MetaTrader 5 for your investors

We help earn the trust

MetaTrader 5 helps you in creating trustworthy relationships with investors. You get tools for maximum transparency — clients always know their invested funds status and are able to contact you if they wish to alter their investment.

The platform saves you from routine reports, thus freeing up time for something more useful. Every minute, any investor in any country can log into their terminal from a PC or a mobile device to check the current status. You choose the parameters your clients are able to monitor.

Investors are able to track the fund performance via a PC or a mobile device

Features for investors

Online control via desktop or mobile device

Let your investors stay in touch. They are able to check the current developments via the internet from anywhere in the world — from their home or corporate PC, smartphone or tablet. There is no need for additional requests and further administrative burden.

All parameters are provided in graphical form

You are able to prove the fund efficiency even to those unwilling to delve into financial markets. All data is available in the form of comprehensible graphs. No special knowledge is required to understand and grasp how investments work.

Real-time data

Investors do not have to wait for third-party generated reports - they are able to receive data on their own as soon as they need it. All data in MetaTrader 5 is available in real time.

Your clients can send a request for a new investment at any time

Stay in touch with investors. If your clients wish to alter investments, they will be in a position to do so by sending an application via any supported device.

With MetaTrader 5, your fund remains as transparent as possible, while you do not have to spend resources on endless reports. The platform can help you increase investor loyalty, boost your client base and save time from unprofitable tasks.