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Connecting to an Account

To connect to an account, you need a login and password of a previously opened account. Two types of account access are available in the MetaTrader 5 app for iPhone: master and investor.

When authorized with a master password, a user can access the entire functionality of the platform. When using investor authentication, a user can view the account state and analyze prices, but has no access to performing trading operations. The investor access is a convenient tool for demonstrating the trading process on the account.

If extended authentication mode is used for an account, specifying login (account number) and password is not enough for access. The security certificate for that account should be additionally installed in MetaTrader 5 iPhone. More information can be found in "Extended authentication".

To connect to an account, tap New Account on the account management page. Next, select the server (brokerage company) on which you have opened your account.

By default, the list does not display all available servers. To find the desired broker server, start typing its name into the search bar. First search results appear after you type three characters. You may contact your broker to find out the appropriate server name.

After selecting the server, specify the connection data in the "Use Existing Account" block:

  • Login – the number of the account used for connection.
  • Password – the master of investor password for the account. If you have forgotten your password or are experiencing other issues trying to connect to your account, please contact your broker. To open your broker's contact details, tap "Forgot your password?" below the connection form.
  • Server – the name of the server for connection.

Server selection and switching to account registration

To log into your account, tap "Sign In" at the bottom of the screen.

If you enable the "Save password" option, the next time you will be authorized automatically, without having to enter the password. If the option is not disabled, you will need to type in your password each time you connect.

Quickly move accounts from Desktop to Mobile using QR codes

Sign In with QR Code

When you open an account in the desktop platform, a QR code is generated for you. Use this code for quick connection to your account from a mobile application.

Tap "Sign In with QR Code" at the bottom of the screen. Then point your camera at the QR code, and the trading account will be instantly connected, without the need to specify login, password and server values.