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Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product is considered in the three independent components:

  • GDP as the sum in money for all goods and services produced by business entities, plus taxes, minus subsidies on production of certain goods and services.
  • GDP as the amount of funds spent on consumption of goods and services produced, plus export, minus import of goods and services.
  • GDP as the amount of the revenue the economy as a whole (i. e. salaries, taxes, balance profit of businesses, etc.)

After obtaining the data on these parameters and checking their balance, the value of GDP is obtained, which is included in the official documents.

It is important to track GDP. Its growth relates to the factors that contribute to strengthening of the national currency, but despite its importance, they rarely have a strong impact on foreign exchange markets.

  • Release Frequency: quarterly.
  • Release Schedule: 9:00 GMT, about two months after the reporting quarter.
  • Source: Eurostat.