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Welcome to algorithmic trading!

MetaEditor is a modern trading strategy development environment integrated with MetaTrader platform. It allows creating programs for algorithmic trading on MQL4 and MQL5 languages: trading robots, technical indicators, scripts, graphical control panels and much more.

Programming is not only an opportunity to facilitate and automate your trading operations or develop a robot that tirelessly trades for you. This is also an opportunity to earn money by developing software for many other traders. The trading platform already provides the entire infrastructure for that.


You can sell your applications in the Market. It is the largest store of applications for trading platforms. It already features more than 10 000 robots and indicators. By sending your product to the Market, you access a huge audience, since the service is built into the popular website and the trading platform. The service provides the entire necessary infrastructure: processing of payments, delivery of programs and protection of sellers and buyers.


You can execute orders for creating trading applications in the Freelance service. The service features a transparent and secure operation system. Orders are performed in steps, starting with a discussion of preliminary specifications and finishing with sending the final work. The agreed order cost is frozen on the customer's account for the order development time, thus payment for work is guaranteed.


You can contribute to the development of the algorithmic trading publishing your works in the source code library. Your programs will be available for download directly from the trading platform. If you are new to programming, then the library provides you with many useful learning materials: from scripts that perform simple trading tasks up to complex trading robots and technical indicators.

Start learning the algorithmic trading, while MetaEditor provides you with all necessary instruments.

MetaEditor – environment for trading robots and indicators development

Convenient code editing

MetaEditor provides convenient features for writing a source code of MQL4/MQL5 applications.

All language elements are highlighted, while colors can be customized. When writing code, the editor automatically offers suitable options for function, constant and variable names. This greatly facilitates and speeds up the code writing.

The editor allows you to quickly see the function signature, supports snippets, bookmarks, quick insertion of resources and easy code navigation.

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Convenient code editing

MQL Wizard for quick program development

MQL Wizard

MetaEditor allows you to quickly generate projects using template, as well as create ready-made trading robots with the help of the MQL Wizard.

The MQL wizard eliminates routine operations while creating new projects. Instead of specifying the general properties of an application in the code manually and describing the event handlers, you can quickly set them through the MQL Wizard. It automatically writes everything you need to the source code and saves the file in the correct directory according to a program type.

MQL Wizard allows generation of ready-made trading robots. Simply select trading signals you need, as well as stop levels tracking and money management mode. Compile the resulting program and proceed to test it in the trading platform's strategy tester.

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Debugging programs

MetaEditor provides opportunities for a thorough check of all program algorithms before launching it to real work.

During the debugging, you can move through consecutive steps of each program function execution and see the calculation results of all expressions and the call stack.

You can launch debugging on a price chart and in the strategy tester. This allows you not to wait for certain market conditions to check a trading algorithm.

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Debugging in real time and in the strategy tester

Code profiling

Code profiling

The speed of work is one of the most important parameters in the algorithmic trading. The MetaEditor's profiling function allows checking the program's source code performance, as well as detect and optimize the slowest functions.

The program runs on a price chart or in a strategy tester. After that, MetaEditor reports on the execution time and number of calls of each function in the source code.

You can see the program execution speed not only by functions, but also by separate strings.

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MQL5 Storage and shared projects

MetaEditor features the online source code storage MQL5 Storage supporting the version control.

The storage allows you to access your codes from any PC using an account. If you save files there, they will not be lost even if your hard disk fails.

MQL5 Storage allows you to collaborate on the development of projects with any remote users. Just create a shared project and distribute the rights to your team members. They will immediately receive it on their PCs and get to work. MQL5 Storage version control allows tracking all changes.

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MQL5 Storage and shared projects