MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 430

What's new in MetaTrader 5

15 April 2011

  1. Terminal: Added force removal of the terminal journal, Expert Advisors and testing logs in case free disk space is not enough.
  2. Terminal: Removed inheritance of a comment of the main chart when adding the "Chart" graphical object.
  3. Terminal: Fixed drawing of indicators using styles DRAW_BARS and DRAW_CANDLES.
  4. Terminal: Fixed requesting of the price history from a server.
  5. MQL5: Added a new property of graphical objects OBJPROP_TOOLTIP for adding a tooltip text.
  6. MQL5: Added the possibility to read chart parameters CHART_SHOW_PRICE_SCALE and CHART_SHOW_DATE_SCALE.
  7. MQL5: Added the possibility to set up the height of the window of a custom indicator through the INDICATOR_HEIGHT property of the IndicatorSetInteger function or using #property indicator_height.
  8. MQL5: Added the possibility to set up the height of a chart sub-window using the CHART_HEIGHT_IN_PIXELS property.
  9. MQL5: Added sending of the CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE event when changing the scale, shift or enabling/disabling the Autoscroll option.
  10. MQL5: Added the TesterStatistics function for getting the data of the calculated statistics after testing. The function can be called inside OnTester and OnDeinit.
  11. MQL5: Changed the behavior of Expert Advisors in the event of account change: instead of reinitialization, Expert Advisors are now reloaded.
  12. MQL5: Changed the type of a return value of the EventChartCustom function.
  13. MQL5: Fixed type casting in the x^$ version.
  14. MQL5: Fixed casting of a string to a floating-point number.
  15. MQL5: Fixed terminal crash in the x64 version, which could appear after stack overflow in an MQL5 program.
  16. MQL5: Fixed the type of a return value of the FileWriteArray function.
  17. MQL5: Fixed setting of a chart shift using the ChartSetDouble property.
  18. MQL5: Fixed handling of chart closing from an MQL5 program.
  19. MQL5: Fixed values of __LINE__ and __FUNCTION__  substitutions inside macros.
  20. MQL5: Updated the standard MQL5 library: Tooltip methods added in the CChartObject class.
  21. MetaTester: Optimized distribution of tasks to testing agents during optimization.
  22. MetaTester: Optimized use of the file cache of the optimization results - the results calculated for less than the minimum time are not written to cache, because it is cheaper to recalculate them that reading from the cache.
  23. MetaTester: Added testing in the math calculations mode when starting testing from the command line (this requires setting the "3" value to the Optimization parameter in configuration.ini).
  24. MetaTester: Added testing in the forward testing mode when starting testing from the command line (this requires setting the "4" value to the Optimization parameter in configuration.ini). Added settings of forward testing in configuration.ini - ForwardMode and ForwardDate.
  25. MetaTester: For mathematical calculations, information in the window of optimization results is shown with maximum accuracy.
  26. MetaTester: Increased the threshold for displaying results of genetic optimization on the graph of results.
  27. MetaTester: For the x64 version, increased the threshold at which slow optimization is replaced by the genetic one (from 10,000,000 to 1,000,000,000).
  28. MetaTester: Optimized drawing of optimization graphs for a large amount of results.
  29. MetaTester: Optimized work with memory for storing a large amount of optimization results.
  30. MetaTester: Added the options allowing to handle custom events for MQL5 programs in the tester.
  31. MetaTester: Reduced the number of log messages during optimization, which helps to increase the operation speed.
  32. MetaTester: Fixed work with clipboard in the tab of input parameters.
  33. MetaTester: Fixed memory allocation for storing the history of orders and deals in case their number exceeds 8192.
  34. MetaTester: Fixed receiving of data of the symbol-period other than that selected for testing, on the first testing tick.
  35. MetaEditor: Fixed auto opening of a tab of search results after the search is over.
  36. MetaEditor: Removed highlighting of arguments in the function prototype.
  37. MetaEditor: Fixed autocomplete of functions and variables inside square brackets.
  38. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.