This aggregate value measures multiple parameters to simplify the comparison of signals in terms of investment reliability.

New reliability parameter

For example, in case of a large load on the deposit (Max Load %) or a huge increase in the monthly growth, this value is reduced. Conversely, a moderate monthly growth and deposit load normally reduce investment risks, so reliability is higher in this case.

Thus, the new showcase of MetaTrader 5 Signals enables a much faster preliminary search and analysis of signal providers. The new design, as well as the filtering and sorting options allow you to quickly find the desired signal among thousands of available offers. In addition, we have preserved the previous table view, so conservative traders can switch to their preferred format.

The new showcase of MetaTrader Signals

The updated MetaTrader 5 Signals showcase is already available on and it will be added to trading platforms after a behavioral study and the analysis of traders' feedback.

We invite everyone to test the re-designed Signals service on the website, from where you can also subscribe to a selected signal.

16 October 2017

Brokeree Solutions releases Bitcoin feed for MetaTrader 5 brokers

Brokeree Solutions has launched a portfolio of institutional solutions for MetaTrader 5, including the cryptocurrency feed (Bitcoin). In addition, the company has the following offers for brokers switching to the new platform:

  • MetaTrader 5 Liquidity Bridge with the ability to aggregate liquidity providers
  • PAMM plugin for arranging the investment management
  • Extended Agent Commission for creating a multi-level agent commission distribution system.

Brokeree feed technology allows subscription to a​ ​number​ ​of ​ quote​ ​providers​ ​to​ ​receive​ ​market data: Forex, CFDs, Futures, Cryptocurrencies,​ ​Indices,​ ​Stocks and ​Metals. Brokeree Solutions feeds help ​brokers​ ​​meet​ ​the​ ​requirements​ ​of​ ​the​ ​strictest​ regulators​ ​as​ ​they​ ​support connections​ ​to​ ​raw​ ​market​ data​ ​providers​ ​such​ ​as​ ​Bloomberg.

Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions

Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions

According to the top management of Brokeree Solutions, cryptocurrency markets are becoming increasingly popular among traders, while the rapidly growing demand for MetaTrader 5 makes it necessary for integrators to offer brokers a variety of applications for the platform. This is how the idea of developing the Brokeree Cryptocurrency Feed has been born. The feed is to stream Bitcoin data from cryptocurrency providers directly to the MetaTrader 5 platform.

"Since 2013 we’ve been working with cryptocurrency providers and supporting brokers in feed integration", says Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions. "During this time everyone witnessed a number of attacks, lawsuits, and shutdowns of crypto-exchanges: Mt.Gox, Cryptsy, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BTC-e. Understandably, such cases combined with the unclear legal status of cryptocurrencies make people skeptical. Nonetheless, it’s evident that today’s blockchain technologies are continually improving, the numerous advantages are no secret to those in the know. Cryptocurrency markets are developing at an incredible pace and becoming increasingly popular among traders. Some of the financial companies are still skeptical about cryptocurrencies, but we believe that digital currency trading is already an essential part of financial markets. Our cryptocurrency feed for MetaTrader 5 will assist institutional customers in cryptocurrency market penetration and growth".

12 October 2017

Leading MetaTrader 5 brokers launch cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin trading gains popularity, and the impressive volatility of cryptocurrencies attracts more and more traders. To satisfy this trend, MetaTrader 5 brokers started to offer cryptocurrency trading to their clients. Last month, several leading market players have launched Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple trading through the MetaTrader 5 platform.

The rapidly growing and highly volatile cryptocurrency market is seen as a promising alternative to traditional trading instruments. Over the past 9 months, Bitcoin price has risen more than three times. The dynamics of Ethereum is even more impressive, which started with 8 USD at the beginning of the year and has reached the current price of 298 USD. Naturally, such dramatic price changes attract both Forex professionals and beginners.

"Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may be the future of payments, but MetaTrader 5 is already the future of trading platforms," says Jens Chrzanowski, Management Board Member of Admiral Markets. "The platform provides extensive features and is future-proofed for the coming years. Last, but not least, our Supreme Edition add-on package is also available for our new MetaTrader 5, boosting the platform with over 60 dynamic trading tools."

Jens Chrzanowski, Management Board Member of Admiral Markets Group AS

Jens Chrzanowski, Management Board Member of Admiral Markets Group AS

"Now, trading cryptocurrencies means keeping pace with the times. This opportunity has become available in MetaTrader 5, which is one of the most advanced and highly technological multi-asset trading platforms," comments Kirill Kirichenka, the RoboForex Product Manager. "Cryptocurrency trading is now available to our clients 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The hype around cryptocurrencies is extremely high, because now it is the most volatile market, which gives traders a chance to earn high profits. Is it another dot-com inflated bubble or a new reality? The answer will become clear later, as soon as the cryptocurrency market is completely formed. In the meantime, the market is shaping up. However, no matter how the situation develops in the future, it is clear that the priceless technologies brought by cryptocurrencies will stay with us."

Alexander Kapustin, the head of Marketing in the BCS Forex Operations department, also commented the launch of new symbols, "The launch of Bitcoin trading on BCS Forex MetaTrader 5 accounts is more than just a desire to follow the trend. It is first of all the reaction to an overwhelming number of customer requests. Our specialists have chosen the most balanced and profitable conditions for BTCUSD and BTCEUR trading. Cryptocurrencies are new trading instruments, and now their movements can hardly be subject to technical and fundamental analysis. BCS Forex provides clients everything they need to successfully trade Bitcoin, while urging them to carefully follow proper risk management rules when trading cryptocurrencies."

Angus Walker, IC Markets Director

Angus Walker, IC Markets Director

"We're extremely pleased to now be giving traders access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, Dash Coin and Bitcoin Cash with flexible trading conditions," adds Angus Walker, IC Markets Director. "The Cryptocurrency market is unlike any other offered by IC Markets. Completely unregulated, incredibly volatile and driven primarily by the fear and greed of retail speculators. Over 2017 we have seen the market cap of many cryptos soar to record highs, and at the same time we've seen governments and regulators across the world beginning to embrace this digital currency. With this in mind it was an easy decision to add the largest and most popular cryptocurrencies to our growing multi-asset offering."

4 October 2017

MetaQuotes sponsors the Exchange Conference for traders and investors

On September 30, the portal hosted the 24th conference of investors held with the support of Moscow Exchange (MOEX). The developer of the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform MetaQuotes Software Corp. sponsored the event.

The main mission of the conference was to educate and inform participants about the Russian Financial Community. This year, the event was attended by more than 300 stock market professionals. Exchange investors and traders shared their experience with the event attendees.

MetaQuotes sponsors the Exchange Conference for traders and investors

The key topics of the conference were the fundamentals of algorithmic Russian stock trading, actual trends in the financial market, investment timing, robo-advisors and the global oil industry. Particular attention was given to the market of crypto-currencies and the appropriate market regulation questions. The following speakers presented further on the topic in a crypto-currency related session of the conference:

  • Alexander Yakovlev (Moscow Exchange): "The blockchain technology in fintech"
  • Speculator2016: "Is crypto-currency mining profitable? Real experience"
  • Evgeny Koynov (CryptoCompany): "A decentralized crypto-currency hedge fund"
  • German Klimenko (the Russian President's Internet adviser): "A look at crypto-currencies and ICO from above"

25 September 2017

Fortex Inc. releases Forex and CFD liquidity aggregator MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX

Fortex MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX is a complex solution that allows institutional clients to easily connect to the deepest institutional liquidity pools. The easy-to-use gateway provides all the benefits of interbank market access to retail Forex brokers. Based on custom FIX engine, MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX is able to support depth of market (price book), smart execution routing, sophisticated risk management and flexible revenue generating features.

Fortex is a leading ECN broker with a daily turnover of $12 billion and offices in the US, Hong Kong, Limassol, China and the UK. As MetaTrader 5 is on a winning march around the globe, the new integration solution is to address the needs of brokers migrating to the new platform.

Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Fortex

Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Fortex

"Our key focus has always been on flawless low-latency trade execution and in-time price delivery", said Daniel Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Fortex Inc. commenting on shifting the focus toward MetaTrader 5. "Fortex pioneered its MetaTrader 4 Bridge OMX many years ago, and now is proud to extend our expertise into MetaTrader 5”.

“We believe that MetaTrader 5 will revolutionize trading once again as MetaTrader 4 did a decade ago", adds Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Fortex. "This powerful platform is offering multi-asset trading, improved functionality, scalability and improved trading experience, among other things. MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX will help brokers get started with the MetaTrader 5 platform and connect to Forex ecosystem in no time”.

20 September 2017

CFH Clearing offers MetaTrader 5 to clients

One of the largest European STP brokers has added MetaTrader 5 to its trading platform portfolio. According to CFH Clearing top management, this latest addition maps onto its strategy of offering flexibility and choice to clients, with access to the very latest technology.

CFH Clearing is a leading liquidity provider for small and medium sized institutional clients in the interbank PoP (Prime of Prime) market. Being an interbank STP venue, the provider works with 400 institutional clients in over 80 countries. CFH Clearing is part of TradeTech Group, the Financial Services division of Playtech, a FTSE 250 company with 4 billion USD market capital.

Matthew Maloney, CEO of CFH Clearing

Matthew Maloney, CEO of CFH Clearing

"We are delighted to offer our clients the multi-asset MetaTrader 5 platform", says Matthew Maloney, CEO of CFH Clearing. "Our clients will benefit from the hedging capabilities and advanced trading tools they can access through MetaTrader 5. MetaTrader 5 is really gaining momentum and I believe that to be a leading, forward-thinking broker in this industry, it is important to offer MetaTrader 5 to clients".

"We are pleased to co-operate with CFH Group and strengthen our partnership", states Gaies Chreis, Chief Operating Officer at MetaQuotes Software Corp. "MetaTrader 5 will expand the capabilities of CFH Clearing clients and help attract new traders. The worldwide launch of the multi-market HFT platform with support for hedging by global brokers is not just another industrial trend but a deliberate choice in favor of the most technologically advanced product on the market".

8 September 2017

Forexware releases a gateway to link OTC FX and Exchange Execution in MetaTrader 5

The famous US-based integrator has developed a gateway to link OTC FX with Exchange Traded Futures and Equities in MetaTrader 5.

Fred Scala, Global Head of Sales at Forexware states, "This is our most robust tool for brokers looking to develop a high-speed, end-to-end solution. With direct connections to top-tier FX liquidity providers and 40+ Exchanges, our Gateway will allow brokers to increase revenue substantially. The MetaTrader 5 platform and our Gateway complement our full product suite. Our Price Aggregator, Price Engine, and Risk Management tools offer brokers a top-notch solution to manage a successful FX brokerage business."

Fred Scala, Forexware

According to the technology provider, the main benefits of the Forexware Gateway to MetaTrader 5 are:

  • support for the full-fledged market depth with sorting trades by depth directly from the liquidity provider
  • Order Types — support for FOK and IOC filling types

"We are very excited about our gateway to the most advanced trading platform on the market," says Fred Scala. "We’ve seen a lot of interest from our institutional clients that need a multi-asset platform with the full depth of book. With the Gateway to MetaTrader 5, we now have a product that addresses the needs of the institutional community."

7 September 2017

Exchange Traded Liquidity for MetaTrader 5 from Halifax Investment Services, Australia

The well-known Australian liquidity provider now offers its gateway to MetaTrader 5 brokers providing access to thousands of shares issued by companies from around the world. According to the management of Halifax, this enables brokers to attract clients more easily, increase their revenues and establish a solid reputation among traders. With offices in Australia, China, New Zealand and the United States, Halifax is able to implement this technology acting as a solution provider.

Jeff Worboys, CEO and Founder of Halifax Investment Services

Halifax is recognized as one of the leaders in broking and investment solutions and provides broking solutions for institutional clients. The integrator offers tailored solutions across a wide range of asset classes including domestic and international Equities, Options, Futures, Forex and CFDs.

"We provide MetaTrader 5 brokers with access to exchange traded products for European, American and Asian stocks. This allows them to significantly expand their product offering and stand out from competitors", says Jeff Worboys, CEO and Founder of Halifax Investment Services.

5 September 2017

170 global brokers from Australia to Brazil offer MetaTrader 5

The migration of brokers to MetaTrader 5 is ongoing — JFD Brokers, Alfa-Forex, FreshForex, IGM Forex and USGFX have recently announced the launch of the platform with support for hedge accounts. The Irish broker Squared Financial Services, Terra Investimentos from Brazil, Iraq-based Durian, as well as SDT Brokerage are also among the companies that started offering the multi-asset HFT platform to their traders in the summer of 2017.

The number of brokers switching to MetaTrader 5 grows weekly — over 170 industry participants currently offer the flagship platform to their clients. This dynamic is also due to active growth of the B2B market around MetaTrader 5 — more and more integrators become interested in developing institutional solutions for the new platform satisfying brokers' needs.

"I`ve been using MetaQuotes trading platforms since the early start of my FX career", says Wasim Zayed, Deputy General Manager at IGM Forex Ltd. "It has always gained my trust as an ultimate trading platform a reputable broker can offer to the traders. The rapid evolution of the forex business and the changes in the regulatory environment, all have been adopted and integrated in the MetaTrader 5 platform. This has become a substantial argument for us in favor of its launch. At the first phase, our clients will experience the basic MetaTrader 5 environment with hedging capability, at the second phase, they will be able to experience the market depth (Level II) trading environment with deep market liquidity, and at the third phase, our clients will be able to experience trading directly with the exchange".

170 global brokers from Australia to Brazil offer MetaTrader 5

“We chose to launch the MetaTrader 5 because its infrastructure is optimized to suit the needs of a fast-growing broker like JFD", states Mihail Kamburov, COO at JFD Brokers. "This advanced terminal adds extra flexibility while at the same time maintaining system security. We wanted to follow the next step of technology evolution in order to stay on top of innovations in our industry. MetaTrader 5 already comes with new, improved features such as an economic calendar, more order types and a wide range of time frames. To give traders that additional edge, we have created an exclusive version of the trading platform with a unique set of Add-Ons that features a lot of handy tools designed to further improve their trading.”

"MetaTrader 5 is a versatile platform equipped with all the necessary tools for successful trading in financial markets with the familiar MetaTrader 4-style interface", points out Alexander Goryachev, leading analyst at FreshForex. "The extended set of timeframes and technical analysis tools allow traders to conduct a detailed market analysis and detect price movements in time. Our clients have been looking forward to the MetaTrader 5 launch to evaluate the expanded and improved functionality of the next generation platform, and we are happy to offer them this opportunity!"

25 August 2017

New MetaTrader 5 iOS build 1649 with market statistics of financial instruments

The new version of the MetaTrader 5 for iPhone and iPad provides the possibility to view market statistics of financial instruments traded in the exchange execution mode. In order to view the statistics, open the menu of any symbol in Market Watch, and select 'Statistics'.

New MetaTrader 5 iOS build 1649 with market statistics of financial instruments

Also, operations with positions in the Trade tab have become more convenient in the new build. Now, a single tap on a position or order will reveal the detailed information and available actions, such as closing, modifying or increasing the position volume, as well as opening the chart of the position symbol.

Download the mobile application and access 160 brokers offering Forex, stock, futures, CFD and cryptocurrency trading from around the world.

3 August 2017

Simplified way to request a real account in MetaTrader 5 Android build 1642

The new version of MetaTrader 5 for Android provides the possibility to easily create preliminary brokerage accounts. When opening a new account, select "Open a real account" from the menu and find your broker in the list of servers. Specify your personal details and attach two documents, including your identity document and a bank account statement. Your request will be forwarded to the broker, who will open a real account for you and request additional information if necessary.

Simplified way to request a real account in MetaTrader 5 Android build 1642

Download the mobile version of the #1 multi-asset platform right now and evaluate the new exciting features. MetaTrader 5 for Android provides access to 160 brokers offering Forex, stock, futures, CFD and cryptocurrency trading.

2 August 2017

Australian broker Vantage FX launches MetaTrader 5 with hedging

The large-scale migration to MetaTrader 5 is gaining momentum in Australia. One of the largest ASIC regulated Australian brokers Vantage FX now offers the next generation multi-asset HFT platform to their clients. Vantage FX representatives point out the ample algorithmic trading features as one of the key product advantages allowing traders to apply trading signals and Expert Advisors in their work. Besides, the broker particularly notes the built-in hedging capabilities.

Australian broker Vantage FX launches MetaTrader 5 with hedging

"In the new platform, MetaQuotes Software has retained and improved all the features that made MetaTrader 4 an excellent tool for Forex trading," says David Bily, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Vantage FX commenting on the MetaTrader 5 launch. "The latest MetaTrader version is important for professional traders since it offers hedging. This is a strong argument in favor of the updated platform. The historically established cooperation between Vantage FX and MetaQuotes Software means that we always remain at the forefront of present-day technologies and innovations providing an advanced product to our traders".

David Bily, Vantage FX

David Bily, Vantage FX

"The natural progression for the retail forex trading community is going to be toward MetaTrader 5", Mr. Bily continues. "As a result, we want to be well positioned early to accommodate our clients’ needs through this shift. The MetaTrader 5 platform looks and feels like MetaTrader 4 but truly is a next generation platform for Vantage FX clients. With the ability to trade forex, commodities and indices markets together, the MetaTrader 5 platform now gives clients the ability to view our liquidity provider’s market depth. Adding the position accounting systems of both netting and hedging, traders on MetaTrader 5 can also maintain full risk management control over their account at all times".

27 July 2017

Tradologic switches to MetaTrader 5

A well-known online trading technology provider Tradologic has announced adding MetaTrader 5 to its solutions portfolio. Tradologic is a premium white label FinTech software provider, which offers innovative solutions for both established brokers and startups.

Tradologic switches to MetaTrader 5

The company representatives note that many of their customers intend to launch currency and CFD trading services. The integrator's goal is to help partners accelerate business growth by improving the service portfolio and by incorporating more innovative platforms into it. Brokers interested in providing a full range of financial products to their customers will surely appreciate the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset HFT platform with its powerful ecosystem of services.

Michael Golod, TRADOLOGIC

Michael Golod, TRADOLOGIC

“We are happy to announce our cooperation with MetaQuotes Software", says Michael Golod, CEO of Tradologic. "MetaTrader 5 is a significant addition to our suite of solutions. As a customer oriented company Tradologic is always striving to satisfy each customer, aiming for the highest standards of excellence. Now Tradologic is even more ambitious to conquer new markets and to develop its product portfolio further”.

20 July 2017

Custom financial instruments in the new MetaTrader 5

The recent version of the MetaTrader 5 HFT platform (build 1627) features custom financial instruments. With this new option, traders are able to add any symbol, configure its settings, import their price data to the symbol and view its chart. The upcoming platform versions will be able to import history to custom symbols directly from Expert Advisors, as well as broadcast data of such symbols in real time.

Custom financial instruments in the new MetaTrader 5

Another important feature is sorting trades by volume in the Time & Sales function. Now, you can hide deals that are less than the specified volume, so that only large deals having the greatest impact on the market will be visible.

Sorting trades by volume in the Time and Sales function

Also, MetaTrader 5 now provides the ability to bind the market depth to the active chart, so that the desired instrument is automatically enabled in the market depth every time a trader switches to a new chart. So, it is no longer necessary to open the Market Depth window for each new symbol.

Binding the Market Depth to the active chart

Launch the updated MetaTrader 5 version and try out all of its new features!

19 July 2017

HUBECN releases liquidity aggregator for MetaTrader 5

HUBECN LLC has released the MetaTrader 5 FIX Bridge to HUBECN engine, which allows brokers to connect to hundreds of liquidity providers combining their quotes and providing the ability to route orders according to the Best Bid and Offer (BBO) rules. The list of available liquidity providers includes Currenex, Integral, Hotspot, LMAX, CFH, SwissQuote Bank, ADS Securities, Sucden Financial, Advanced Markets, FXCM, TopFX, Think Markets and other companies.

HUBECN releases liquidity aggregator for MetaTrader 5

The bridge developed by HUBECN is implemented using the standard MetaTrader 5 Gateway API and consists of:

  • the price feeder that sends the depth of market to MetaTrader 5 server
  • order module that forwards MetaTrader 5 orders to HUBECN core engine and notifies the MetaTrader 5 server about order status changes. MetaTrader 5 FIX Bridge to HUBECN works for all types of orders, including market, limit, stop and stop limit orders.

Institutional clients are able to set any instruments offered by liquidity providers, including forex, stocks, futures, crypto currencies and derivatives. Besides, the gateway can be provided as an exchange solution that allows matching limit and market orders for any types of symbols in microseconds.

Dmitry Batashvili, HUBECN LLC

Dmitry Batashvili, HUBECN LLC

"Any type of liquidity provider including financial exchanges is configurable in the HUBECN gateway for MetaTrader 5", says Dmitry Batashvili, CEO of HUBECN LLC. "This innovation allows us to provide brokers with leading technologies for connecting to global liquidity. By doing this, we are following the market efficiency and transparency principles. Considering the continuing expansion of the amount of MetaTrader 5 brokers, we believe the demand from institutional clients will be high".

17 July 2017

Panda Trading Systems enhances its CFD offering with the addition of MetaTrader 5

Following the launch of the comprehensive solution for trading cryptocurrencies, Panda Trading Systems announces the addition of MetaTrader 5 to its innovative suite of “Brokerage in a Box” solutions. Now would-be brokers can set up a CFD brokerage from scratch in record time, offering an array of instruments such as FX, Shares, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies with full MetaTrader 5 support.

Panda Trading Systems enhances its CFD offering with the addition of MetaTrader 5

Panda Trading Systems specializes in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the financial services industry. Since 2006, the integrator has supplied many of the world’s leading names with bespoke software and services, allowing brokers to streamline their operations and empowering them to focus their resources on growth.

Maor Lahav, Panda Trading

Maor Lahav, Panda Trading Systems

"The sudden growth of interest in FX/CFD trading means that we're seeing many more new brokerages with differing needs and business models", says Maor Lahav, COO of Panda TS. "MetaTrader 5's built-in hedging functionality is a powerful solution for many brokers. It's also a highly popular and robust trading platform that always had a solid following among traders. We're very pleased to be adding it and to continue our cooperation with MetaQuotes".

7 July 2017

Phillip Futures becomes the first broker in Singapore to offer MetaTrader 5

Phillip Futures, member of the PhillipCapital Group based in Singapore, is pleased to offer the MetaTrader 5 platform to their clients. This makes the futures and forex broker the first in Singapore to adopt the new-generation multi-asset trading platform.

Phillip Futures becomes the first broker in Singapore to offer MetaTrader 5

The key feature of MetaTrader 5, other than its multi-asset capability, is the Expert Advisors (EA) programming that helps to analyze price charts and enables automatic trading. Other than utilizing EAs to trade forex, clients can apply the same EAs to other asset classes which the Singapore broker plans to introduce in the near future.

Phillip Futures explained that they have chosen this platform due to its popularity globally and ease of use. MetaTrader 5 boasts advanced technical analysis and algorithmic trading tools, offers possibilities to build and create complex trading strategies, and can work from any web browser or mobile device. Another important advantage of the platform is a large community support, where traders can exchange ideas and strategies.

Teyu Che Chern, Phillip Futures

Teyu Che Chern, Phillip Futures

"Our clients are getting more sophisticated, so they seek an all-encompassing trading system," explained Teyu Che Chern, Chief Executive Officer of Phillip Futures. "MetaTrader 5 is the answer to our clients’ need for a multi-functional trading platform that equips them with more innovative tools to trade forex."

"We are delighted that the partnership between the Singapore broker Phillip Futures and MetaQuotes Software is dynamically developing," commented Gaies Chreis, Chief Operating Officer of MetaQuotes Software Corp. "Responding to traders' needs, brokers around the globe actively switch to the MetaTrader 5 platform. Our presence has especially expanded in the Asian market. It is undoubtedly a rational choice, since the full-cycle MetaTrader 5 platform is the best solution for organizing a brokerage business in any financial market."