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External Subversion client

The MQL5 Storage is based on a free centralized version control system Subversion 1.7. You can work with the storage not only from MetaEditor, but also via any external client that supports Subversion 1.7. For example, Tortoise SVN.

More info on Subversion is available in a special book.

Example of connecting to the storage via Tortoise SVN

Install the latest version of Tortoise SVN. Create any folder to connect to previously generated MQL5 Storage. This folder will be synchronized with the storage. Next, open the folder's context menu and click SVN Checkout.

SVN Checkout

Enter the storage address in the "URL of repository" field:

  • If you want to extract data from a personal folder:[login], where [login] is a login of your account on
  • If you want to extract a shared project:[project name], where [project name] is a shared project name.

Click OK. If you see an error validating the certificate, with which connection to the repository is encrypted, agree to accept the certificate permanently (Accept certificate permanently). This is a trusted certificate issued by Thawte Inc.

Accept certificate permanently

Next, specify the login and password of your account:


After successful authentication, the data is downloaded from the repository to a local folder. Now you can work with the repository via Tortoise SVN.