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How to Use

The MQL5 Cloud Network allows you to quickly optimize your Expert Advisors using the power of thousands of computers. The network combines remote agents and distributes optimization tasks among them. The Strategy Tester connects to the cloud network through multiple access points, which are distributed on a territorial basis (e.g., MQL5 Cloud Europe).

Features of the MQL5 Cloud Network #

  • The genetic optimization mode is automatically enabled when the total number of optimization steps exceeds 100 million.
  • MQL5 Cloud Network can be used in 64 bit systems only.
  • In addition to using the MQL5 Cloud Network, you can provide your CPU computing power in the network. To install the remote agents and include them into the network, use a special utility MetaTester.
  • Read more about the MQL5 Cloud Network on the official site.

Payments for the Use of the MQL5 Cloud Network #

  • Using agents of the MQL5 Cloud Network is paid. The formula for calculating the cost is described in a separate section. The current account balance is displayed above the list of cloud agents.
  • To use MQL5 Cloud Network a user need to have at least 1 US dollar on the account. Tasks are packaged and delivered to several access points simultaneously, and the user must be able to pay for completion of that tasks. The Network is not able to calculate the exact cost as the time and resources required for calculations cannot be estimated precisely before the start of calculations.

Enabling MQL5 Cloud Network #

To use the network agents, enable them using command "Enable Enable" in the context menu of the Agents tab of your Strategy Tester. Since the MQL5 Cloud Network is a paid service, a user must have an account at the website, through which all the accounting operations are performed. Account details are specified on the tab of the platform settings.

If you do not specify the details of your account before enabling the MQL5 Cloud Network agents, you will be offered to do this.

Enabling MQL5 Cloud Network

If you have not registered on the website, use the new account creation link.

Starting Calculations Using the MQL5 Cloud Network #

Like with a conventional optimization, you need to set all the testing options and Expert Advisor input parameters. On the Agents tab, you can monitor how the Strategy Tester distributes tasks to available agents. The number of available and currently used agents is displayed for each access point.

Running distributed computing using the MQL5 Cloud Network Agents

Traders may need to run hundreds of thousands of optimization passes in a reasonable time. With the multi-threaded Strategy Tester and the MQL5 Cloud Network, in one hour you can complete the calculations that would require a few days without the network. The computing power of thousands of cores is available straight on the trading platform.

Task Execution Reports #

The details of the calculations performed using the MQL5 Cloud Network are available in your profile.

Task execution reports

The report displays information about the tested Expert Advisors, the number of test runs and the amount of money spent.