MetaEditor HelpDeveloping programs

Developing programs

MetaEditor features tools for all stages of development: from creating a program template up to its compilation and debugging.

MetaEditor has everything for developing programs: code writing help, debugging and profiling

Programming in MetaEditor is convenient

The editor provides plenty of built-in tools that simplify writing a source code:

  • Auto completion – when you start entering the first characters of a function, the editor immediately offers suitable options
  • Signature tips are displayed as soon as you start entering a function name
  • Snippets for quick insertion of handlers and loops
  • Styler for auto alignment of a source code
  • Bookmarks, search and other means for fast code navigation

Compilation and protection

Compilation means not only generating an executable file for launching in the trading platform. This is also a formidable protection of your intellectual property. All developed programs are reliably protected against decompilation. In addition, MetaEditor provides an additional file protection via MQL5 Cloud Protector online service.

Searching for errors and optimizing programs

MetaEditor allows checking the program operation by steps (string by string) using the built-in debugger. You can check the program operation in real conditions by running it on a regular schedule, as well as in the strategy tester where you can quickly pass multiple market situations.

When working on financial markets, the operation speed is important. The built-in code profiler allows you to find slow functions and optimize a program for maximum speed.

Additional features

MetaEditor does not limit you: you can write not only in MQL4/MQL5, but also in C++, as well as easily import functions of third-party DLLs. Your programs can use computational resources of video cards due to support for OpenCL.

MetaEditor provides access to the extensive library of source codes and articles helping you in mastering algorithmic trading.