MetaTrader 5 build 2715: General improvements

Fixed UI display errors on HiDPI displays

26 November 2020


  1. Fixed platform freezing when using the options board. Freezing could be caused by a zero tick size specified in trading instrument settings.
  2. Fixed UI display errors on HiDPI displays.


  1. Fixed string to time conversion by the StringToTime function. An error could occur when specifying time as "yyyymmdd [hhmiss]".
  2. Fixed operation of implicit copy operator for objects containing dynamic arrays. Now, the operation reduces the destination object size to the copied object size.
    struct MyStruct
      string Array[];
    void OnStart()
      MyStruct a1,a2;
    Earlier, the "a1" array size was equal to 3 after the function call. Now, the size will be 1.


  1. Updated rating calculation algorithm for MQL5 Cloud Network testing agents. The rating is now determined more accurately and is changed less frequently.

Documentation has been updated.