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Projects and MQL5 Storage

MQL5 Storage is a personal online storage of MQL4/MQL5 source codes. It is integrated into MetaEditor: you can save and receive data from the storage directly in the editor.

The storage features the version control system. This means that you can always find out when and how the files were changed, as well as cancel any changes and go back to the previous version.

With MQL5 Storage, your source codes always remain secure. The data is stored on a protected server, and you are the only one having access to it. If your hard drive fails, all previously saved codes can be easily restored.

The storage allows you to easily share and synchronize chart templates and profiles, sets of parameters for testing MQL5 programs and sets of trading instruments between different platforms.

MQL5 Storage allows remote development of MQL5 applications in teams using shared projects.

MQL5 Storage