MetaTrader 5 iPhone/iPad HelpAccounts


Trading accounts can be managed in this section. To open the section, tap on the currently connected account in platform settings.

The current account is displayed at the top. All previously used accounts are shown below.

The following details are shown for each account: owner, account number, server name, last known balance, leverage and type hedging or netting.

Account Management #

Each account that is used for connection is saved in the list.

Tap on the current account line to open its management section, where you can view its details, change the password and so on.

To connect to another account, tap on its line in the list.

To open a new account or to connect using a previously opened account tap on New Account.

To remove an account from the list, swipe its line from right to left. Then tap "Delete".


Current account management

Current account management #

To open current account management section, tap on it in the account list.

Basic account information is displayed here:

  • Owner's name, email and phone number
  • Account number, broker server name, and the name of the access point through which the account is connected to the server.
  • Last known balance, leverage and account type – hedging or netting.

From this section, you can open quick deposit and withdrawal options.

Account managing commands are displayed at the bottom at the screen:

  • Connect from another device – open a QR code for connection. Scan this code from a mobile platform on another device, and the account account will be instantly connected, without the need to specify login and password.
    By selecting the standard "Share" command, you can get a link to instantly connect to your account. You can send it to another device by email or a messenger, or save it in notes for future use.
  • Change Password – open the password management section.
  • Bind to OTP – enable one-time passwords for the account.
  • View certificate – this point is shown if the account uses extended authentication. Here you can view the details of the used certificate.
  • Delete Account – delete an account from the application. This command only deletes the account data stored in the application. The account itself is not deleted from the server. You can add it again at any time.

Deposit and withdrawal #

The trading platform allows quickly switching to deposit/withdrawal operations on your broker's website. You do not need to search for these functions in the trader's room, while fast navigation commands are available directly in app: in the trading section and in the current account dialog:

Fast switch to deposit and withdrawal operations on the broker website

  • Deposit/withdrawal operations are only available if appropriate functions are enabled for the trading account on the broker side.
  • The trading platform does not perform any account deposit/withdrawal operations. The integrated functions redirect the user to the relevant broker website pages.