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For Advanced Users

This section is intended for experienced users. It describes some trading platform installation features, work on different operating systems, platform security and much more.

  • Platform installation — the platform is easy to install, you only need to follow the wizard prompts. However, there are some features that should be taken into account, including the system requirements, specific installation over the existing platform, etc.
  • Installation on Mac OS — the platform can be launched on Mac OS using a third-party software designed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems. Read this section for installation details.
  • Installation on Linux — similar to Mac OS, platform operation in Linux requires the use of Wine. The section describes how to install the necessary components and launch the platform.
  • Platform Start — the platform can run in various modes and use presets.
  • Extended Authentication — the platform support certificate based authentication, which greatly increases the safety of the system.
  • One Time Password - OTP — another account security layer is using one time passwords generated by your mobile device.
  • Files and Folders — find out everything about the structure of folders and files, in which your trading robots, indicators, chart templates and folders are stored.
  • Manage Trading Accounts — you can use multiple accounts in the platform and switch between them. You can also transfer funds from one account to another, if it is allowed by your broker.
  • Mailbox — the internal email system allows you to receive important information: everything from account registration details to notifications of important events from your broker.
  • Security System — the platform is designed to provide the highest security of trading accounts, find out more about information protection.
  • Live Update — the platform is updated automatically and requires no additional actions from the user as a rule.
  • Platform Logs — all actions performed in the platform are reflected in the platform logs: trade operations, copied signals, purchases from the Market and much more.
  • Task Manager — this tool enables efficient monitoring of resources utilized by the platform, such as the memory used by charts, CPU resources used by Expert Advisors, and other performance metrics.
  • Hot keys — keys and their combinations that allow to execute various commands fast and without using menus or toolbars.
  • Platform Uninstall — you can easily uninstall the platform if you need: follow the wizard prompts. Some of the features of this process are described in this section.