MetaTrader 5 Android HelpTradeManaging Pending Orders

Managing Pending Orders

During trading, you may need to modify a pending order: set a new activation price, change stop levels or its expiration time. This can be done in the order editing window. In the same window, you can delete an order.

Order Modification #

To modify a pending order, go to the "Trade" tab and run the "Modify order" command in the order context menu.

Almost all fields of a pending order can be modified, just like when you place a new pending order, except for the volume.

Pending Order Modification

After the necessary parameters have been set, press "Modify".

If the order parameters are incorrect, the "Modify" button is inactive.

Deleting a pending order

Deleting Pending Orders #

To delete a pending order, select "Delete order" in its context menu on the "Trade" tab.

Pending orders are deleted automatically at the time specified in the "Expiration" field. In the "History" tab, a deleted pending order is marked as "Canceled".