MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments. What's next?

The major update has brought two important changes significantly enhancing the MetaTrader 5 experience

15 September 2023

The major update has brought two important changes significantly enhancing the MetaTrader 5 experience. The new section of advanced trading statistics can help improve results, while the built-in payment service can simplify account top-up. In addition, we have laid the foundation for additional changes in the appearance of MetaTrader 5. We will soon present an updated interface - the platform will retain its familiar appearance, while becoming more modern and efficient.

MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments

Powerful free trading analytics

This innovation will help traders of any level to increase efficiency - we have redesigned the statistics section and turned it into a powerful tool for analyzing trading histories. Both beginners and professionals will find everything they need to optimize their portfolio. Do not look for third-party services to control your trading results: now the necessary information is built into the platform and is available in one click.

Powerful free trading analytics

Available reports:

  • Summary - activity summary: account data, overall profit and loss, deposits and withdrawals, balance, growth and dividends graphs and others.
  • Profit/Lost — historical data on profitable and losing trades. The parameter is divided by types of trading (manual, copy and algorithmic). It can be analyzed in terms of deals, percentages or money by days, months and years.
  • Long/Short — report on Buy and Sell orders at specified time intervals.
  • Symbols — detailed analysis of trades by financial instruments. The ratio of the number of trades, comparison of different types of trades and historical data for individual symbols or entire groups.

Now the update is available only for the desktop version of the platform running Windows 10 or higher. In the next updates, we will add the aforementioned capability to the web terminal and mobile versions of MetaTrader 5. Simply update the platform to the latest version and access advanced analytics. This does not require any additional efforts or costs — the solution is built into the trading platform and is supplied free of charge.

Integrated payments — fast and secure

Now you can top up your account balance directly through the trading platform - there is no need to switch to third-party sites and go through additional authorizations.

Integrated payments — fast and secure

Why is this convenient?

  • Increased security — no need to store extra passwords and regularly enter payment details in third-party sites.
  • Usability — no need to switch to other resources and waste time.
  • Enhanced trading opportunities — deposit money to your account whenever you need.

You can top up your MetaTrader 5 trading accounts via bank transfer, credit card or payment systems. All payments and personal data are completely secure. We hope that the new service will make interaction with the trading platform more efficient.

For integrated payments to be available, your broker should support this service. Check the possibility of payments with broker representatives.

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