MetaTrader 5 HelpPrice Charts, Technical and Fundamental AnalysisAdditional Features

Additional Features

This section is intended for experienced users. It contains descriptions of all the chart settings and specific features.

  • Chart Settings — you can change any chart parameters: colors, displayed information, as well as select the presentation of price information in the form of bars, candlesticks or a broken line.
  • Printing Charts — the chart image with all its indicators and analytical objects can be easily printed. If you have any difficulties, read this section please.
  • Chart Management — the platform provides multiple chart management options; using menus, using a mouse or a keyboard. The section contains a full list of commands, from which you can select the most convenient ones.
  • Lists of Objects Applied — you can easily access the list of added analytical objects, as well as indicators and Expert Advisors running on the charts. In the lists you can conveniently find tools and configure their properties.
  • Deleted Charts — sometimes you may want to delete charts that you do not need anymore. Templates of deleted charts are saved in the platform and can be used later. For example, if a chart has been deleted accidentally, it can be restored by selecting "Open Deleted" in the File menu.
  • Templates and Profiles — chart settings can be saved as templates. For example, you can save all the color settings and used indicators of a financial instrument chart, and then easily apply them to a chart of another financial instrument.