How Finteza can make your website more attractive to customers

Finteza provides much more tools which, in addition to providing unique information about the trading platform, can assist in making your site more attractive and popular among customers

17 February 2023

The first significant online contact between a company and a client usually occurs on the company's website. After seeing an ad, a landing page or a media publication which mentions your company name, a person visits your website to find out more about your company. Studies show that 75% of users make judgments based on the company's website design, while the first impression is formed in less than 3 seconds. Among the site's major credibility measures are usability and performance: your website must precisely meet customer needs, otherwise they will switch to more suitable options.

MetaQuotes' Finteza web analytics is the only system which has native integration with MetaTrader 5. However, Finteza provides much more tools which, in addition to providing unique information about the trading platform, can assist in making your site more attractive and popular among customers.

The following Finteza features can boost your site.

Performance Metrics

Find out how fast your site loads

Find out how fast your site loads. Loading speed is one of the key factors for a successful user experience. In today's fast-paced world, website visitors have high expectations about how fast your website should load. Grabbing the audience's attention is literally a matter of milliseconds. The Performance report will show how quickly your web elements load. Analyze the metrics and adjust your site content, from images to fonts, to scripts and third-party services. Note that such a third-party service which slows down your site performance may be web analytics. In contrast to them, Finteza does not affect your website loading time.

How to use the report: Suppose you register a high bounce rate, more than 70%. Users visit the home page and leave it almost immediately. Do you think your offer is not attractive enough? Often the reason is more straightforward: the content loading speed. The Performance report shows that it takes more than three seconds to load home page images. This is too long. Users think that the site is either down or is not fully operable, and thus you lose the client. Therefore, before offering discounts or promotions, optimize your images — this may generate a much greater effect than you expect. According to Google's 2017 research, the website page content should load as fast as possible.

Marketing Funnels

Check how customers move along the sales funnel

Check how customers move along the sales funnel. Action-based events will show how many customers reach key stages. Data visualization in funnels will assist in spotting possible bottlenecks. Why does one page provide more registrations than the other? For example, poor performance can be related to incorrectly arranged elements. Finteza will show the exact reason.

How to use the report: Suppose you have configured a website sales funnel using events. You expect that the client visits your site, navigates to the purchase page and fills out the registration form, after which you send a confirmation email. From that email, the client navigates to the payment page and pays for the purchase. A sharp drop in the number of users at a certain stage indicates issues in this specific zone.

Example 1. 1000 people visited the site, 800 of them navigated to the purchase page, 700 filled out the registration form, and 650 confirmed it but only 10 people actually paid for the purchase. It is clear that something is wrong with the payment page. Perhaps, the popular payment method is unavailable and thus users cannot pay due to technical reasons.

Example 2. You have 1000 visitors, 800 of whom navigated to the purchase page, 700 filled out the registration form but only 50 users confirmed the purchase. 40 of them successfully completed the purchase. In this case, you should obviously check your confirmation email template. It may have a broken link or can be incorrectly displayed. In this case, by simply revisiting your emails you can boost sales.

A/B Testing

Use tests to validate hypotheses

Use tests to validate hypotheses. Are you planning on improvements? Do you think that a red button will perform better than a green one? Forward some users to a test page with a new design and compare conversions using sales funnels. If your hypothesis is validated, enable the new page and improve conversion rates. If not, run another test without disabling existing web pages. This approach assists in finding optimal solutions through direct interaction with clients.

For example, a UX designer offers a new purchase page design. The changes are radical: rearranged elements, new colors and an updated registration mechanism. Your existing page shows some conversion rates, while the new design can generate worse results. One could conclude that the new page is less efficient. However, lower performance can be caused by different reasons. The launch of the new page could coincide with some other events that affected sales. For example, the payment gateway had some problems due to which purchases could not be completed. Run an A/B test to exclude such factors. The idea of the test is to launch two different pages for the same audience, under the same conditions and at the same time.

For this purpose, the audience is divided into two parts each of which is forwarded to a different page. If the above payment gateway problem occurs during this time, it will immediately affect both audiences. Thus, you will still be able to efficiently compare the performance of the two pages.

Lighthouse Report

Lighthouse Report provides a comprehensive audit of the entire website

This report provides a comprehensive audit of the entire website. Finteza evaluates the usability of the website or separate pages based on the best practices and generates improvement tips. You will receive recommendations on how to improve the site structure, colors, SEO, links and other parameters.

How to use the report: Lighthouse can assist in improving Google search results. The report evaluates all parameters which affect your site's search ranking. By following Lighthouse recommendations, you can make your site more attractive to visitors and improve its protection against vulnerabilities.

Traffic Quality Measurement

Finteza performs a multi-stage comprehensive traffic assessment

Malicious site traffic and bots cause a lot of problems, especially if you purchase traffic from third-party resources. You pay for dummy bots and get distorted conversion statistics. Furthermore, on-site bot behavior can decrease the site's search engine ranking. Finteza performs a multi-stage comprehensive traffic assessment to identify 12 types of bot traffic.

How to use the report: For example, you purchase traffic from three different providers. The overall result is positive — you register an increase in visitors and orders. All traffic resources provide reports demonstrating efficient performance. With Finteza you can additionally evaluate the real efficiency. Check the Quality report for each source, and you may find that only visitors from one source complete purchases. The other two resources provide bots which imitate real person behavior without buying anything. Avoid unnecessary costs by disabling fake traffic and invest these funds into highly performing traffic resources.

Finteza is a comprehensive analytical tool: in addition to providing unique information about the trading platform, it can assist in reducing costs, in increasing conversions and in improving your website performance.

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