PM Financials: "MetaTrader 5 is an inexhaustible resource for any broker"

PM Financials brokerage company has introduced the MetaTrader 5 trading platform

6 December 2023

PM Financials brokerage company has introduced the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Now it offers its clients a full package of services: ready-made robots for algorithmic trading, mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, access to the economic calendar and technical analysis, and much more. PM Financials team is confident of making the right choice.

Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials

Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials

"I would characterize MetaTrader 5 as an inexhaustible resource for any broker," says Mr Fahim Rashid, CEO of PM Financials. "The platform is a ready-made and efficient business solution. It is even possible to manage an account via the terminal with no need to sign in to third-party services. The built-in payment service allows users to safely top up accounts directly in trading terminals using cards, electronic payment systems and bank transfers. The Automations service increases the efficiency and reduces the human factor influence. We are committed in using every opportunity to develop and expand our business".

Mr Fahim Rashid added that PM Financials employees completed training to master all the intricacies of working with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. "Training conducted by MetaQuotes experts helped us in skipping the adaptation stage. We learned how to quickly set up the terminal and start trading. Each of our employees learned how to create simple Expert Advisors based on technical indicators, as well as how to test and improve them. MetaQuotes is actively working to update and improve its trading platform. The company’s team promptly and regularly informs all MetaTrader 5 users about innovations allowing us to improve our work," says PM Financials CEO.

PM Financials plans to launch MetaTrader 5 Sponsored VPS in the near future. The service will help the brokerage customers ensure stable operation and avoid long shutdowns, for example, due to poor internet connection. Hosting can be activated directly in the terminal. Each user receives up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM and several physical CPU cores. These resources are sufficient for testing several trading strategies simultaneously. PM Financials team believes that these advantages will attract new traders.

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