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Consumer Confidence (CCI)

This index is an attempt to measure consumer optimism. It is calculated since 1967. Its base value is 100. The index is calculated based on the monthly survey of 5,000 families for a number of questions:

  • family's financial situation as compared to the previous period;
  • The expected financial situation of the family during the year;
  • assessment of business conditions in the economy during the year;
  • estimate of the expected unemployment and economic recession;
  • assessment of home shopping (clothes, furniture, etc.);

The consumer confidence index has a moderate impact on the market because it can fail to reflect the real state of the economy. However, it is traditionally used for predicting trends in employment and the general state of the economy. Growth of the index is a good factor for the national economy and leads to the growth of the dollar.

  • Release Frequency: monthly.
  • Release Schedule: 10:00 EST, after the 20th of each month.
  • Source: the NY-based Conference Board.