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Register a Server

To receive a virtual platform, connect using the appropriate trading account, open the context window of the Navigator and execute "Register a virtual server Register a Virtual Server" command.

Watch video: How to rent a virtual platform

Watch video: How to rent a virtual platform

A detailed how-to description that will help you to rent a virtual hosting directly from a trading platform. It is easy: choose the nearest server and payment plan to let your robots and signals run 24 hours a day.

Registering a virtual server

This will open the Toolbox \ VPS section, and the system will automatically select the server that is closest to your broker. The network connection improvements will be shown in the left part of the window: the system will provide the comparison of network delays between your terminal on the hosting server and the broker server, and between your local and the broker server. Lower network latency provides better condition for the execution of trading operations, such as reduced slippage and probability of getting re-quotes.

Read the terms of hosting and select a subscription

Next, select the appropriate subscription. Service plan conditions are defined by hosting companies.

In order to rent a virtual platform, you need to have a valid account. If your MQL5 account is not specified in the trading platform settings, you will be prompted you to add one.

  • You can change the selected service plan after the rental period expires.
  • By renting the Virtual Hosting service, you agree to the service rules. Read them carefully.

If you want the rental period to be renewed after its expiration with the same service plan, enable the option "Automatically renew subscription with sufficient funds and terminal activity". The renewal can be performed only if there are enough funds on your account to pay for the rent and the rented server is running.

Next, select a payment system.

Select a payment system

To pay for the hosting subscription from your account balance, select the MQL5 option. If you do not have enough money on your account, you do not necessarily need to go to the site and add money to your account. A payment for the hosting subscription can be transferred directly through one of the payment systems. Select any of the available options and follow the system instructions to complete the payment. To maintain a clear and unified history of rented virtual servers, the required amount is first transferred to your account, from which an appropriate payment is made.

After the payment, the VPS is ready to use

After paying for the VPS subscription, you can migrate the platform environment to the virtual server immediately. Select the desired migration type and click "Migrate". If the platform is not ready for migration, you can perform it later.

If the rent is canceled by a user, no refund is made.