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18 May 2020

AMTS Solutions launches a portfolio of MetaTrader 5 gateways to liquidity providers: Barclays, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley

AMTS Solutions technology provider has significantly expanded the range of its products, by offering brokers a portfolio of MetaTrader 5 gateways to dozens of liquidity providers, including popular providers such as LMAX and CFH, the largest Western brokers Interactive Brokers and IG, as well as banks such as Barclays, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

The integration gateways are available in the MetaQuotes App Store official marketplace of brokerage solutions..

Dmitry Rannev, AMTS Solutions

Dmitry Rannev, AMTS Solutions

"We have been developing software for brokers for more than 15 years and we have accumulated a large number of integrations with liquidity providers", says Mr Dmitry Rannev, CEO of AMTS Solutions. "Placing these gateways in the MetaTrader 5 store of integrations is one of the largest company events for all these years. The MetaTrader 5 platform is convenient not only for brokers, but also for developers and vendors. We are excited about our cooperation with MetaQuotes and invite brokers to evaluate AMTS Solutions technologies".

MetaQuotes App Store currently features over 180 products from third-party vendors, satisfying the most diverse needs of brokers around the world.

15 May 2020

Qrator Labs launches DDoS attack mitigation service for MetaTrader 5 brokers

Qrator Enterprise Internet Connectivity Protection mitigates DDoS attacks aimed towards MetaTrader 5 access servers, ensuring no interruptions in business of MetaTrader customers.

Trading platforms around the world are among the most common targets of DDoS attacks which decimate revenue, force regular customers to depart to competitors and make attracting new clients much more difficult. Qrator Labs solution analyzes specifically the business impact of cybercrime incidents and addresses those attempts, keeping the trading business online and accessible by the customers from around the world.

Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs

Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs

“Throughout 2019 and 2020, we’ve seen a significant raise of DDoS attacks against online trading businesses”, says Mr Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs chief technology officer. “Most of the attacks are organized either by cybercriminals to extort funds, or by competing businesses to win the competition. We had a lot of prior experience with MetaTrader 5. After analyzing the industry specifics, we’ve built a targeted solution, protecting trading services against cybercriminal activity which threatens uninterrupted business operation".

"The Qrator Labs product has been tested by time. Our filtration network is ready to withstand any DDoS attacks possible", Mr Gavrichenkov adds. "Our solution is easily adaptable to the needs of each business. It has already protected thousands of medium- and large-sized enterprises all over the world, and it is ready to become a reliable security platform for the services utilizing the MetaTrader technology".

13 May 2020

How brokerage employees assess their expertise through MetaQuotes Certification

MetaQuotes Certification assist brokerage companies in building greater customer trust: their clients can be sure that the service is provided by certified specialists. We regularly receive applications from brokerages as well as from their employees who wish to receive an official Certificate confirming their platform operational expertise. Recently, we interviewed one of the participants to find out why he decided to join the programme and if he was satisfied with the overall outcome.

Mr Kyriakos Petallides

Mr Kyriakos Petallides

Mr Kyriakos Petallides shared his experience: "I saw information about the certification programme in my MetaTrader 5 Administrator, under the Overview section. I decided to take the examination and further develop my MetaTrader 5 operational skills. Also, I think that the certificate will help me in my future endeavors. The test was definitely challenging but focused on the subject: I have certainly learned a lot around the MetaTrader 5 administration. Furthermore, I have learned some useful tricks, which I did not have the chance to learn through my previous experience."

"I found particularly helpful the subject on Analyzing logs, as well as the Console commands which can be used in cases of emergency. The questions really test your platform administration knowledge. My colleagues are also going to register for the programme because the certificate confirms three competency levels at once: Administrator, Manager and Dealer."

All certification types are available in MetaQuotes' official App Store for brokers.

11 May 2020

MetaTrader 5 in Greece – Athens-based broker Ardu Prime launches the multi-asset platform

Ardu Prime has been providing liquidity to an exclusive clientele of professionals, proprietary trading houses and HNW individuals. Now the company welcomes retail investors with the new MetaTrader 5 platform offering.

Complete cost transparency and unique liquidity conditions gives the ability to accommodate high volumes and ultra-fast execution without slippage for more than 80 instruments, including FX, Commodities, Indices and Treasuries – a continuously expanding list in order to satisfy even the most demanding investors.

Sotirios Probonas, Ardu Prime

Sotirios Probonas, Ardu Prime

Mr Sotirios Probonas, Director of Ardu Prime commented: “We offer premium and cost transparent services to every investor. Our clients can focus on trading and rest assured we stand by their side”.

Ardu Prime clients enjoy real-market spreads, leverage, competitive commissions and a wide range of instruments. “Our establishment is supporting our clients as a reliable and trustworthy trading partner. As such we adjust our trading conditions and offer tailor-made liquidity solutions according to clients’ unique needs”, Mr Probonas adds.

Ardu Prime Investment Services S.A. provides brokerage services since 1999. The company is regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and it fulfills the MiFID II requirements.

16 April 2020

ACY Securities launches stock trading via MetaTrader 5

ACY Securities, the leading FinTech based ASIC-regulated broker headquartered in Sydney, has rolled out its MetaTrader 5 platform with stocks, as part of its worldwide release today.

The new offering is called MT5 Xchange, reflecting the addition of stocks to its suite of asset classes.

ACY Securities will now offer its clients access to hundreds of the world’s largest companies through some of the world’s most prestigious exchanges including NYSE, Nasdaq and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Mr Jimmy Ye, Co-founder and Director of ACY Securities stated that MT5 Xchange would give traders access to all the major asset classes with 1:25 leverage.

ACY Securities launches stock trading via MetaTrader 5

ACY Securities team: Alla Darwish, Head of Global Brokerage| Ashley Jessen, Head of Marketing | Winson Cao, Director |Tim Cahill, Brand Ambassador | Jimmy Ye, Director | Justin Pooni, Head of Branding and Communications

“With MT5 Xchange you can access the full range of markets across shares, FX currency pairs, indices and commodities with the ability to hedge your positions and access more advanced ordering options”, Mr Ye stated.

Mr Ye further added, “It provides a true multi-asset experience for our clients and gives them the option to diversify their trading portfolios. With one account and one login, you can now trade your view on stocks like Apple, Google, Amazon and Australian blue chips like BHP, Commonwealth Bank and Qantas”.

With access to almost 1000 instruments, ACY Securities’ MT5 Xchange platform also features 1:500 leverage on FX, metals and oil, with zero commissions and a minimum deposit of USD 50 to get started. It is a powerful, all-inclusive, fully integrated solution, providing traders with access to the full range of financial instruments at their fingertips.

MT5 Xchange is now available to download at and it is accessible via desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) as well as Web based applications.

7 April 2020

MetaTrader 5 expands to Malaysia – VPFX broker supports shifting to the advanced platform

The international broker VPFX has launched MetaTrader 5 with hedging option. Mobile apps for Android, iOS, desktop and web platforms of the advanced platform became available to VPFX traders.

The company's offer includes more than 200+ instruments, ultra-fast execution and tight spreads. VPFX team believes that the multi-asset MetaTrader 5 trading platform, will help the company expand into the MENA market, by allowing the offering of additional asset classes from various exchanges.

Alpesh Patel, the CEO of VPFX, commented: "We support the current industry-wide shifting to MetaTrader 5. The updated platform offers advanced functionality for experienced users. Furthermore, its cutting-edge analytical tools will definitely enhance our clients' financial trading experience."

VPFX is a trading name of Ventura Prime FX Limited, registered in Labuan F.T., Malaysia. The company is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA).

17 March 2020

OANDA launches MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform in Japan

A global leader in online multi-asset trading services and currency data and analytics, OANDA now offers MetaTrader 5 to clients in Japan. Having first introduced it to demo account holders in December, the firm has now enabled Japanese clients to trade on the platform through their live accounts.

The decision to add MetaTrader 5 to OANDA’s range of trading platforms was made in direct response to requests from clients, further driving home the firm’s commitment to addressing the needs of active traders and expanding its range of products. The platform will also be made available in other geographies over the coming months.

Kurt vom Scheidt, OANDA

Kurt vom Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer, OANDA

Kurt vom Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer with OANDA, said, "A global leader in online multi-asset trading services, OANDA was built on the foundations of transparency and integrity. Over the course of our 24-year history, we’ve worked hard to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of MetaTrader 5 in Japan, which provides access to advanced charting and technical indicators, as well as expanded functionality for EAs, ultimately allowing clients to improve their algorithmic trading results".

"We believe the addition of MetaTrader 5 to our range of platforms will further enhance the trading experience we offer to our clients and reinforce our position as the number one foreign FX broker in Japan. We also look forward to rolling it out around the world soon, in response to client demand", vom Scheidt continued.

3 March 2020

MetaTrader 5 build 2340 simplifies working with SQLite and Python — algorithmic trading increased accessibility

Now you can work with SQLite databases directly from the trading platform. You can create and connect to databases, view tables and roll back changes, without using any third-party shells. Integration with SQLite provides traders with maximum performance when working with big data in MQL5.

MetaTrader 5 build 2340 simplifies working with SQLite and Python

The language of structured queries allows quick and efficient task solving. You no longer need complex loops and samples. This greatly simplifies the collection and compilation of statistics, for making trading decisions, while it also helps in arranging slices of the trading history for full-scale analytics.

MetaTrader 5 build 2340 simplifies working with SQLite and Python

Working with Python has become more convenient since it already features multiple libraries for machine learning, process automation, as well as data analysis and visualization. To launch a script, simply drag it into your chart, similar to a regular MQL5 application. The platform now incorporates new functions for working with Python, allowing users to not only gather analytics, but to also perform trading operations.

MetaTrader 5 build 2340 simplifies working with SQLite and Python

Finding the optimal strategy for your Expert Advisor has become easier - there are more options for simulating brokerage conditions during testing. Users are able to apply their own trading account settings, including the ability to set the maximum number of open orders and positions, as well as manage their margin, position accounting system and commissions for all operations.

MetaTrader 5 build 2340 simplifies working with SQLite and Python

Furthermore, MQL5 applications are now launched faster, and the tester operation in the Market Scanner mode has been accelerated as well.

Launch the latest MetaTrader 5 version and try out its new features. Find the full list of updates in the Release Notes.

Download MetaTrader 5

3 March 2020

AvaTrade announces the global launch of MetaTrader 5

The international broker has added MetaTrader 5, the powerful platform for Forex and Exchange markets, to its wide range of global platforms. Previously, the company announced the launch of MetaTrader 5 in one of the largest markets in the world — the Japanese one.

AvaTrade notes the greater number of platform features compared to MetaTrader 4, the ease of use and the wider choice of assets:

  1. MetaTrader 5 offers an almost unlimited number of shares, bonds, options and futures, compared to MetaTrader 4's traditional offering, covering over 1,200 forex pairs.
  2. Improved interface and support for 52 languages.
  3. Two new pending order types.
  4. Native integration with Finteza advanced analytics service.
  5. Built-in economic calendar.
  6. Powerful EA testing environment.

Mr. Dáire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade

Mr Dáire Ferguson, AvaTrade

"MetaTrader 5 is placing AvaTrade at the forefront of online trading", Mr. Dáire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade, comments. "The platform correlates perfectly with the trading environment we wish to provide our clients with".

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and offers over 1,000 financial instruments providing secured trading with advanced encryption and fully segregated accounts. The company is regulated across nine jurisdictions.

17 February 2020

NAGA Launches MetaTrader 5 and Introduces Stock Trading across 9 Global Exchanges

The listed German Fintech firm, NAGA, announced that it has enhanced its overall trading experience with the integration of the MetaTrader 5 platform. Furthermore, the brand has successfully expanded its multi-asset offering to provide its growing network of clients with direct market access to stocks listed on 9 global exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, HKE, Börse Frankfurt and BME, among others.

NAGA has built its offering to provide the greatest possible advantages to clients looking to invest in real shares, enabling them to buy and sell shares of the biggest publicly listed companies worldwide.

Mr Ben Bilski, NAGA Group CEO

Mr Ben Bilski, NAGA Group CEO

"Our mission at NAGA is to make trading and investing easily accessible and completely inclusive. With the addition of MetaTrader 5 and stocks, we have essentially managed to integrate and connect all key elements to provide a truly inclusive, all-in-one solution," Mr Ben Bilski, NAGA Group CEO, states. With the more versatile MetaTrader 5 platform, NAGA now provides access to both forex and exchange markets across a total of more than 800 instruments, as well as to a more expansive set of features and capabilities – overall providing the most powerful system to traders and investors looking for multi-asset and multi-functional solutions.

"The global investment culture is increasingly moving into multi-asset strategies, and investors are looking for integrated solutions which offer access to the full range of investment products. With MetaTrader 5, our traders get the complete experience. They can now independently diversify their portfolios across NAGA's complete range of products, through direct ownership of real high-value stocks such as Facebook (FB), Apple Inc (AAPL), Amazon Inc. (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and  Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), and all in a single platform," Mr Bilski concludes.

NAGA Launches MetaTrader 5 and Introduces Stock Trading across 9 Global Exchanges

This evolution is expected to expand NAGA's target market to include and cater for professional traders and stock investors. The MetaTrader 5 integration makes stock investing easily accessible to all who use NAGA's trading platforms, as part of a unified and fully comprehensive system of financial products and services.

12 February 2020

AvaTrade launches MetaTrader 5 in Japan

AvaTrade Japan, regulated under Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho), has launched one of the largest foreign exchange platforms, MetaTrader 5, in its successful local office. Japanese traders now have access to the desktop, mobile and web versions of this powerful platform.

MetaTrader 5 has a lot of benefits for AvaTrade’s Japanese traders:

  1. The platform features a low spread (0.4 pips) accompanied by the most efficient trading tools and resources.
  2. Hundreds of additional trading instruments including stocks, Indices and ETFs.
  3. Easy access from any device: PC, MetaTrader 5 mobile applications for iOS and Android or a web browser.
  4. Powerful analytics: 21 timeframes, built-in technical indicators and graphical tools.
  5. Developing and testing trading robots: multi-currency strategy tester and built-in MQL5 development environment.
  6. One-click trading, high order execution speed.

Mr Hiroshi Niwa, AvaTrade Japan CEO, observes "I am pleased to announce that AvaTrade Japan became one of the first adopters of MetaTrader 5 in the Japanese market. This is part of our long-term strategy as leaders in the industry to embrace the latest and most innovative solutions for our clients. This was possible thanks to our close and strong relationship with MetaQuotes, led by our strategic partner".

AvaTrade launches MetaTrader 5 in Japan

Mr Hiroshi Niwa, AvaTrade Japan CEO

AvaTrade Japan Co, Ltd. is authorised by Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No. 1661 and is a member of the Financial Futures Trading Association and of the Japan Investment Advisors Association.

27 January 2020

Tradays economic calendar features South Africa

The application for the fundamental market analysis now features 42 indicators of the country having the strongest economy in the African continent — South Africa. Calendar data is collected in real time from public sources, such as the Bureau of Economic Research, the South African Reserve Bank, the South African Revenue Service and the National Treasury. 

Tradays economic calendar features South Africa

Tradays lists all significant economic events: price indices and financial indicators, the latest data on inflation and unemployment, date and time of speeches by heads of financial departments, etc. Currently, the calendar features over 1 000 indicators related to the 19 global economies, including USA, European Union, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia and China. This is one of the most complete, accurate and relevant solutions on the market.

The calendar is free and available both as a web version and a mobile application:

Besides, you can add the calendar in your website using a widget. This will allow you to attract new visitors by offering them a free tool for monitoring important economic events.

Install the Tradays calendar >>

20 January 2020

MetaQuotes launches MetaTrader 5 Certification Program for brokers

Certification exams aim to assist brokerage companies in assessing their employees' skills and encouraging them to broaden their knowledge.

As the platform developer, MetaQuotes has unique expertise in MetaTrader configuration and operation. The company has created tests to check and verify the most extensive and in-depth knowledge related to its products. Vast experience in brokerage technical support enabled MetaQuotes to include in the exam actual industry requirements and the most frequently occurring issues.

MetaQuotes launches MetaTrader 5 Certification Program for brokers

Three certification types are currently available:

  • MetaTrader 5 Administrator — for platform administrators
  • MetaTrader 5 Manager — for client managers
  • MetaTrader 5 Dealer — for specialists who manage trading operations

The exam consists of two stages: an online test and a video interview with MetaQuotes representatives. In order to pass the 80-question online test, the applicant must study all available information concerning the platform operation, including articles and documentation. After the online test, the applicant registers for a video interview. At this stage, the user's knowledge is additionally assessed in face-to-face contact to exclude cheating completely.

After passing the exams, the user receives an official confirmation on platform administration, platform administration and customer service skills, as well as on the ability to perform other related tasks, as required for working in a brokerage company. Each certificate has a unique 12-digit ID, which can be used to verify the certificate authenticity.

All certification types are available in MetaQuotes' official App Store.


16 December 2019

Trader KYC verification from Sum&Substance in MetaTrader 5

The trading platform integration with the Sumsub (Sum&Substance) KYC service enables the validation of client personal data and documents with one click. The new functionality provides further automation of client onboarding procedures for MetaTrader 5 brokers and the minimization of manual operations. The data check process, from form and document submission to account verification, takes on average around two minutes:

  1. When requesting a preliminary account from the desktop or mobile terminal, the trader fills a registration form and uploads the documents.
  2. A preliminary account allocated on the server is linked to the client record. The account details along with the documents are copied to the record.
  3. The data and the documents are automatically forwarded to the KYC provider's system. The confirmed or rejected status is then set based on the document checking result.

Upon confirmation, the trader's preliminary account is moved to a real group. The client can make a deposit and start trading.

Trader KYC verification from Sum&Substance in MetaTrader 5

The KYC provider verifies user data using the most advanced technologies such as computer vision, AI and machine learning, and thus the identity can be confirmed almost instantly. To ensure high-level data protection, Sum&Substance uses crypto monitoring and data transmission via secure communication channels.

Sum&Substance provides GDPR-compliant services and ensures the necessary infrastructure for the safe storage of user information.

About Sum&Substance
Sum&Substance provides an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit to cover KYC/KYB/AML needs. It is a single powerful platform to convert more customers, speed up the verification processes, reduce costs and detect digital fraud.  

Global coverage of over 200 countries and top market technologies, combined with the legal expertise, helps companies to meet financial requirements across the globe (FCA, CySec, MAS, FINMA, BAFIN, etc) and expand into new regions.

Sum&Substance clients: Exness, WebPay, FXOpen, Maxi Partners, Bank Dobrobyt, BlaBlaCar, Gett, ESL Gaming, JobToday, Wheely,, Yandex and Decta, among others.

6 December 2019

FXOpen UK launches MetaTrader 5 with ECN and interbank liquidity access

The online broker's UK entity started offering MetaTrader 5-based ECN trading accounts. The company believes that the latest flagship platform launch will enhance its clients' financial trading experience.

Now, FXOpen UK traders can:

  • choose between hedging and netting trading systems
  • utilize the Economic Calendar and financial news for the fundamental analysis and quote dynamics forecasting
  • trade using automated robots
  • create a virtual copy of their terminal and perform operations around the clock, even when their computer is turned off
  • utilize a plethora of other MetaTrader 5 features and capabilities

Mr. Gary Thomson, Chief Operating Officer at FXOpen UK, has commented on the launch: "We are delighted to announce the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform which provides access to ECN trading and interbank liquidity. With this new innovative product, we can offer our clients flexible trading, hedging and netting capabilities, as well as the ability to create Expert Advisors. At FXOpen UK, we pride ourselves on our client-focused approach and are committed to providing excellent trading conditions along with technical innovations, fairness and transparency to enable and empower our clients".

Mr. Gary Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, FXOpen UK

Mr. Gary Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, FXOpen UK

FXOpen was founded by a group of traders back in 2005. The company offers trading accounts (ECN, STP), spread from 0 points, multiple deposit and withdrawal options, and a leverage of 1:30 for retail clients and up to 1:500 for pro clients. It is an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated broker.

19 November 2019

MetaQuotes is a Technology Partner of Investor Finance Forum 2019 in Bulgaria

MetaQuotes' Bulgarian representative MetaPenta Software Ltd. will present all new MetaTrader 5 services and developments at the Investor Finance Forum. The Forum will be held on November the 29th at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and will bring together financial industry professionals. Our company is one of the event partners.

MetaQuotes is a Technology Partner of Investor Finance Forum 2019 in Bulgaria

The Investor Finance Forum is held by Bulgaria's leading financial portal for the eighth consecutive year. The main topics of this year’s event include financial market regulation specifics, ETF investing, blockchain technologies and alternative investments.

We invite everyone to meet our representatives at the Forum and gain insights on features and latest innovations of MetaTrader platforms. Sign up and get your ticket to the Forum here.

Investor Finance Forum
November 29, 2019
Inter Expo Center, Sofia

18 November 2019

B.I.C. Markets is the first broker in Cambodia to offer MetaTrader 5

The leading Derivative Broker in Cambodia is the first company to launch the multi-asset trading platform in the country. The launch of MetaTrader 5 not only positions B.I.C. Markets as a leading broker working with complete trading solutions, but also shows a rapid development of the Cambodian marketplace as a financial hub, being regulated by the SECC.

Furthermore, the B.I.C Markets team believes that MetaTrader 5 will help the company expand into Asia by allowing the offering of additional asset classes from the various exchanges.

Bun Sovatdy, B.I.C. Markets

Bun Sovatdy, B.I.C. Markets

Features of the MetaTrader 5 offered by B.I.C. Markets:

  • Full set of financial instruments
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Hedging capabilities
  • Account opening functionality with integrated back office

Chief Executive Officer of B.I.C. Markets, Ms Bun Sovatdy comments that MetaTrader 5 is a more intuitive trading platform from both a front and back-end perspective, compared to its predecessor.

14 November 2019

MetaTrader 5 wins awards in two categories during London Summit Awards 2019: "Best FX trading platform" and "Best multi-asset trading platform"

The trading platform has won awards in two categories during Finance Magnates London Summit Awards 2019. MetaTrader 5 has set itself as the best platform in both Forex and multi-asset trading.

The award ceremony was the final accord of the summit and took place on November 13. This year, the event brought together more than 3,000 professionals from the financial and fintech industries, achieving a historical record of attendance.

MetaTrader 5 wins awards in two categories during London Summit Awards 2019

As a result of independent voting, MetaTrader 5 outperformed its competitors and gained the majority of votes. The winner in each category was determined in two stages: a shortlist of three participants was formed in each category and then the registered attendees voted based on a narrowed shortlist.

Best multi-asset trading platform

MetaTrader 5 won two awards in both the "Best FX trading platform" and "Best multi-asset trading platform" categories. These awards set MetaTrader 5 as the industry standard and represent an acknowledgment of contribution from the industry as a whole.

7 November 2019

MetaQuotes will showcase new projects for MetaTrader 5 at London Summit 2019

We will present our new developments for MetaTrader 5 institutional multi-asset platform at the fintech Finance Magnates London Summit 2019. The event will take place on November 12-13 in Old Billingsgate.

This is the Europe's largest B2B conference in the financial industry dedicated to trading, investments and capital markets. During the event, we will present our recent projects for MetaTrader 5 — the special industry solution for hedge funds, the significantly optimized system for working with clients within the terminal and integration of the back office analytics with Finteza. The native connection between MetaTrader 5 and Finteza end-to-end analytics platform allows brokers to analyze the entire path of leads from the first visit to funds deposition, evaluate the efficiency of each attraction channel and calculate the marketing ROI. 

MetaQuotes will showcase new projects for MetaTrader 5 at London Summit 2019

Visit our booth #64 and contact us at in advance if you want to discuss your business needs with MetaQuotes representatives before and during the summit. See you at the event!

Finance Magnates London Summit 2019
November 12-13, 2019
Old Billingsgate, London

4 November 2019

MetaQuotes integrates Forex Source FX news feed into its MetaTrader 5 platform

The integration allows traders to access the Forex Source sentiment stream directly via their MetaTrader trading platforms.

Forex Source is a UK-based brand that provides educational market commentary and actionable insights for FX traders. Their team of analysts scours global news wires and provides analysis and interpretations to market moving news. Forex Source subscribers receive this interpretation around the clock as the FX markets move.

The news feed is divided into five news categories: "Bank order levels", "Economic indicators", "Central banks", "Risk events" and "Sentiment". The size of news items ranges from brief informative reports to copyright analytical articles. The news editor is the well-known trader Jarratt Davis.

One of the most popular application features is the daily sentiment drivers report. It explains which specific news currently drive each currency and which type of breaking news will facilitate the next big move. Another popular report Forex Source subscribers have access to, is the dominant currency sentiment posts. The report highlights the strongest and weakest currencies of the day based on the prevailing market momentarily sentiment.

Jarratt Davis, Forex Source

Jarratt Davis, Forex Source

"Integrating our sentiment stream feed into the MetaTrader platforms is very exciting for our business, because it opens up a much wider audience to our educational analysis", says Forex Source founder, Jarratt Davis. "Our product helps traders stay tuned into market moving news and assists them in understanding how to actually turn such news into profitable trades".