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Live Account Opening

Live accounts, unlike demo, cannot be opened straight from the platform. They can only be opened by brokerage companies under certain terms and conditions. However, a real account request can be easily sent to a broker from the trading platform.

Tap on Open an account on the account management page. Select "Open a real account".

You will need to fill in a simple form, similar to the one used for demo accounts, and to additionally attach two documents to confirm your identity and address. A preliminary account will be opened for you on the broker's server, with a zero balance and a disabled trading option.

New Account

Soon after opening the preliminary account, a representative of the brokerage company will contact you to finish the real account opening procedure. After that the preliminary account is converted to the real one, and you can start trading from it.

Select a server

Select a server

At this stage, you need to select a server (a brokerage firm), on which the live account will be opened. By default, the list does not display all available servers.

In order to find the server of your broker, start typing its name into the search bar.

  • Search results are displayed after you type three characters.
  • Contact your broker to know the server name.

To select a found server, tap on its line.

Personal Details and Documents

Enter your valid personal information:

  • Name – your full name.
  • Phone – contact phone number in an international format. For example, +74951234567.
  • E-mail – e-mail address, for example: "".

Below you should attach photos of your documents to verify your identity and address.

  • The main identity verification document is a passport. A brokerage company may also accept other documents, such as a driver's license.
  • For address confirmation, you may use you bank account statement or current utility bill. The documents must contain your full name and address.

All photos must be readable and clear. Make sure your documents are fully visible.

Data for Opening a Live Account

Documents for Opening a Live Account

To attach a document, click on the corresponding line. Then choose the attachment method:

  • Camera – open a camera to take a picture of the document. Before sending, you can view the image or take a new photo if necessary.
  • File – upload an image from the smartphone memory. Only the images that you select will be used.

Then tap "Open Account" at the bottom of the window.

Your personal details and documents will be sent to a broker via the internal email. Once you complete account registration, the appropriate outgoing email will be available in your mailbox.

The newly created preliminary account will be connected after registration. You will also receive an email with the login, the main and investor passwords of the created account.

Soon after account registration, a representative of the brokerage company will contact you.

  • Preliminary accounts are created with the zero balance, while trading is disabled on them.
  • If you have any problems with account registration, please contact your broker's technical support team.