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MQL5 Storage

MQL5 Storage

The MQL5 Storage is a personal MQL4/MQL5 source codes repository designed for the versioned storing of files and handy project management directly from MetaEditor. The main advantages of using the MQL5 Storage:

  • Secure storage of source code. In case of hard disk failure, your local copy of codes can be quickly restored from the storage.
  • Access to the storage from any computer. You can log in MetaEditor using your account details and access your personal storage from any computer.
  • MQL5 Storage allows users to remotely develop MQL4/MQL5 applications in teams using projects.
  • The possibility to share and synchronize templates and chart profiles, sets of testing parameters of MQL5 programs and sets of trading symbols between different platforms.

The MQL5 Storage is based on a free centralized version control system Subversion 1.7. Read more about this system in the specialized book.

Хранилище кода MQL5 Storage