MetaTrader 5 iPhone/iPad Help


A chart shows price changes over time. You can apply different built-in indicators to a chart and thus analyze the market. To switch to this tab, use the bottom panel of MetaTrader 5.

Chart Opening

To open a chart of a financial instrument, run the "Chart" menu command in the "Quotes" tab.

The depth of price data that can be displayed is limited in the mobile platform MetaTrader 5 for iPhone. Depending on your device, you can view 2,000 bars and more. As soon as the limit is reached, the "Maximum bars limit" notice will appear at the bottom of the chart.



Custom period

Chart Timeframes

In the MetaTrader 5 for iPhone, you can view 9 chart timeframes: from 1 minute (M1) to 1 day (D1).

You can switch between timeframes in the top panel of the chart. Tap the button with the current period. This will open a menu, from which you can switch to other timeframes.



Chart Management

A user can perform the following manipulations on charts:

  • Scrolling – to scroll through a chart, drag your finger left or right.
  • Scaling – to zoom in, place two fingers together on the area of the chart you want to zoom in and then drag your fingers apart. To zoom out, place two fingers on different parts of the screen and drag them towards each other.
  • Use of indicators – to add or remove an indicator from a chart, tap Indicatorsat the top of the chart or use the "Indicators" command of the context menu.
  • Full-screen mode – the full-screen mode is automatically enabled when you rotate your device to the landscape mode. Further you can switch between the full screen and normal mode by tapping on the chart.
  • Change the chart type – there are three chart types available. To switch between them, open chart settings by tapping on the appropriate button in the context menu:
  • Bar chart – show the chart as a sequence of bars.
  • Candlestick – show the chart as a sequence of Japanese candlesticks.
  • Line chart – show the chart as a broken line that connects close prices of bars.



The Crosshair mode allows viewing an exact date, price and indicator values at any point of a chart. To turn on the mode, tap onCrosshairon the chart top panel. Move the crosshair to any point of the chart. A date and a price will be displayed on the appropriate chart scales:

Data Window

Data Window allows viewing exact values of the indicators at any point of a chart. It can be enabled in the settings of MetaTrader 5 for iPhone. After that Crosshair should be enabled and moved to a required point.

Context Menu

The context menu of this tab contains the following commands:

  • Trade – go to conducting trade operations with the specified symbol. This button is not displayed when not connected to the server.
  • Indicators – manage indicators of the current chart.
  • Objects – manage graphical object on the chart.
  • Settings – open chart settings.
  • Cancel – close the context menu.

Data Window