How to become a Signal Provider

Register as a seller and offer your signals for subscription

If you are an experienced trader with a successful strategy, you can become a trading signal provider and receive a fixed monthly income from your subscribers.

Register on as a Seller and offer your signal for subscription. Thousands of MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform users will be able to view and subscribe to your trading signal, while you will receive your payment.

Follow the simple steps and become a signal provider:

  • Specify the account which is going to be used as the trading signal source, create a catchy name for your signal and set the subscription price.

Publishing a signal is fast and easy. After you complete the required steps, the signal will become available to traders for subscription

After verification, your signal will be added to the showcase and will become available for subscription.

That's all you need to do! Keep up with your trading and earn more from your subscribers!

Download MetaTrader 5 and become a signal provider