MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 342

What's new in MetaTrader 5

7 October 2010

  1. Terminal: Fixed forced chart synchronization (the "Refresh" command).
  2. Terminal: Fixed update of the financial status bar when no quotes arrive and on weekends.
  3. Terminal: Fixed terminal crash that appeared when changing the list of selected symbol.
  4. Terminal: Fixed terminal crash during trade calculations.
  5. Terminal: Fixed terminal crash that resulted from change of the "Trading" tab size.
  6. Terminal: Fixed constructing of the economic calendar and generation of the news base.
  7. Terminal: Fixed displaying of the economic calendar.
  8. Terminal: In "Data Window" added display of spread for historical data.
  9. Terminal: Fixed forming of spread in historical data for symbols with DOM.
  10. Terminal: Fixed drawing of indicators during navigation through a chart.
  11. Terminal: Fixed drawing of indicators using styles DRAW_SECTION and DRAW_ZIGZAG.
  12. Terminal: Fixed setting of order execution modes in trade dialogs.
  13. Terminal: Added showing of the value of client defined deviation when logging trade operations in the terminal Journal (for Instant Execution).
  14. MQL5: Fixed generation of debug information for x64.
  15. MQL5: Added warnings for overriding of global variables.
  16. MQL5: Added warnings that appear when calling ArrayResize and ArrayFree for static arrays.
  17. MQL5: Fixed casting of enumeration to string.
  18. MQL5: Fixed an error with return of structures by values from functions for x64.
  19. MQL5: Fixed operation of the CopyBuffer function during work with buffers of a custom indicator.
  20. MQL5: Added check of availability of history and connection of the terminal at the start of an Expert Advisor. If the history is unavailable or terminal cannot establish connection during 5 seconds, the Expert Advisor will start with available data.
  21. MetaTester: Fixed checking of restrictions on the maximum volume of positions and orders.
  22. MetaTester: Fixed sorting of the history of deals in the tester.
  23. MetaTester: Fixed the OrderCheck function.
  24. MetaEditor: Added a hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S for the "Save All" function.
  25. MetaEditor: Added the "Compile Open File" command - menu "File-Compile Open Files" or the Ctrl+F7 hotkey.
  26. MetaEditor: Added catalog compilation command in the context menu of the navigator.
  27. MetaEditor: Added an option of highlighting of the current string.
  28. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.