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Modifying a Position

Modification of the current position implies changing its Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

There are several ways to modify stop levels:

  • If there is an open position for a symbol, and a new order is placed for it, then the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels of the new order will be used for the entire position.
  • Stop levels can be changed by modifying the position.

To modify position stop levels, go to the "Trade" tab and run the "Modify position" command in the position context menu. This command will open a window as on the screenshot on the right.

To change the parameter value, tap on - or + next to the field or on the field to specify a value using a keyboard.

Modifying a Position

To modify the stop levels of a position, tap "Modify".

The "Modify" button is disabled until you set correct values for "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit". Terms of stop levels are determined by the broker and are specified in symbol properties (specification of contracts).