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MQL5 Cloud Network

The MQL5 Cloud Network allows organizing the exchange of computing resources between those who need them, and those who can provide idle CPU time of their computers.

MQL5 Cloud Network

Using the Network

If you need the processing power of the MQL5 Cloud Network, you can access it from the trading platform. Open the Strategy Tester window, which displays both local agents and the MQL5 Cloud Network agents divided into segments on a territorial basis. For quick access and better load balancing, all agents are registered at the nearest MQL5 Cloud Network access point.

The MQL5 Cloud Network provides traders with the opportunity to quickly optimize automated trading systems written in the MQL5 programming language, while enabling the owners of free resources to make money.

Participation in the Network

In addition to the use of the MQL5 Cloud Network computing power, you can provide your resources and earn money.

To join the MQL5 Cloud Network, you do not need to install the entire trading platform. Download the specially created installer that allows you to quickly and easily install the MetaTester, an application for managing remote agents on the computer. If you have already installed the trading platform, you only need to run the MetaTester.

After a simple setup you join the MQL5 Cloud Network and start earning. Statistics on the use of the network and your earnings for the CPU power provided is conveniently collected in your profile on the Information about agents appears in your profile immediately after they fulfill their first task.

  • Participation in MQL5 Cloud Network is absolutely safe. Agents cannot be remotely connected to MQL5 Cloud Network. A user decides whether to participate on the network and enters the account, to which the funds will be transferred, via the MetaTester application interface.
  • Read more about the MQL5 Cloud Network on the official site.