MetaQuotes is a leading developer of software applications for financial markets

Established in 2000, MetaQuotes has been developing B2B software for financial markets. MetaQuotes is internationally known as a leader in the financial software market. The company's representative offices are located all around the world.

MetaQuotes Ltd is a leading developer of software applications for financial markets

MetaQuotes has an impressive development background, which led the company into developing a series of trading application, from a simple FX Charts platform to the latest and most advanced technological innovation, the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset trading platform.

MetaQuotes' first product FX Charts was an easy-to-use, reliable and functional trading platform for the Forex market. The platform provided a set of analytical and trading functions. Back in 2000, FX Charts was a truly revolutionary product as opposed to its expensive and low-performance counterparts. The platform was considered a breakthrough in the brokerage software market and attracted its first clients.

The company's second trading platform MetaQuotes provided the opportunity to develop trading applications using the MQL programming language (MetaQuotes Language). The new product was again a sensation, this time for introducing the possibility for traders to develop and run trading robots. The third platform that was released under the MetaTrader brand name was developed to additionally offer trading in the Futures market. The mobile versions of the platform (MetaTrader 3 CE and MetaTrader for Palm) were released in 2003 and both applications became very popular. All these exceptionally innovative features attracted more new clients.

In July 2005, a new generation product evolved under the MetaTrader brand. An absolutely new platform was released with the name MetaTrader 4. The platform was immediately recognized as the industry standard and a benchmark for other companies' developments to compare with. The MetaTrader 4 platform brought to the market outstanding performance, a distributed architecture, mobile trading options and remarkable overall functionality. The new MQL4 IDE development environment was also a revolutionary new tool introduced to the market for the first time. The release of MQL4 IDE marked the beginning of a new era of algorithmic trading, and trading robots became finally available to the growing number of MetaTrader 4 trading fans.

2010 was another milestone in MetaQuotes' history — the new ultra-powerful multi-asset MetaTrader 5 platform was officially released that year. The revolutionary factor of MetaTrader 5 is its ability to offer trading for almost all financial markets, including Forex, Stocks Exchanges, as well as Futures markets. The MetaTrader 5 platform includes desktop, mobile and Web versions. The platform's rich functionality is capable of satisfying every customer's needs, and it possesses an unlimited potential for further growth. Millions of traders and hundreds of brokers from around the world immediately appreciated its advantages, and the latest-generation platform quickly became popular.

The latest-generation multi-asset institutional MetaTrader 5 platform is designed for Forex, stocks and futures trading

In addition, MetaQuotes does not only provide reliable software products, but also actively develops the network infrastructure around them. In 2010, the company launched the multilingual web portal, which brings together MQL5 developers and traders who use MetaTrader platforms. Today is the world's most powerful community of trading robot developers. The portal provides access to a plethora of various services, including social trading, the MetaTrader Market of trading applications, a Code Base of free source code, the Freelance service and an impressive knowledge base section that features unique articles and documentation.

MetaQuotes always applies a fair and mutually beneficial approach to working with customers and partners. Reputation and reliability is what matters the most in the financial software business. Today, hundreds of international companies rely on our organization being reputable as a trustworthy software supplier. This is the best evidence of professional competence and reliability of MetaQuotes.

We continue to create our company's history day by day, and we believe that the future has yet many more challenges in store for use!

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