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Opening and Closing Positions

Opening a position or entering the market is the primary buying or selling of a certain amount of a financial instrument. In the trading platform, this can be done by placing a market order, as a result of which a deal is performed. A position can also be opened when a pending order is activated.

Then, in order to profit from the difference of rates, it is necessary to close the position. When you close a trade position, an operation opposite to the first one is performed. For example, if the first trade operation was buying one lot of GOLD, then to close the position, sell one lot of the same instrument.

A position can be closed fully or partially, depending on the volume of a trade executed in the opposite direction.

There are several ways to call a dialog window for order creation:

  • In the "Quotes" window, select the required symbol and execute the "Trade" command of the context menu.
  • If there are no open positions and order, select "Open position" on the "Trade" tab.
  • If there are open positions or orders, use the commands of the context menu commands of the "Trade" tab.

Performing one of these actions will open an order placing screen corresponding to the execution type of the selected symbol:

Once an order is executed, a corresponding record about an opened position appears on the "Trade" tab, and the order and the deal (deals) appears in the "History" tab.