Automations: your assistant for the most burdensome tasks

MetaTrader 5 offers a much more efficient built-in solution which assists companies in avoiding manual work, in reducing error-related costs and in freeing up resources for exciting tasks

6 February 2023

Businesses have to handle global tasks, such as developing a company strategy, increasing a customer base and improving investment returns, among others. These challenging tasks motivate the team and generate tangible results in the form of business profits. At the same time, there is a huge pool of invisible work which includes tedious routine processes. Such tasks can hardly be referred to as a dream job, but they need to get done to keep a company going. These include sending emails, responding to the same customer requests and implementing monotonous infrastructure maintenance.

The problem is that these boring tasks are just as important as exciting ones. The routine cannot be avoided as it provides the foundation of a stable business. The related processes require 100% efficient implementation of simple and understandable tasks. Unfortunately, the effect is often the opposite: an employee spends more energy on routine tasks, loses concentration, forgets something or mixes things up. As a result, many companies spend a lot of resources on monotonous work and suffer financial losses due to human inefficiency.

Businesses can hire extra staff, introduce fines or offer incentives in an effort to solve the problem. However, usually, such steps increase the company's costs without producing the desired result. They do not eliminate the human factor which means there is the risk of human errors. Furthermore, while one person makes one mistake in an hour, ten people can make ten mistakes within the same time frame.

MetaTrader 5 offers a much more efficient built-in solution which assists companies in avoiding manual work, in reducing error-related costs and in freeing up resources for exciting tasks. This is the Automations service. How it works: you instruct the platform to implement certain actions upon certain events. For example, if a new user registers on the site, the service will send a welcome message. If the client's demo account is running out of funds, the service will create a new account and will send an email with the new credentials. Such scenarios can automate almost any routine task which is now stealing the time and effort of your team.

Automations: your assistant for the most burdensome tasks

Why the Automations service is more efficient than humans:

  1. Reliability. Many routine tasks require an immediate response. A person can miss a notification, put off a task or get distracted. The service forgets nothing. While being constantly at work, it is always focused and ready to respond to any event.
  2. Zero error risks. Unlike a human, a robot will never mix things up. The service will accurately execute configured actions upon relevant conditions.
  3. Scalability. The Automations service can equally efficiently send one email, one thousand or even one hundred thousand. You can automate one process or hundreds without assigning additional employees or spending extra resources.
  4. Resource efficiency. When routine business processes run automatically, your team can focus on more creative tasks which will eventually increase the company's profits.

You can configure the service without requiring special development knowledge. No matter how important the process is, its automation only takes a few minutes, and you instantly receive a reliable, trouble-free system.

The most common automated tasks in MetaTrader 5:

  • Communication with customers
  • Infrastructure performance monitoring
  • Account management
  • Risk management
  • Bonus programs

Use the MetaTrader 5 trading platform with Automations to increase the efficiency and reliability of your business processes. You will get rid of thousands of daily routine operations, eliminate the human factor from your daily activities and avoid losing money due to employee mistakes. The service is provided free of charge for one month. This allows you to try out its features and make sure that the service is beneficial for your company while solving real tasks.

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