MetaEditor HelpWorkspace


The main part of the MetaEditor interface allows working with program source codes. The Navigator window allows viewing folders and opening files for editing. The Toolbox window displays results of various actions in MetaEditor, including search, compilation and profiling. Besides, it provides access to the extensive library of source codes and articles about MQL4/MQL5 programming.

This section additionally lists all MetaEditor hot keys greatly facilitating and speeding up your work.

MetaEditor workspace


"Navigator" is designed to work with files and folders inside /MQL4 or /MQL5 directories of the trading platform. Here you can create and delete folders and files, as well as work with projects and MQL5 Storage.

Code editing

Window for writing a source code.

Status Bar

The status bar displays the current cursor position in the program code and command prompts.


The "Toolbox" window displays results of search, compilation and profiling. It also provides access to Code Base, articles about programming, the list of public projects and MetaEditor journal.

Tabs of open files

Here you can switch between open files. The context menu allows you to go to a file on the disk or start compilation.