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Connecting the Storage

Connecting the Storage

To use the MQL5 Storage, you need a valid account on the website.

Enabling Storage in MetaEditor

To start using the MQL5 Storage, execute the "Activate MQL5 Storage Activate MQL5 Storage" command in the context menu of the "Navigator". The window where you need to specify your account is opened: account

The login as well as the password is case-sensitive. It must exactly match the login at

If you don't have an account, you can quickly and easily register.

The specify account will be added to MetaEditor settings:

MetaEditor settings

After specifying the account you can start working with the storage via the context menu of the "Navigator" window.

Enabling Storage at

You can enable the MQL5 Storage through your user profile at Go to your account profile and select the Storage tab:

User profile at

Then enable the "Use MQL5 Storage" option. After you enter the current password, a private repository will be created for you. It will be available only to your account. After enabling the storage on the site, specify your account details in MetaEditor settings.

The contents of the repository can be viewed directly from the profile. To do this, click on "View". After specifying you account data for authentication, you will jump to the storage view:

Viewing Storage

Here you can view all files stored currently in the Storage. The upper part shows the current revision (Revision). A revision is a state of the storage at a point of time. Each time you send changes, a new revision is created in the storage.