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Instant Execution

In this execution mode, a market order is filled at the price offered to the broker. The platform automatically inserts current prices in the order.

Position Opening

The following parameters can be specified when opening a position:

  • Symbol – the symbol for which a trade operation should be executed.
  • Trade operation type – select "Instant execution" for the market operation. In this field you can also switch to placing a pending order.
  • Volume – specify here the volume of a trade operation in lots. To change the volume, use the arrow buttons or tap on the box to indicate the volume using the keyboard.
  • Stop Loss – the Stop Loss level in prices. If you leave this field empty, this type of order will not be set.
  • Take Profit – the Take Profit level in prices. If you leave this field empty, this type of order will not be set.

Position Opening

  • Deviation – the deviation of the order execution price from the specified price, on which the trader agrees. The larger this value, the less likely it is to receive a new execution price (requote) in response to the order execution request. If the deviation is less than or equal to the specified parameter, the order will be executed at the new price without a notice. Otherwise, a broker returns new prices, at which the order can be executed.

Once all the necessary data have been specified, tap "Sell" or "Buy". In this case an order to open a short or long positions, respectively, is sent to the broker.

If incorrect Stop Loss and Take Profit are specified in an order, the "Invalid S/L or T/P" warning appears after you tap the Buy or Sell button and the order is not accepted.


Requote #

If during order processing the symbol price has changed by an amount greater than that indicated in the "Deviation" field, the dealer (the server) cannot accept the order and offers new execution prices to the trader. An appropriate message appears in this case.

If the trader agrees with the new prices, he or she should tap "Accept", and the order will be executed at the new prices. If the new price does not suit, the trader taps "Reject".

New prices are only valid for a few seconds. If the trader does not decide during that time, after tapping any button the order will be requoted again.

Position Closing

In order to close the position you need to tap "Close position" in its context menu on the "Trade" tab.

Once you tap "Close", the position will be completely closed.

Close position