MetaQuotes becomes 23!

Our company, still stands strong and continues to actively develop its products

27 November 2023

MetaQuotes becomes 23!

Today we celebrate our 23rd anniversary. Our company still stands strong and continues to actively develop its products. Over the past year, we have implemented multiple innovations, which have become available to our clients:

  1. We have considerably improved the MetaTrader5 iOS and MetaTrader 5 Android mobile terminals.

  2. The web terminal has also received a number of important updates: trading experience has been improved. The interface now features a set of color schemes, while the setting up and launching of the terminal on the broker’s side have been significantly simplified. These enhancements have sparked an increased demand from traders. More and more brokers are starting to offer the web terminal to their clients.

  3. We have released native MetaTrader 5 installers for macOS and Linux. These platforms can offer a hassle-free and stable trading to the traders.

  4. We have added detailed reports on trading activities to MetaTrader 5 Desktop. It has become much more convenient to analyze trading operations. The entire trading has become much more transparent and comprehensible. Most importantly, it no longer requires additional services. Reports will also appear in mobile terminals for iOS and Android soon.

  5. We have significantly improved and simplified the Sponsored VPS service, allowing brokers to offer MetaTrader VPS to their clients for free. Many companies have positively assessed the improvement and are already offering this service.

  6. MetaTrader 5 now features the Payments service, allowing users to top up funds via the MetaTrader 5 Desktop terminal. A number of large and well-known PSPs have expressed their desire to join the service. Preparatory work is currently underway. Brokers also rated the service favorably. In the coming year, we plan to include additional PSPs so that traders can top up their deposits and withdraw funds in any way which is convenient for them. In the very near future, MetaTrader 5 Payments will also appear on mobile terminals for iOS and Android.

  7. We have released MQL5 Channels mobile application. It is especially useful for beginners, as it offers various free channels, in which other market participants share forecasts and analytics on various financial instruments. Tens of thousands of traders from all over the world actively use the application (MAU) every month.

  8. The Automations service has become more powerful and efficient, thus reducing the amount of necessary routine operations for brokers. Hundreds of companies use it on a daily basis to serve traders and maintain server infrastructure.

Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes, comments: "I would like to thank traders and brokers for choosing our applications. Special thanks to those who provide us with feedback, and helped us to further improve our software. Rest assured, you are also contributing to the ongoing development of the MetaTrader 5 platform.

We are pleased with what we have achieved this year. Many improvements have been implemented and made public. Apart from that, a huge amount of preliminary work, not made public yet, has been carried out. It serves as the foundation for the development of completely new products, which are planned for release in the forthcoming year. Thank you for staying with us — we are developing our products for you!"