MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 439

Terminal: Fixed handling of the splitter of chart subwindows. Terminal: Added the "MQL5 Market" tab

27 April 2011

  1. Terminal: Fixed handling of the splitter of chart subwindows.
  2. Terminal: Added the "MQL5 Market" tab.

    Market in MetaTrader 5

  3. Terminal: Fixed drawing of graphical objects when rebuilding historical caches.
  4. Terminal: Fixed drawing of the "Horizontal line" object.
  5. Terminal: Fixed restoring of graphical objects from profiles.
  6. Terminal: Fixed editing of prices in the position modification dialog.
  7. Terminal: Fixed the display of zero profits for the "out" and "in-out" trades.
  8. Terminal: Fixed an error with displaying the help.
  9. MQL5: Released a new version of MQL5 Wizard. The new version allows using of up to 64 signals simultaneously, setting to each of them individual parameters and weight.

    New Wizard in MetaTrader 5

  10. MQL5: Added chart properties CHART_EVENT_OBJECT_CREATE and CHART_EVENT_OBJECT_DELETE to control the generation of the corresponding events.
  11. MQL5: Added an option of disabling the tooltip of a graphical object by writing '\n' in the appropriate field.
  12. MQL5: Fixed generation of the CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE event when calling ChartRedraw().
  13. MQL5: Fixed getting of the color properties for charts, objects and indicators.
  14. MQL5: Fixed the sizeof function for links.
  15. MetaTester: Added an indicator of the quality of the testing history.

    Quality of the testing history

  16. MetaTester: Fixed registration of busy agents during genetic optimization.
  17. MetaTester: Fixed the display of the tester's status bar in the minimized form.
  18. MetaTester: Fixed generation of reports on test results.
  19. MetaTester: Fixed crash when returning the results of forward testing.
  20. MetaTester: Fixed the display of optimization results for all symbols.
  21. MetaTester: Now the file cache is always built for optimization started from the command line.
  22. MetaEditor: Fixed hangup during auto substitution.
  23. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.
  24. Updated documentation.