MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 674

Added the ability to post screenshots of charts on When saving a screenshot, just select the appropriate option and the screenshot will be

13 July 2012

Trading Terminal

  1. Added the ability to post screenshots of charts on When saving a screenshot, just select the appropriate option and the screenshot will be automatically placed on, while a trader will get its address for posting on other websites and forums.

  2. Improved the algorithm of a trend line inclination angle calculation.
  3. Fixed display of available bars number in a chart tooltip.
  4. Fixed display of news with the same publication time.
  5. Added support for canceled deals display.
  6. Fixed display of close button when closing a deal with a volume less than the minimum allowed one.
  7. Fixed spread and tick volume calculation in charts generated by the terminal.


  1. Added OnTradeTransaction entry point - getting information about trade transactions performed for a trade account.

    void OnTradeTransaction(const MqlTradeTransaction& trans,const  MqlTradeRequest& request,const MqlTradeResult& result)

    The entry point is called to transfer the data on the trade transactions performed for a trade account to MQL5 program:

    • adding, modifying, deleting open orders
    • adding, modifying, deleting orders in history
    • adding, modifying, deleting deals
    • modifying a position
    • execution of client's trade requests and getting the results.

    The client terminal stores the history of transactions and consistently transfers them to an Expert Advisor, if an entry point is present. The history is limited to 1024 transactions and cleared during the next connection.

    Note that transactions processing in the terminal is performed independent of transactions processing in MQL5 program. For example, while an Expert Advisor processes a transaction to add a new order, the terminal can at the same time get a transaction to delete the appropriate order and move it to history.

  2. Fixed making long screenshots of charts by MQL5 means (ChartScreenShot function).
  3. Fixed getting an empty last bar for the symbols built by Last prices.
  4. Added checking the presence of available history when executing request functions in synchronous requests of the price history.
  5. Added the function of ArrayFill numeric array filling. The function is an equivalent of memset C function and allows to initialize a memory area as efficiently as possible.
  6. Updated ENUM_SYMBOL_SWAP_MODE enumeration - swaps accrual parameters for open positions - new values added and part of previous ones renamed. Previous enumeration values are still supported for compatibility.
  7. MQL5: Enhanced ENUM_DEAL_TYPE "deal types" enumeration values set. The following values are added:

    • DEAL_TYPE_BONUS - depositing a bonus by a broker
    • DEAL_TYPE_COMMISSION - charging commission by a broker
    • DEAL_TYPE_COMMISSION_DAILY - charging commission by a broker according to trading day results
    • DEAL_TYPE_COMMISSION_MONTHLY - charging commission by a broker according to month results
    • DEAL_TYPE_AGENT_DAILY - depositing the agent's commission according to trading day results
    • DEAL_TYPE_AGENT_MONTHLY - depositing the agent's commission according to month results
    • DEAL_TYPE_INTERESTRATE - depositing accrued interest rate on free funds
    • DEAL_TYPE_BUY_CANCELED - canceled buy deal
    • DEAL_TYPE_SELL_CANCELED - canceled sell deal
  8. Standard Library. Added possibility to manage the list elements in CComboBox class.
  9. Standard Library. Added CCanvas class (MQL5\Include\Controls\Canvas.mqh).

    CCanvas class allows to implement various graphics on custom charts of "Bitmap" and "Bitmap Label" types. In fact, these objects turn into a surface for drawing any image. Thus, it is possible to create custom graphical objects, apart from the ready-made terminal ones.

    The class implements the functions for drawing lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, their filling and filling any area in a specified color. Besides, the client terminal distribution kit now has the example of the class application CanvasSample (MQL5\Scripts\Examples\Canvas\CanvasSample.mq5).

Strategy Tester

Added saving the intermediate data of the genetic optimization - the optimization process will start from where it was stopped, not from the beginning.


  1. Added MQL5 programs profiler - the built-in tool for gathering program parameters during its operation. Attention is paid to such parameters as functions execution time, number of functions calls, separate code fragments execution time. This tool allows programmers to analyze their application, find its critical parts and write more optimal code.

    Profiling results are exported in HTML, CSV and OpenXML formats. To move to a specific code line, just double-click on the appropriate profiling report line.

  2. Fixed comparing files with the contents of MQL5 Storage.

    Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
    Updated documentation.

    The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at