MetaQuotes Software is 20!

Today, MetaQuotes Software Corp. is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. All this time, you have been moving forward to become a technological leader in the industry

27 November 2020

MetaQuotes Software is 20!

Today, MetaQuotes Software Corp. is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. All this time, we have been moving forward to become a technological leader in the industry.

Here are 20 achievements which we are especially proud of:

  1. Two years in a row, MetaTrader 5 won the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform at the Finance Magnates Awards
  2. MetaQuotes Software Corp. representative offices operate in 9 countries, over 3 continents
  3. This year, we have launched a unique lead generation program, which drives potential customers to brokers
  4. We have developed a specialized hedge-fund solution
  5. We have released our own Finteza web analytics service, which assists brokers in analyzing and developing their web projects
  6. The company has acquired the popular website dedicated to digital marketing
  7. MetaQuotes became a lead investor in the KYC platform Sumsub
  8. Today, MetaTrader 5 is the industry standard for multi-asset trading in a variety of financial markets, so more and more brokers around the world are switching to our platform
  9. In 2020, the platform became the core of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX), and thus more than 300 member brokers operate through MetaTrader 5
  10. In addition to the MetaTrader 5 desktop platform, we have launched mobile applications and web versions
  11. MetaTrader 5 mobile applications have been completely redesigned
  12. MetaTrader 5 has brought in DDoS protection solutions by Cloudflare, Akamai and Qrator Labs
  13. The project has grown into a whole ecosystem, providing access to over 22,000 trading robots and other applications in the Market, with more than 37,000 copy-trading Signals, reliable VPS for round-the-clock trading, a Freelance service, a Code Base of free source codes and a currency pair quotes navigator
  14. We have introduced an Economic Calendar and a separate Tradays app
  15. The website audience has turned into a powerful community of algo-traders, with the website now featuring a unique database of articles devoted to algo-trading, machine learning, Python and neural networks
  16. The powerful MQL5 Cloud Network has been launched to assist users in optimizing trading robots
  17. We have launched a B2B marketplace featuring products for MetaTrader 5 brokers
  18. The new Certification service has been launched for brokerage employees who wish to receive official confirmation of their platform operation skills
  19. We have recently introduced the Automations service aimed at assisting brokers in workflow optimization
  20. One of our latest innovations is the release of the market data Subscription service

Your constant support is key to our continuous improvement and expansion. Thank you for the confidence you show in us and for the fruitful collaboration.