Built-in analytics in MetaTrader 5

Finteza Analytics

Finteza is the only end-to-end analytics service for brokers, which can display data from client terminals and MetaTrader 5 servers. The service registers any user activity, from the first website visit to an account deposit or withdrawal. Check how much you spend on acquiring or encouraging the client and optimize your advertising budgets.

Finteza Advantages

End-to-end analytics out of the box

Do not waste time and money developing your own end-to-end analytics — focus on your primary business challenges. Finteza integrates natively with MetaTrader 5 to collect information on trading accounts and trader behavior across the trading platform. Start using analytical data immediately on the day of purchase, while there is no need to configure connections or to set up the system.

Broker e-Commerce

Access essential financial reports which reflect the real picture of your business. Find out the statistics of deposits and withdrawals, along with the history of traders' operations.

Access to the Lead Generation program

Finteza enables access to the "MetaQuotes Leads" program with which you can quickly grow your customer base. The program drives verified traders who open demo accounts on your server. MetaQuotes Leads is a perfect option for any brokerage firm, including start-up companies.

Extra Benefits

1. Save up to 80% of your advertising budget

Gain insight into your website traffic with end-to-end analytics. Explore detailed statistics for marketing channels, campaigns, ad groups and banners to gauge the performance of each source. Optimize costs by disabling inefficient advertising sources. According to our research, the share of brokers' ineffective traffic costs can reach up to 80%. This means that you can spend, for example, USD 10,000 per month instead of USD 50,000. In this case, your net savings per year would equal USD 480,000. Optimize costs and increase your return on advertising investment (ROAS/ROI).

2. Control purchased traffic quality

Attract only live traders to generate profits. Finteza analyzes visitors' technical parameters and on-page behavior. With in-depth reports on 12 bot traffic types, you can detect fraudulent clicks and traffic manipulations. Bots can mimic human behavior, such as page views, button clicks and even filling out of registration forms. Finteza will spot even sophisticated bots and indicate the source of such traffic. Detect low-quality traffic providers, optimize marketing budgets and boost your ROI.

3. Create an affiliate network

The CPA model can accelerate your business development and bring new traders who cannot be reached via standard marketing tools. Grow your customer base through advertising networks, affiliates and arbitrage partners. The "Affiliates" report reflects the efficiency of all your partners in terms of profits generated, average order value, number of attracted users and data on converted customers. Export the data to share analytics with affiliates or set up separate access for them. Finteza facilitates processes and boosts your business development efficiency.

4. Use powerful marketing analytics tools

Access 15 essential reports:

  • "Retention" visualizes the efficiency of your client retention efforts
  • "Sources" and "Conversions" reports assist in determining profitable marketing campaigns, banner groups and ads
  • Sales Funnel is an indispensable marketing tool, which visualizes conversion losses at each step of the customer journey towards the purchase.
  • User database — a list of your customers with a history of their transactions. Analyze trader behavior, sources, technical parameters, financial transactions and actions across the terminals and servers

Connect Finteza analytics and elevate your business to the next level. You can start using the system immediately on the day of purchase. Access fundamental reports and discover new ways to boost your customer base.