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How to Become a Signal Provider

How to Become a Signal Provider

Signal Provider is a trader who grants access to the data on his or her trading operations allowing other traders to copy them on their own trading accounts. Signals can be provided either for free or on a commercial basis.

To become a Signal Provider, you need an active account. If you do not have an account yet, please register.

Registration as a Seller #

To be able to register your trading account as a provider of paid signals, you should register as a seller.

The seller status is required only for providing paid signals. If you are going to provide signals for free, you can skip this step.

Move to the "Seller" section of your profile at

Start registration as a Signals Provider

Click "Register". Registration form will appear:

Registration form

Specify your personal data in the form as accurately as possible:

  • First name — your real first name.
  • Last name — your real last name.
  • Company — if you want to register as a company (a legal body), enable "register as company" option and specify the company name. If you register as a company, all further data should belong to the specified company.
  • Country — country of residence.
  • Address — full address including street name, house or apartment number.
  • City/Town — city/town of residence.
  • State — state name.
  • Postal code
  • Phone — phone number.
  • Mobile phone — mobile phone number, so that we can contact you.
  • For private individuals — if you register as a private individual, upload a scanned copy of your personal identity document (for example, passport or driving license).
  • For legal entities — if you register as a legal entity, additionally upload a scanned copy of your certificate of incorporation.

After filling out all the data, examine the Rules of using the Signals and Market service. If you agree with the Rules, tick the option "I agree with rules of the Market and Signals services". If you do not agree with the Rules, do not register as a Signals Provider.

Click "Register" to complete the registration process. After that, your application will be sent to the website administration. Decision will be made within a few working days.

You can track your registration status on "Seller" tab of your profile.

The application is being processed

You will know the result (approval or refusal) on this page. You will also be notified by a personal message.

If you have any questions, write a message for the administration on "Comments" tab.

Adding a Signal #

Once you register as a Signal Provider, button "Register" is replaced with "Add signal".

Adding a Signal

After clicking it, you will move to the account registration form where you should specify the account that will be used for sending trading signals.

To quickly create a signal, select a required account in the Navigator window of the platform and click "Register as Signal Register as a signal" in its context menu. Then you will go the signal registration page at The selected account and the right broker server will be automatically specified in the registration form.

Creating a trading signal

Monitoring is enabled, real-time gathering of data — trading data will not be updated in the signal until you enable this option.

This is my personal signal, not available to public. I can open/close public access to it anytime — if enabled, the signal is visible only to you. The signal is not available for subscription.

Trading signal name.

In this field, select the fifth version of the trading platform.

The account number, from which trading signals will be provided.

Enter an investor password here. This password provides access to the account in read-only mode without the possibility to perform trading operations. Master password is not specified and the Provider's account remains protected.

Specify here the name of the broker server. When you start typing the first characters, the list of possible names will be shown to you. Please ensure server name is exactly the same you have in the platform settings.

Specify the type of the account that you register: demo or real.

If the signal is based on a real account, specify the subscription price in this field. The price is specified in USD per month. Signals based on demo accounts are always free.

You can receive notifications on various changes on website (new personal messages, correspondence with the moderator in seller's profile or Articles section, etc.) via your mobile phone. Notifications coming to your mobile number can be replaced with more up-to-date and reliable Push notifications.

Click "Add" after specifying all the parameters.

  • Account type — demo or real — determined automatically. The created signal is automatically added to the appropriate category.
  • An account with a leverage exceeding 1:500 will not be available for subscription. This limitation is implemented to protect subscribers from signals produced on accounts with too risky trading process.
  • Signals based on real accounts are always provided for a fee, while signals based on demo ones are always free.
  • A provider does not need to stay always connected in the trading platform with the account used for providing signals. Trade operations are read by the signal server using the investor password provided during the registration and then delivered to subscribers.
  • Specify your unique MetaQuotes ID (that can be found in the mobile trading platforms for iPhone and Android) and receive instant and free notifications on all important events.

Managing Signals #

Move to "My Signals" section to manage your signals. Basic information about your signal is displayed here. Signals can also be viewed by categories by clicking the appropriate tabs:

My Signals

Trading signal name.

Growth of the signal provider's balance as a percentage.

The number of current signal subscribers.

The number of weeks that have passed since the first trade performed on the trading account (the entire account lifetime is taken into account, not just the period since its registration as a signal).

The number of trades that fixed profit/loss.

The percentage of profitable trades of the total.

The signals are available for others to view. The category does not contain demo signals, because they are not displayed on the Signals showcase on

Private signals are only visible to you.

Signals moved to archive (for example, due to the long absence of trading activity).

Signals with the monitoring turned off.

Click the signal to edit it.

Editing the signal

Move to the signal monitoring and click "Edit" in the upper right corner. The form filled out when adding the signal will be displayed. Only the following parameters can be changed:

  • enable/disable signal;
  • set signal as private/public;
  • signal name;
  • account password;
  • subscription price.