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Working with windows

The main part of MetaEditor workspace is intended for editing source code of programs. All currently opened files are displayed as tabs. To start editing a certain file, click on its tab.


Location of file windows can be changed by Window menu commands or Standard toolbar. To expand or collapse the tab, double-click its name.

The context menu of tabs features the following commands:

  • Compile Compilecompile the current program code.
  • Compile Open Files Compile Open Files – compile all files currently opened for editing.
  • Difference of Versions Difference of Versionssee the current changes in a file compared to the latest revision received from the storage.
  • Revert Changes Revert Changes – revert the changes made in a local copy of a file.
  • Show Storage Log Show Storage Log – view the history of file changes in the storage log.
  • Save Save – save a change in the current window. The same action can be performed by pressing Ctrl+S.
  • Close Close – close a selected tab. The same action can be performed by pressing Ctrl+F4 or clicking the middle mouse button on a tab name.
  • Close All But This Close All But This – close all tabs except the current one.
  • Copy Full Path Copy Full Path – copy the full path to the edited MQL4/MQL5 program file to clipboard.
  • Open Containing Folder Open Containing Folder – open folder containing the current file.
  • Show in Navigator Show in Navigator – find the file opened for editing, in the editor folder structure.

The context menu of the code editing window duplicates the Edit and the Standard toolbar commands.