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MetaTrader 5 Android HelpAccounts


This section allows you to manage your trading account. To switch to it, use the application side panel that opens at a tap on Open the side panel.

The number of the currently connected account is show at the top of the window. Below connection parameters are shown:

  • Server – the name of the server, to which the mobile terminal is currently connected.
  • Point – the name of the access point, through which the terminal is currently connected to a server.

Amount of incoming and outgoing traffic for the current session of the MetaTrader 5 for Android is shown in the bottom part.

Tap Information to find detailed information about the account – its number, name of the owner, the trade server, the amount of leverage and balance.


Account Management #

Each account that is used for the connection is saved in the list. In order to connect to the account, just tap on its line or select "Login" in its context menu.

  • Adding accounts – to open a new demo account or connect using details of a previously opened account tap Open an Accountat the top of the window.
  • Deleting accounts – to delete an account from the list, open a context menu by touching and holding (for about 1 second) the account line. Then select "Delete".

Managing Certificates #

The trading platform provides the option of extended authentication using SSL certificates greatly increasing the system security. Press Certificates button.

One Time Passwords

Use of OTP (one-time passwords) provides an advanced level of security when working with trading accounts. The user is required to enter a unique one-time password every time to connect to an account.

In order to open the one-time password generator, tap Go to the one-time password generator.

Connection Status

The status of connection to the server can be tracked through the side panel of the application. A rotating indication next to an account number means the app is not connected to the server.

no connection

A trading platform icon next to the account number is an indication of an active account connection.

Initial Synchronization

Context menu #

To display a context menu, tap and hold the account line for a second. It contains the following commands:

  • Login – connect to a selected account.
  • Delete – delete a selected account.
  • Properties – show account details: number, owner, server name, leverage and initial deposit.