MetaTrader 5 Build 4350: More analytical objects in the Web platform and Welcome page in MetaEditor

To assist trading app developers, we have included a welcome page in MetaEditor

31 May 2024


  1. Added Welcome page to assist users in starting their journey with algorithmic trading and application development.

    Materials for beginners
    The "Introduction" section presents educational materials available on language documentation, books, articles, developer forums and code base library. It also introduces services where you can apply and monetize your knowledge: the applications market, freelance and trading signals.

    In the documentation and books sections, you can find a more detailed description of the available learning materials.

    Useful features for developers
    The "What's New" section offers a collection of essential information to keep developers up-to-date:

    Additionally, you will find here a list of recently opened files for quick access.

    For users actively selling their applications in the Market, the "My Sales" report offers an invaluable tool for assessing their performance. It provides access to:

    • Comprehensive sales and download statistics over time.
    • Sales geography, offering insights into regions where your products have the highest popularity. This can suggest ideas for further project expansion, such as localization into specific languages or targeted advertising campaigns in particular regions.
    • Data on top-selling products based on sales volume and revenue generated. The graph can be filtered based on license type: full or rental for a certain duration. Additionally, you can see here a graph with product price changes. All of this will help you understand your customers.
    • Detailed download and sales statistics for each product.

  2. Improved built-in search. The top search bar is now used exclusively for searching text within the current document or in local files. For a global search through educational materials and codes, use a separate section in the Toolbox.

  3. Added support for GPT-4o, the latest ChatGPT model, in Copilot. It can be used to automatically complete code and get hints. You can select the new model in the MetaEditor settings.

  4. Updated user interface translations.


  1. Increased precision in displaying the calculation price in the trading instrument specification.
  2. Added the hotkey Alt+X to open the list of Expert Advisors.
  3. Fixed MFE and MAE calculations in the trading report.
  4. Fixed saving and restoring of economic calendar filtering settings by country and currency.
  5. Fixed application of templates to charts. Now, if the display of trading history is enabled for the chart, the corresponding objects will not disappear after applying a template.
  6. Fixed errors in the options board. The addition of symbols to the board could cause the platform to freeze under certain conditions.
  7. Fixed error in the position editing dialog. In some cases, incorrect levels could be entered instead of the current Stop Loss and Take Profit values.
  8. Updated user interface translations.


  1. Optimized and accelerated the ArrayResize function. The function can be executed up to 40% faster under certain conditions.
  2. Updated support for ONNX.
  3. Fixed MessageBox function calls in service applications. Regardless of the button pressed by the user in the dialog, the function returned a null value.
  4. Fixed error that, in some cases, caused incomplete initialization of MQL5 programs.
  5. Fixed error parsing some macros. The error occurred when using a large number of constants.

MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal

  1. Extended list of available analytical objects. Now, you can utilize the ruler to measure time and prices, draw shapes (rectangle, ellipse, triangle, and circle), and add labels to your charts. All objects can be found in the left panel:

  2. Added ability to rename objects.
  3. Improved integration with the economic calendar. Optimized and accelerated data requests.
  4. Accelerated chart operations.
  5. Accelerated application start and connection to a trading account.
  6. Fixed setting that controls the display of trading operations on the chart.
  7. Fixed display of margin requirements in contract specifications.
  8. Fixed display of account statuses in the history section. Issues could occur on devices with narrow screens.
  9. Fixed display of the Depth of Market changes.