MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 684

Added highlighting the account status bar, if the account is in Margin Call or Stop Out states. Fixed drawing of the "Fibonacci Fan" object

1 August 2012

Trading Terminal

  1. Added highlighting the account status bar, if the account is in Margin Call or Stop Out states.

    Highlighting the account status bar, if the account is in Margin Call or Stop Out states

  2. Fixed drawing of the "Fibonacci Fan" object.
  3. Fixed calculation of a chart scale in "Scale points per bar" mode.
  4. Fixed terminal crash when working in Wine (for Linux, Mac).
  5. Fixed display of internal emails and news under Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6.0.
  6. Fixed search on website when working in older Windows XP versions.
  7. Updated translation of the client terminal into Bulgarian.


  1. Added request_id field in MqlTradeResult structure - a unique identifier of the terminal trade request during a network session.

    This field is filled by the client terminal when a trade request is successfully sent to the server. Further on, this field is filled in result parameter of OnTradeTransaction entry point. Therefore, the opportunity of clear comparison of OrderSend and OrderSendAsync functions calling with getting the trade request results at OnTradeTransaction entry point is provided.

  2. Added compatibility of ex5 programs with DLLs created using .NET.
  3. Fixed optimization of the functions that return the structures.
  4. Added operation signs in the profiler mode:
    • IS_PROFILE_MODE - macros determining MQL5 program compilation in the profiling mode
    • MQL5_PROFILER - new value of ENUM_MQL5_INFO_INTEGER enumeration - determining the programs operation in the profiler mode. MQL5InfoInteger function should be used to get the value.
  5. Disabled inlining of large volume functions leading to excessively large EX5 files.
  6. Standard Library. Added SetTransparentLevel transparency management method to CCanvas class.
  7. Added the new sinput (static input) key word preventing manual input of values for searching an input parameter during optimization.
  8. Added ParameterSetRange(string name, bool enable, double value, double start, double step, double stop) function, which allows redefining the very possibility of searching the values, as well as the range of searched values before launching the optimization. The function can be called only from OnTesterInit handler. The function can also be applied to the input parameters protected by sinput key word.
  9. Added ParameterGetRange(string name,bool& enable, double& value, double& start, double& step, double &stop) function. It can be called from OnTesterPass and OnTesterDeinit handlers.


  1. Fixed automatic saving of all open files before the compilation.
  2. Added the snippet for OnTradeTransaction entry point.

    For ease of writing code, MetaEditor provides the possibility to insert snippets — small template fragments of source code describing a particular construction of the MQL5 language. Insertion of a snippet is initialized by typing the keyword. After you type the keyword the cursor is changed to "Snippet available". To insert a snippet, you should press "Tab". For more information about working with snippets please read the MetaEditor Help.

    The key word for OnTradeTransaction entry point is OnTradeTransaction.

  3. MQL5.Storage - fixed MQL5 Storage errors related to determining the presence of changes.
  4. Fixed results display for the "inline" code in the profiler.
  5. Fixed search on website when working in older Windows XP versions.

Strategy Tester

  1. Removed the limit of 63 simultaneously optimized parameters.

    All input parameters can now be included for optimization (the number of input parameters is limited by 1024). It means that the space that can have the maximum value to be written in the integer 1024-bit value can be used in the genetic search for the optimal parameters. The protocol of data transfer between the terminal and tester agents has been changed for big indices of the optimized variants.

    Therefore, all previous versions of tester agents will not be able to connect to the cloud network and (or) the client terminal because of the protocol change and will be updated automatically via LiveUpdate system.

  2. Fixed an error leading to incorrect saving of genetic optimization snapshot. The error occurred only on the "fast" mathematical optimizations.
  3. Fixed report on test results when determining losses and profits sequences.
  4. Fixed crash of the client terminal when deactivating the tester agents.

    Fixed errors reported in crash logs.

    Updated documentation.

    The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

    The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at