AstroPay payment provider connects to MetaTrader 5 Payments

Along with the other PSPs already available, AstroPay now caters to brokers within the trading platform

7 February 2024

Another payment provider has partnered with MetaTrader 5 Payments. Along with the other PSPs already available, AstroPay now caters to brokers within the trading platform. The provider ensures secure protection of all transactions. Using built-in payments, traders can now conveniently top up their accounts or withdraw earned funds without having to leave the platform. This new functionality was implemented in MetaTrader 5 as part of a recent major update. It allows brokers to simplify the onboarding process and streamline deposit operations, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher numbers and volumes of deposits. The feature enables seamless and automated transaction handling, eliminating the need for additional costs or integration with third-party providers.

AstroPay payment provider connects to MetaTrader 5 Payments

"We are super excited to announce this partnership with MetaQuotes, with which we aim to offer brokers and, ultimately, users a combination of MetaQuotes cutting-edge technology and our innovative financial solutions", says Mr Yosef Kamel, Director of Forex AstroPay. "This collaboration signifies a commitment to excellence, bridging worlds to create a synergistic force that will shape the landscape of the digital economy."

Advantages of integrated payments:

  • More accounts
  • Ready-made payment solution
  • Increased trading volumes
  • Improvement without investments

AstroPay is a cutting-edge digital wallet that offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to individuals who are passionate about sports and living life to the fullest. The app provides users with a range of exciting features, including instant payments, withdrawals, rewards, and unforgettable experiences, all within a single, intuitive interface. One of the key benefits of AstroPay is its ability to facilitate online payments on international websites, using a vast array of over 200 payment methods, including the most popular local options, as well as debit and credit cards and bank transfers. Through one integration merchants can reach +10 million users in the world. Today, the company operates with hundreds of merchants, and has a reputation for providing efficient, safe, and convenient financial solutions to customers worldwide.