MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 221

Terminal: Fixed re-drawing the navigator during the initial compilation of samples

21 November 2009

  1. Terminal: Fixed re-drawing the navigator during the initial compilation of samples.
  2. Terminal: Custom certificates of extended authorization are moved to Config\Certificates.
  3. Terminal: Fixed displaying the last prices on the chart.
  4. Terminal: Fixed saving the list of news languages.
  5. Terminal: Fixed restoring minimized chart windows.
  6. Terminal: Added the ability to set the negative number of points in the position modification dialog.
  7. Terminal: Fixed plotting indicators when changing parameters.
  8. Terminal: Added the Exposure tab:
    · Assets — asset or symbol name;
    · Volume — client's position volume (in units) for the current asset or trading instrument;
    · Rate — asset or instrument rate in relation to the deposit currency;
    · USD — amount of deposit currency (excluding leverage) actually expended to buy/sell the currency or trading instrument;
    · Graph — graphical representation of the client's position in the deposit currency (blue bars show long positions, red ones denote short ones).

    There is a possibility of viewing the information by long or short positions in the form of a diagram. To switch between diagrams, one should press on their names or use the context menu. The assets of account by the deposit currency are displayed considering free margin.